Scenic Attraction of Glacier’s National Park & Wild Goose Islands

Scenic Attraction of Glacier’s National Park & Wild Goose Islands

Dusk at Saint Mary Lake

The very beautiful and crown jewel of the National Park System, Glacier National Park is situated in the north western part of Montana which is near west of the Kalispell and east of the Great Falls. Around 2 million people came to appreciate and visit the beauty of nature in Glacier National Park every year. This park consists of several scenic beauties which are admirable. It includes many roads, which seems like Going-to-the-Sun, these roads are very of very hiking trails and it gives fabulous and outstanding views to the natural beauty around there. This park is full of wildlife. There is also provided the help of guide which makes it more worth seeing and it adds to its taste. The park is incredibly beautiful which is best cherished while tracking down the roads.

There are too many adventurous and esteemed beautiful large lakes, bottomless valleys, steep roads, lofty mountains and other worthy places to have fun and enjoy. Large glaciers add to its exquisiteness which is around three thousand feet thick. These glaciers were during the last ice age and they worn away the huge mountains, leads to cause deep bottomless valleys and sword like mountain peaks. As these glaciers move down their peaks, Moraine, a magnificent quantity of a material in front of these glaciers moved. The lower part of the glaciers start melting, when ice age is about to end.  As they melt, water get into the depressions, the place where these glaciers earlier were and moraines intent it from both sides, which leads in the formation of lakes that flood their water into the lofty mountains.


Even today, if we go there we would be able to see some small pieces of glaciers. Obviously they are not lasting from the ice age till today. One of the examples is Grinnell Glacier, which is approachable by us while visiting Glacier National Park is still there. Some other are also there but they are located either in the unreachable corners or at remote places of the park. These areas are merely explored till now.

As one of the most attractive and fascinating part of this park is Going-to-the-Sun road which is breezy, full of twist and turns. It connects the two corners of the park i.e. it lasts from west to east of the park. This road was constructed in 1920’s and 1930’s and it was gradually leading towards Logan Pass. This road is too adventurous which is built on the edges on the mountains with deep valleys on one side and it is too narrow with all the U-turns possible. This is the reason that entry of heavy vehicles like all trailers more than 20 feet is restricted. They cannot go to Logan Pass by this road.

Other than this Going-to-the-Sun road, there are several other roads too. They too are worth seeing as they all end up to the beautiful ends of the lakes like Bowman Lake and most admirable Two Medicine Lake. If someone wants to enjoy rough and steep twisted ride, there are other roads as well in the North Fork part in the northern west bend of park situated around Pole bridge town.

10-18-02 calm

Fishing, an enjoyable and known for its distinction is best done in Glacier National Park. Rather being very icy water fishing is done in various parts of backcountry lakes. This is worth time spending activity there even it is not known for fishing but for its scenic beauties.

Including steep roads, lakes, mountains and bottomless valleys, wildlife in Glacier National Park is also rich. It is not comparable with wildlife seen in Yellow stone National Park, where it is very abundant. Grizzly Bears are the one that are seen more commonly there, along the road side or mostly found near Many Glacier area. It is advised that all those who willing are there to see a bear should carry bear spray can along with them before going onto the track. Making a violent bear stop this spray helps because guns cannot be taken into the park.

Most adorable and worth seeing parts of Glacier National Park are Wild Goose Island and St. Mary Lake.

 “Dusk at St. Mary Lake” is wonderful and people feel fortunate to have a look of that scenic beauty. Reaching to the Glacier park may not be easy as the way is along the mountains and also anyone can face the bears and wildlife at any point there. Above all these factors, when the atmosphere is clear, glacial peaks moving from sunup to sunset is full of fog and it is a pleasant view. It feels just like this saying, “whenever you get lemons, make lemonade.” In the light of sunset, the water in the lakes gives a magical glow when rays reflected with the smoky and snowy mountains.

“Rainbow Over Wild Goose Island” is another godly appreciated beauty in Glacier National Park. During sunset, the smoky clouds which gives immense pleasure to watch gorgeous rainbow behind the clouds. This is unforgettable moment ever. Clouds are blown from here to there, windy storms, pleasant weather are all fascinating. Photographs make all memories alive, as everyone takes photographs while going there and capture all moments.

Rainbow Over Wild Goose Island

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