Panda Inn, Sichuan-Live with the Panda

Panda Inn, Sichuan-Live with the Panda

Tourists are lured nowadays by travel companies in a variety of ways. We have airlines offering to fly travellers to an exotic locale at dirt cheap prices, while they also waive off the few extra kilos tourists bring back if they book return tickets on the same airline company. Right from discounts on the credit or debit card you own, to offering you a free ride to the hotel in the hotel’s own car, from personalized cuisine to a free massage at the spa. There are many offers tempting the tourists to just pack up, jet-set and go!

Then there are also the theme hotels where tourists can put themselves up. One such hotel is the Panda Inn, located in the Sichuan province of China. Everything in that hotel is about the Pandas, that fluffy, white coated bear found in the polar regions of the world. This hotel threw open its doors to the tourists in the month of February this year, and has since then been a rage amongst the people who have come in from far and wide to enjoy the luxury as well as hospitality of the place. This Inn is composed of 32 rooms, and is adorned with panda art. You may find pillows, towels and probably even curtains bearing the panda print.


In the room, there are panda bear stuffed toys all ready to welcome you in! You may be forgiven to think that the sofa already has someone sitting on it-a panda. However, look closer and you will discover that it’s the cushion cover of the sofa. The side table also looks cute with panda ears and nose over it. What’s more, be careful not to fall off your chair if you happen to find a real panda walking up and down the corridors of the hotel. Chances are, those are just the staff of the hotel who is also dressed in the panda suit, bringing you your order.


The hotel is located at the foothills of the Emei mountain in Emeishan, Sichuan province of China, and is the answer to travellers often in search of some peace and quiet in the serene beauty of the hills. The rooms are available as single twin or double and are available with prices starting from US$110 per night. As thought his panda-themed hotel was not enough, there is the real deal awaiting you just a two hour drive away, where you will find the Chengdu Breeding and Research Centre which is home to the most number of giant pandas born in captivity. The location of this centre comes as no surprise since the largest population of pandas in China is found in the province of Sichuan.


You may be wondering if it’s worth visiting the hotel just for its Panda-fied theme. Well, worry not! The hotel is equipped with all modern facilities and amenities, and even the food on offer is authentic Chinese cuisine. On the outside of the hotel you will find a beautiful garden which has different types of flowers of many different colours. You can also enjoy the other services like the laundry, bar, safety deposit boxes, smoking areas, wi-fi connectivity as well as 24X7 service. The hotel personnel, management and staff are always on call to help you with anything that you may ask of them. The well-trained, courteous and polite staff will ensure that you have had a satisfying stay with your utmost comfort being their top priority. Not to forget, this hotel is a huge hit with children. Need we say why?


How to get there? From Chengdu, you can use the Chengle and Chengya expressways and in about an hour and a half’s time you will find yourself at Panda-Inn. The hotel is located just 100 metres away from the recently inaugurated terminal of Chengmianle high speed rail. The hotel also offers to drive up there if you reach their office at Chengdu Kuanzhai Alley. Apart from the Breeding centre of the pandas, another site worth visiting is the Baoguo temple. You can start your journey early morning and the hotel’s travel bus will drop you off there. When you are done and want to get back to the hotel, all you have to do is give them a call, and the travel bus will once again be put into your service. Back in the hotel, you will also find the lovely panda courtyard where you can bring in the evening while sipping nice hot green tea. You could laze around in there with a book or also play a board game like chess.


When you head back home after a refreshing and rejuvenating stay at the Panda-Inn, you sure as much don’t want to go back empty handed. You could purchase souvenirs for family, relatives and friends from the store located very much in the lobby of this beautiful hotel. You could pick up spreadsheets, pillows, pillow covers, mattresses, slippers, bed-side lamps and many other ornamental objects. The hotel also hoards local Sichuan made articles like bamboo craft and other exclusive items, so you do not need to wander far and beyond if you want to shop for local flavours.

This panda-themed hotel is worth a visit. Although, one can only imagine the chaos and confusion caused if a real panda ever happened to check into the hotel!


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