Of Spain and Spanish Delicacy: Churros

Of Spain and Spanish Delicacy: Churros


Churros conned by chocolate dip is a perfect traditional Spanish treat. Churros is a deep fried sweet treat, served in breakfast, snacks or even desserts. It’s a perfect relish for people having a sweet tooth.

Churro is a deep fried dough pastry. They are long star shaped, just like bread sticks. Served hot with the different variations of dipping , mostly chocolate. Pastry, doughnut and chocolate lovers gets a different experience of savoring this sweet relish as it is served hot and has to be dunked in different dips. The touch of cinnamon sugar sprinkled all over the churros, makes it look more tempting and the hot delicacy thus melts in the mouth. It is crispy from out, soft from within and is just perfect with thick melted chocolate.

There are number of stories about the origin of churros including the one that has them imported by the portugese from china and another that claims they were first made by Spanish shephards. Though, the origin of churros is still not clear. It is said that, centuries ago, Spanish shephards used to make churros while tending churra sheep high in the mountains. Because they did not have many cooking supplies, they needed to come up with a food that could be easily put together and cooked with a mere pan and oil. Churros were named after the churra sheep because the pastry resembled the sheep’s horns. Churros are made of the wheat flour, the shephards would roll out a length and fry it in a pan over an open fire. Firstly it was like a breadstick in shape and size and slowly it evolved as a star shaped pastry. After cooking, shephards would eat it plain or roll it in cinnamon sugar. As its popularity grew, the shape of churros began to evolve. Using a churrera, an extruder with a star tipped, churro makers now create a star shaped length of dough rather than the tradition breadstick shape. Additionally, churros are now being served with all types of fillings, from chocolate to jams and custards. Mostly it is served with thick delicious chocolate sauce. The churros are served hot with an accoutrement of caster sugar in saucers and long tumblers full of dessert thick chocolate, not for drinking but dunking and eating.

churros under process     mechanism of churros

Mechanism of churros is very interesting and fascinating. Churro making device is commonly made of plastic or metal, it is known as churreras and has different types of attachments. The made up dough is put into the tube, the top properly fitted and screwed down and you are all set to deep fry the churros. When it is bronzed all over, it is removed from hot oil and then rolled in to sugar, of which cinnamon sugar is the most common and thus it is served hot with melted chocolate, jams or any other sweet combination. The process of churro making is very fascinating to watch and since it is served hot you can get to watch the procedure before relishing them.

types of churrosChurros is also known as Spanish doughnuts. There are various types of churros and its dip.  The most known and common type of churro is long, thick and the knotted style of churros.  Types of churros varies according to different countries. Guava- filled churros is also one of its type. Chocolate-filled, jelly-filled churros with ice-creams and with whipped cream are also few interesting types of churros. The sugar powder rolled over the churros also has variations. Cinnamon sugar is the original and most popular and others are cinnamon and rose sugar, yuzu sugar and cardoman sugar. There are many other different variations all over the world. Variation in dips also goes from chocolate dip, most common one to tamarind sauce and spicy chocolate the uncommon ones.

Churros and chocolate, delightful Spanish combo could be found in cities and cafes all over the world. In countries like Spain, France, latin America, Portugal and the United States it has gained more popularity. You can find many outlets in Australia also, which provide churros and very few in India. In countries like spain and America, churros are so common and popular that it’s a common street food and easily found on the streets, parks etc. From street vendors to fine restaurants, people of all nationalities and walks of life enjoy churros.churros on street

In few countries, churros are known by some different names. In India similar churro shape stick is known as chakli, though made with rice flour and is spicy and has other added spices and flavours.

There are many good restaurants serving churros all over the world, just like La Pallaresa and La Granja Chocolate restaurants and café in Barcelona. Chocolateria San Churros, in Australia and India also serves the Spanish treat.  Don churro café is a unique south American restaurant serving perfect churros. Le churro restaurant in New York is also one of the most rated restaurants serving finest churros. Churros calientes in los angeles, la palma in Miami also serves the delicious churros. There are many restaurants in spain where churros are easily available throughout the day and also available on the streets

One having a sweeth tooth n fond of chocolates and who loves to explore variations in food one must definitely try these mouth watering churros!

churros con chocolate

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