Biggest Mosque of Maldives : The Grand Friday Mosque

Biggest Mosque of Maldives : The Grand Friday Mosque


Mosque is basically a place of devotion for the devotees of Islam. Mosque is very vastly known as the provider of information , giving quality education and it settles the disputes among the citizens .The Grand Friday Mosque is considered as the biggest and phenomenal Mosque of the Maldives . It is located in the Male, Maldives.The name of the biggest Mosque is Sultan Mohammad Thakurufaanu Al  Auzam  of the Maldives  which was built bu Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in the year 1656.



The most famous architectural landmark is a beautiful and magnificent place which will make you feel into a different world.It is one of the former mosque which dates back to when Islam religion was introduced . It is believed that there was an old temple at this place , which was destructed and transformed into the mosque. The walls of the Mosque are assembled very beautifully with corals and many arabic writings of that time are engraved on the walls. Entering the interior of the mosque is allowed only to muslims . Entry of non-muslims is forbidden to the interiors of mosque.




This mosque also serves as an home to the ministry of Islamic affairs. It got established to substitute the Supreme Council of Islamic affairs.  Grand Friday Mosque can lodge 5000 people at at  time . The art work of this mosque is simply outstanding and it can be called beauty beyond sight. A beautifully carved wooden side panels and doors certainly enhance the beauty of the mosque. The Mosque has impressive Chandeliers that serves as the centre of attraction of the mosque . To watch the Chandeliers glowing is certainly adds the glow and it serves as a treat to the eyes of the visitor .

It can be said that a visitor can feel the inner beauty of the soul by getting attached to the almighty divine and  at the same exterior beauty can be felt by  watching the beauty and designing art of the Mosque . It has unique miranets ,mind blowing coral engravings and beautiful tombs of national heroes and members of royalty . All these things provides the visitors to get the glimpses of the past by watching this divine beauty .At the same time , it is very striking in the plainness.

As it  is located exactly in the center of the Male , hence , it is clearly visible from all the parts of the entire Maldives . As it  served as a magnificent place , its beauty is vastly  admired .The mosque represent the importance of the Islamic religion that has ruled all the ingredients of life in the country for the centuries.

The glittering gold in the sun is very clearly visible in  the sun from the boat coming on the way to Male. The Islamic center also  has a vast conference hall where meeting and conferences take place ,a big library and big classroom in order to provide quality education. It is the significant landmark of the Maldives that is worth a visit.



 When to visit the Grand Mosque ?

It is opened 24 hours a day .It would be very suitable to visit the Grand Mosque between between 9 am and 5 pm . And furthermost , outside prayer timings .  It is said that the best timings to visit the mosque are between 2 pm and 3 pm. It is extremely large ans spacious . The permission of the elder staff member is required before clicking pictures and making videos in a religious place .

It is vastly believed that if you are very beautifully dressed , you will be welcomed very warmly with the staff members. It is a custom that men must wear long trousers and women must wear long skirts or a beautiful dress in order to get a warm welcome by the staff member. In short , The whole body of the female should be covered and she should follow the strict code of dress . The entire dress should be very decent as it is a known custom to visit a religious place in  decent clothes . The Grand Mosque should be the first visit after entering Maldives . It is usually the venue for major international events , lots of meetings and conventions .

The “Male ” area of Maldives has its own swimming track, artificial beach , historic sites , beautiful islands but the grand mosque is the “heart” of the Maldives. It gives you a surreal atmosphere and it will leave you with a feeling of relaxation and after coming out of the Mosque , it feels that you no longer carry the selfishness with you ., All your prides have vanished . This magnificent Mosque has been hailed as the most striking mosque in Maldives.

The mosque is very old , but it still looks new . It is very clean and awe-inspiring . It is one of the finest sights in the Maldives that deserves its admiration . It is known as the one of the finest ancient mosque of the Maldives  which has the incredible Islamic art that leaves the visitors with prepossesing feeling and with the instant reaction “Wow” . Thus , it is a place not to miss if you are in the Maldives . Indeed , the grand mosque should be the very first choice of the tourists .

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