Adventurous Walk at Bay Of Fires, Tasmania

Adventurous Walk at Bay Of Fires, Tasmania

The Bay of Fires got its name in 1773 by some Tobias Furneaux and has this name due to the presence of some fires of Aboriginal people on this bay. The Bay is located on the north eastern coast of Tasmania which is located in Australia. The Bay is extended from Binalong Bay and goes till the Eddystone Point. The place is having its own renowned beauty having clean blue color with the white beaches and orange colored granite stones make the place really astonishing.  The whole place i.e Bay of Fires is divided into two parts northern which is part of Mount William National Park where as the southern part is a pure conservation area.

Walking Experience in Bay of Fires





While there are various numbers of activities that can be done in this Bay like camping, boating, watching birds chirping , surfing, swimming or walking but the walking experience is high lightened in detail.  For letting you enjoy the walk around the bay, an adventurous and secluded walk can be enjoyed where one can go in their thoughts and enjoy the beauty of the place while roaming in your own thoughts. Also, there is facility of carrying your bags to the destination while you can enjoy the walk around this mesmerizing place without this heavy pack on your shoulders to make you exhausted. Also, the place is isolated one; therefore you will get the change to enjoy adventurous and scary camp firing just under the blue sky with your loved one to make this place even more romantic. Also, another alternative to make night cheerful are to enjoy on waterfront beach available at this Bay of Fires with the delicious food and special wine and cheeses and this will make your  four special days of journey ever more complete.

The walk is more enjoyable from October to May, in which the rich diversity and environment of the place will enrich you with more pleasure and enthusiasm with rich coastal effects of the stretch of the sapphire water streaks and rocky woodlands.

Plan Your Journey






You can plan your trip according to this in which first day you can have a visit to the Mt William National Park where you can enjoy the splendid views of Bass Strait Islands and can have the beautiful evening with the campfire touch at Forester Beach Camp.

Your second day can be planned on the coastlines of Bay of Fires where you can explore the sand dunes while walking along the bay but keep in mind not to disturb these dunes as these contain the preserved Aboriginal middens that are bones and shell left outs within these dunes. You can also view healthlands and can have the secretive covered sheltered lunch behind the dunes in any lighthouse and the day completes with a sound sleep at any comfortable and cosy Fires Lodge.

Coming to the third day of your trip, another place to explore is River Ansons where another species of wildlife can be encountered like the Snorkel, a peninsular fish. You can enjoy this marine nursery and can even see the nearby sights of the shell coves or stroll and explore the Abbotsbury dunes.

 At this stage of your journey you have covered the most of the amusing places of the neighborhood. Next come is a walk through the eucalyptus forests or explore other places like the Pipers Brook wine area, Pirie’s vineyard or Launceston and complete your journey with the mesmerizing memories of the beautiful four days you spent here.

A Conservational View







The Bay of Fires has been chosen as one of the most mesmerizing beach of the world by the renowned magazine Conde Nast Traveler, a UK based magazine describing travel and tourism. While the exotic environment of the place has been described above like the clarity and diverse temperatures of the Bay allows numerous divers to enjoy the purity of the Bay but now, let us describe the conservational view of the place. The bay of Fires is a supportive system to conserve water creatures like the colorful sponges, crayfish, abalone, Sea-dragons and many other fish life which is endangered species of the marine life. The Bay also supports migration of the fishes which is mainly experienced in October and November. Helping and supporting migration during the adverse season help in encouraging the marine life of the bay.









According to the definition of sustainability, conserving the future while using in its present have been followed while constructing this Bay of Fires Lodge and the Forester Beach Camp which has been covered in the four day tour of the place.  All the preserving efforts like the controlling killing of endangered species, maintaining gas emissions and global warming, all have been gradually included in the construction of all the places of the Bay. Even from constructing the place to the material used to its designing all includes protecting the environment and using in a sustainable way.  In fact, you will feel proud and calm while roaming in a place that has such a groomed history. Also, a well known Green Guardians program-me is conducted in which visitors’ participation is actively welcomed and you are sure to feel proud to be the part of such a contributing program-me.



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