Oregon Coast, the Coast of North America

Oregon Coast, the Coast of North America


Oregon is a city in the United States and one of its most visited places is Oregon City. It is situated near the north-south region of the Pacific Ocean, which make the western boundary of the state. It is Oregon Coast Range in the east of the Oregon Coast; around 590 km there is Columbia River in the north and the place has the state California in the south. In 1967, the beach is freely accessible to everyone. But after the Oregon Beach Bill, it is retained by certain land owners and contractors who privately charge fee for visiting the place. Well the positive aspect of this is that, the land owners take care of the place and grants pedestrians’ an easement passage. Also the bill endows the land owners not to build any sort of buildings over the place and leave the place only for scenic beauty.

Initially, the Oregon Coast is surrounded by three distinct regions, where each of it has its own local beauty and regional features. The North Coast extends from Columbia River to Neskowin; whereas the Central Coast extends from Florence to Lincoln City and the South Coast stretches from the Oregin Californian boundary to Reedsport.


Coos Bay is the largest city of the Oregon Coast in the Coos Country which has a population of around 16000 on the South Coast. Other famous cities of Oregon Coast are Tillamook Country, Lincoln Country, Curry Country, etc. Every city is famous for its own local and traditional features. Over 80 to 90 recreational areas and state parks are situated along the Oregon Coast. However, very little highways cross the range of Coastline.

Because of the ecological complexity of the Oregon Coast, a variety of species have their shelter here. Many different marine and terrestrial plants and animals can be found here. Nevertheless, human interaction at the place declines its physical complexity of animals, like at the Sea otter. The Oregon Coast is also the location of National Wildlife Refuge Complex of the Oregon Coast that consists of wildlife refuges spread over 371 acres near a distance of 320 miles.


The Oregon Coast is number one visitor’s destination of Oregon. People come from all parts of world to enjoy the historical sites, wide variety of recreation opportunities and the beautiful scenery of the place. The increasing tourism and recreation replaces the fishing and logging industries of the place. Tourists of the place get amused by the sandy beaches, abundant attractions, moderate temperature, etc. The beautiful coast of Oregon has something for all ages of people.

The Oregon Coast is easily accessible and entire coast is stretched by highway 101 which is at a distance of 363 miles from California to Washington. Along the way we go through the beautiful Cannon Beach, different tourists cities like Coos Bay and different minute communities similar to Manzinta.

There are various type of amusing recreation activities happens in the Oregon Coast like sport fishing, camping, cycling, hiking, scuba diving, surfing, boating, sand-boarding, kite flying and performances of all terrestrial vehicles. It is allowed to drive through the sea coast but four wheelers are prohibited. The Oregon Beach Bill of 1967 gives the access to general public to each part of the sea route. Sinking the toes in the cool and moist sand will present you with an amusing spa. People say that the Oregon Coast of North America is the best place all over the world for flying kites. Another inexpensive sport is sand boarding which also bought fun and delightment.

There are many natural and scenic places in the Oregon Coast for tourists’ attractions along with the man made ventures. Some of the famous man made attractions are West Coast Game Park where we will find pet wild animals, Oregon Coast Aquarium, a location in Newport, another location of Oregon’s Rain Forests i.e. Prehistoric Garden. The Game Park of Oregon Coast is the America’s largest petting park of wild animals. Also the Prehistoric Garden demonstrates the actual size model of various prehistoric animals like dinosaurs.


Other then the natural and scenic beauty of the Oregon Coast, other visiting places of the coast is lighthouses and shipwrecks. The Lighthouses of the Oregon Coast is itself a great experience and the coast is sunken by unforgiving waters with numerous ships. Oregon Coast also has various historical places like Clark Expeditions Winter stay, Clatsop, Fort, and the site of the Lewis; military blimp hangar; Fort Stevens; Battle Rock and plenty of light houses.


Oregon Coast is the shelter of numerous flaura and fauna such as sea otter, sea lions, birds, Black-tailed Deer, spotted Owl, the Roosevelt Elk and the harbour seals. For marine species, there is Pacific Ocean on its sea coast; one of the known fish of the coast is the famous gray whales.


One of the best things about the coast is the interaction of sky, land and sea. The ocean serves as the big engine of the rail of the river feeding the creeks and streams in its way. When we are finished with exploring the major exhibits, then comes the turn of two terrestrial ecosystems; the Aquarium Gardens provide the plant species of native coastal forests and another natural site of the nearby Estuary Trail provide the skill of Yaquina Bay in its ordinary site.


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