Zambia: The Real Africa

Zambia: The Real Africa

Zambia, officially the Republic of Zambia, is a huge country in the African continent. It has a very unusual shape, like that of a butterfly. It is surrounded by countries like Democratic Republic of the Congo in the north, Malawi in the east, Mozambique, Zimbabwe in the south and Angolo in the west. It became independent from the occupation of United Kingdom on October 24, 1964. It was then when the country was renamed as Zambia, after the Zambezi River which flows through the west of the country. Zambia is known for its rich wildlife and landscape and is promoted under the name of ‘The Real Africa’. It is the house of the famous Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, besides a plethora of other natural water sources.  It is one of the world’s fastest economically reformed countries, as named by the World Bank.

Victoria Falls:

Victoria Falls situated at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe is an awe-inspiring sight that would not let you take your eyes off its beauty. Originating from the popular Zambezi River, it is well known as the ‘The Smoke that Thunders’. The extent of its grandeur can be imagined from the fact that nearly five hundred million cubic metres of water flows per minute, from a height of over hundred metres into a steeply walled gorge. Besides, there are two other spectacular sites across the main falls, the Falls Bridge and the Lookout Tree.


How to get there?

The best way to get to Zambia for international tourists is through Lusaka, which remains well connected to places like Dubai, London, Johannesburg, Cairo and Nairobi. International bus routes exist too, from countries like Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania. International ferry services are also available as Zambia is located near water sources. Although most of the reserves are truly remote, Lusaka remains well connected to them. You can also take a safari and have a perfect Zambia safari experience.

National Parks:

Zambia houses multiple national parks within its boundaries. Zambia has around 20 national parks and 34 game management areas, covering more than 30% of the country’s land. It has some of the most beautiful sites with the wide range of wildlife, natural waters and vast open lands. Some of the most famous game parks are the majestic South Luangwa, the Kafue and the Lower Zambezi, which have a whole range of wildlife from the giant elephants to the tiny tsetse flies. The safari experience in Zambia is a must, owing to the diversity of wildlife and the well-trained guides. It has made its name as a very promising safari destination in the recent times. There are different kinds of safari activities available canoeing safari or mobile walking safari.


Adventure Hub:

All the adventure loving people would definitely love Zambia, as it is emerging to be Africa’s adventure and extreme sports capital. There is a pool of adrenaline spiking activities, mostly centred around the Victoria Falls. Abseiling, bungee jumping, elephant trails, horse trails, flight over the falls, gorge swing, kayaking, lion walks, walk with cheetahs, river boarding, river rafting are some of the activities to choose from. The flight over the Victoria Falls is known as the ‘Flight of Angels’ and is truly once in a lifetime experience with awe striking views.  You can try these adventure sports and make your trip to Zambia an unforgettable experience.


Culture and Traditions:

Zambia has a very rich cultural diversity and is home to more than 70 ethnically diverse groups. It is amongst one of the friendliest nations on the globe and has a mix of people from all cultures and traditions. The Zambian culture and people are greatly influenced by the west. However, there are several festivals and ceremonies to celebrate the generation long customs, rituals and manifest social life. Some of the most important festivals are Kuomboka and Kathanga, Mutomboko, Ncwala and Lwiindi and Shimunenga. It is the time when the entire land is filled with colours and music. The Zambian music, like in most other countries is based on drums.

Leisure Holidays:

As much as people love Zambia for the adventures, they love it for its peace and serene surroundings. It offers plenty of options to spend your days leisurely. You can go for house boating in the beautiful lake Kariba and enjoy the tranquillity and serenity of calm water. You can also enjoy the luxurious cruises, available above the Victoria Falls and enjoy the beauty of Zambia. It also offers you the sight of beautiful sunsets and numerous nice pictures. You can also go fishing since most of the Zambian lakes and rivers offer excellent fishing opportunities. There are numerous great sites for tiger and fly fishing in Zambia.


The Urban Zambia:     

Unlike most of Africa, Zambia is an urbanized country with over 44% population living in cities and towns, the highest in Africa. The capital city Lusaka, is one of the fastest growing cities in the whole of Africa. The government has made significant efforts in developing tourism activities which has contributed to the development process.  People in the cities are modernizing and have well adopted the cosmopolitan culture and commodities.

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