Of Designers in Budget, Ladies Street, Hong Kong

Of Designers in Budget, Ladies Street, Hong Kong

ladies market, hongkongladies street hongkong

 ‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.’ – Bo Derek.

And when that shopping is a good deal of bargain and under budget, it becomes the reason of real joy, happiness and a silly feel of achievement. Ladies market or ladies street gets you the real joy of shopping. Its located at tung choi street in Monkok, Hong Kong.  Mongkok , is one of hong kong’s  most vibrant districts, just round the corner from mangkok on MTR on tung choi street is ladies market. It’s an outdoor street market with a beautiful atmosphere and endless number of stalls.

As a matter of fact, ladies market is the tourists favorite because of its distinct character that truly signifies the chinese way of shopping and selling. With endless number of  stalls, ladies market does not sell only ladies stuff, it also has men’s and kids collection. Even after it’s an outdoor shopping market it has all exclusive stuffs. Everything available for selling in the market has no fixed price, it’s negotiable. Bargaining here is the most common thing and a fun thing to do. Goods ranging from branded ladies clothes, fashionable shoes, accessories and jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, fancy and leather handbags, wallets, clutches, night wear etc. any name you give is available in the market. For men’s  leather stuff like wallets, diaries, branded first copy of leather office and laptop bags, fashionable clothes, footwear etc are available all at negotiable price. For kids all fancy and novelites in school stuff, fancy clothes and shoes etc are available. Thus, it has a large number of stalls to select from.

One should take a tour of ladies market to get a slice of the real hong kong, and possibly a bargainas well. In ladies street while shopping, it’s time to dust off bargaining skills, since all prices are negotiable and the sellers will waste no time in trying to fleece naïve tourists.  Assume everything is at least 10% overpriced, if not 20%. Start at a low price and bargain with the stall holder until you reach a price you think is fair, if they won’t budge, take your business down the road, as the same or similar product shouldn’t be far away. Hong kong are old veterans and can appear aggressive, but the bargaining is just a part of the game, and if you get a good price, they will often offer you with a good compliment.

bags at ladies market

Ladies market is flooded with fakes and copies as they are known here, from handbags to teabags everything is produced in China, shipped over the border and sold at rock-bottom prices. Fakes and copy products at mangkok’s  ladies   street are on offer openly. The main copies on offer at the ladies street are fake watches and fake handbags, both of which can be made to order, and are usually of extremely good value. Though few of the copies are not on sell openly, sellers take the interested customers to some buildings away from the market and sell them secretly, those copies are very close to the originals and are sold at a higher price than what it is sold in the market openly. Bvlgari , Louis Vuitton, prada  etc are the most common brands in the copies of handbags and cartier, rolex, baume et mercier, tag heuer etc are the brands in watches whose copies are available.  For ladies it’s a reason to shop since u get the copies so same as original at one destination. So designer and exclusive shopping comes under budget without a pinch on your wallet. Thus, ladies street becomes a reason of happiness, stress buster and so it is truly said that when women’s are sad or depressed take them for shopping.  In many women’s lives, shopping is a hobby and a must for some, thus said by them,

‘ when we’re up, we shop. When we’re down, we shop even more.’

Ladies street is thus like boon in women’s life , specially those residing in hongkong and those tourists who visit ladies street for shopping. For a perfect shopping half day is enough, but eventually will make u tired after wandering all the stores and at the end the perfect thing you need is some good refreshments and juices.  Ladies street is lined by street-side food stalls, known as dai pai dongs.  Dai pai pongs are very popular on the streets of hong kong,  it’s a type of open-air food stall. From congee to fish balls in chilli sauce, food is just tasty.  Prices are generally between $1 and $2. For refreshment, try one of the nearby juice stalls, which will squeeze any selection of fruit you ask for, making the perfect thirst quencher. One should not miss on this fresh juices as it offers a combination juices as well. Dragonfruit, kiwi, strawberries, grapes, oranges etc  are few of the exotic combinations to try for.

bargaining at ladies street, hongkong

There are many stalls and parlors offering foot massages, back and body massages , a perfect treat for your body after the tiring shopping day. There are many hotels easily available for stay near the ladies street.

How you get to the ladies street depends on where you are coming from, having. Being in the city centre it is well provided with  different means of transport.

No visit to Hong Kong is complete without a visit to one of the market streets.

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