Types of Material Handling Equipment

When you need to move around heavy goods in the warehouse, there is no alternative to appropriate material handling equipment. The right material handling equipment includes items like storage units, vehicles and tools that take an active part in the process of moving supplies in and out of the warehouse. These units make sure that the process is efficient, fast and minimizes losses. In order to ensure the best material handling, we bring to you the top 3 types of major material handling equipment –


1) Storage equipment

Storage equipment comprises of the racks, shelves, pallets or mezzanines that are used when goods are in temporary storage and waiting to be transported to an ongoing destination. A great benefit of using these customized to purpose pallets or racks is the ease in which they can be stacked to minimize the usable footprint and save space. Many of the large warehouses rely on the proprietary packaging system to increase the ability to store a high volume of goods while conserving space. By creating the bespoke storage equipment it is possible to size them to match the exact dimension of goods that are normally handled, hence saving as much space as possible.


2) Engineered systems

The engineered systems include a variety of automated tools that improve the ability to move heavier loads around the warehouse floor with ease. One of the most popular engineered systems is the fully automatic storage and retrieval system. This type of system involves an automated structure that consists of shelves, aisles and racks that is controlled via a shuttle system. The actual shuttle system is a type of cherry picker and is operated via a fully automatic system or by a worker. This is a very fast and efficient method to locate and retrieve items in a large warehouse. Other similar equipment includes the automatic guided vehicles, robotic delivery systems and conveyor systems.


3) Industrial Trucks

When you need to move heavy products in and around the warehouse floor, the industrial trucks are essential tools. This type of equipment can vary quite significantly and include several types of forklifts, pallet-jacks and hand-operated trucks. The trucks differ in size and function to make it possible to easily move the different types of loads. A common method for lifting items is a flat surface or forks like on a forklift truck. The operation of the truck can also vary. For instance, there are some trucks that have a person to manually operate the control, while other systems are more automated. Additionally, the trucks include the stack or non-stack design, with the non-stack unit solely used to transport goods and unable to help with loading. The stack designs are more helpful as they enable both loading and unloading, apart from transport. Hence they ensure two tasks with one machine.


So whenever you choose equipment for your warehouse, make sure you choose the right ones and customize them to your specific needs. The various available options ensure that you are able to maximize your efficiency.

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