Walk of Fame and More: Hollywood, LA

Walk of Fame and More: Hollywood, LA

The district of Hollywood in Los Angeles, California has become synonymous with United States’ Motion Pictures Industry. The area saw the development of the entertainment industry during early 20th century. Today this is a major hub for movie productions, and several historic studios and theaters can be found here. This area boasts of people of diverse ethnicity and is a dazzling destination for all movie lovers.

Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame, Hollywood

Built in 1958, the world famous Walk of Fame is very popular among tourists. It was conceived as a way to honor artists and other members of motion pictures and entertainment industry. At the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, a long stretch of sidewalk has been termed as the Walk of Fame. Annually it attracts millions of tourists. More than 2500 stars are embedded in the sidewalks; each star is named after some famous and important artist. These stars have 5 points and are made of coral pink terrazzo. Their background comprises of charcoal black terrazzo and the stars are rimmed with brass. It is included in Los Angeles Historic- Cultural Monuments since 1978.

Stars on Walk of Fame


Each star bears the name of an actor, director, or other contributors. These names are itched in brass letters along with an emblem denoting the category in which that particular artist has made significant contributions. These categories include Motion Pictures, Broadcast Television, Audio recordingMusic, Broadcast Radio, TheaterLive Performance. There are innumerable anecdotes and news associated with the selection, theft, mistakes in the names etc of these stars.

Four Ladies of Hollywood Gazebo


At the western end of the Walk, an art deco structure has been installed. Called the Hollywood and La Brea Gateway, or more commonly the Four Ladies, this stainless steel structure is meant to acknowledge women’s (women of diverse ethnicity) contribution in Hollywood. These Stars and the Walk of Fame have a fascinating and glittering history.


Hollywood Sign, LA

The famous Hollywood sign is located on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills area.  Built in 1923, this sign has undergone many subsequent renovations.  It is also counted among the Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments today. In 1923, when it was first installed it read HOLLYWOODLAND. During its renovations in 1949 it was reduced to HOLLYWOOD. Its present and immensely popular look, with white capital letters, 45 ft tall and 350 ft long dimension-ally, dates back to 1970s. It is used frequently in popular media, and is among one of the most famous landmarks. The style of this sign has been imitated world over for advertisement purposes etc. Signs like this can be found in Taiwan, New Zealand and Finland to name a few places. Regular tours to this sign are organized, and it is a very popular site among tourists.


Located in Hollywood, Hollywood Wax Museum was established in 1965. This is advertised as being the only wax museum dedicated exclusively to Hollywood celebrities. Besides the wax figures the museum also displays sets of popular and classic movies. These figures and sets are changed frequently; ensuring there is something new for visitors every time they pay the museum a visit. There is also a Chamber of Horrors within the museum; it displays movie monsters, both classic as well as contemporary. Among the most popular wax figures are those of Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Hugh Jackman, and Halle Berry. You can also get a sense of stepping into the sets of movies such as Titanic, Men in Black among others.

Wax Museum

Another museum is Madame Tussauds, on Hollywood Boulevard, wax museum of the famous franchise. The number of wax figures displayed in this particular museum is over 115. These figures include artists such as Beyonce Knowles, Johnny Depp, and Marilyn Monroe to name a few. Fans can also indulge in getting themselves photographed with life like statues of their favorite actors, musicians and other celebrities.


Egyptian Theatre

Grauman’s Egyptian Theater was built in 1922 on Hollywood Boulevard. This theater is also a Los Angeles Historic- Cultural Monument. It is among one of the most famous and historic movie theaters worldwide.  Premiere of Robin Hood, which happened here in 1922, was also the first ever Hollywood premiere. Theater’s architecture, as is evident in the name, is of the Egyptian Revival style. Paintings in the Egyptian styles are itched on the walls, on both the interior and exterior.

Chinese Theatre

Another theater with an international theme was the Chinese Theater built in 1927. Its forecourt has footprints, hand prints and signatures of film stars and celebrities in cement, making it a popular choice among tourists.


Dolby Theater earlier known as the Kodak Theater is located on the Hollywood Boulevard and has been declared host for Annual Academy Awards. The Academy Awards are more popularly known as Oscars, and are a very famous and significant part of the entertainment industry. This theater has also hosted several Miss USA pageants and Emmy awards. The theater is a major presence in tinsel town

Hollywood Boulevard


Built in 1939, Hollywood Boulevard is a famous street in Hollywood, LA. It has many landmarks across its stretch. Dolby Theater, Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame, Wax Museums are some of the tourist attractions found across Hollywood Boulevard.

Hollywood and Vine

Intersection, Hollywood and Vine

Intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street has become a tourist destination in itself owing to its iconic popularity. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is also stretched across this intersection. Many historic buildings are located here, each with their dazzling and rich anecdotes of entertainment industry. Urban legends associated with this intersection state that many of the buildings here are haunted. They are considered to be a part of Haunted Hollywood, as it is believed that ghosts of celebrities haunt these buildings.

Located in LA, Hollywood is one tourist destination that is replete with fascinating history as well as glitz and glamour.

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