The Lovely Palm Islands: Dubai

The Lovely Palm Islands: Dubai

These set of beautiful palm islands named Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali are two artificially made islands in the shape of palm trees. Intended to boost tourism in Dubai, these lovely islands are quite the work of art. They are also a mark of man’s progress alongside the improvement of technology over the years. Though the idea of the formation of these islands was credited to the Prince of Dubai, the islands were completed under the contract of two major companies, namely the Belgian Jan De Nul and the Dutch Van Oord. The creation of the islands was an extraordinary and long process but today one can say that it was definitely worth the wait. With beautiful scenery, amenities and facilities the Palm Islands of Dubai have today become an interesting and unique tourist attraction.


The Palm Jumeirah Island

In June of 2001 the creation of this beautiful palm shaped island began to take place. It consisted of a thick trunk, seventeen fronds and a long crescent shaped breakwater to prevent erosion by the sea. Often called as the eighth wonder of the world, this spectacular place has the pleasure of receiving as many as twenty thousand guests every day. The island also became an excellent residential area when residents started moving into their villas and houses on the island in the year 2006.

The island has a superb variety of themed hotels and villas. It also offers excellent beaches, apartment buildings, charming restaurants and Marinas. The palm island of Jumeirah would be a perfect vacation destination for romantic or family vacations. Its many attractions include excellent artificially made reefs for keen divers, beautiful sandy beaches for sun bathing and swimming, and also a thriving shopping scene.


Palm Jumeirah Island also has a large number and variety of hotels, resorts and hotel residences available for its many tourists. The Fairmont Palm Hotel and Resort, Atlantis the Palm, and The Rixos are currently some of the most popular ones on Palm Jumeirah Island. They are held in high esteem by the tourists and locals alike. There is also a Palm Jumeirah Monorail available for transportation purposes which can be easily availed by the tourists to move around in comfort on the island.

In the year 2007 The Palm Jumeirah Island had already become the world’s largest artificially made island with about five hundred different families residing comfortably on it. By 2009 there were about twenty eight hotels on this relatively small piece of land that catered to the various needs of the tourists. One can say with complete certainty that the Island has indeed been quite a success in boosting Dubai’s tourism.

Palm Jameirah

The Palm Jumeirah Island also employs the use of many eco friendly practices such as solar panels to minimize its impact on the environment. In fact, the entire island was built completely of sand and rocks. No cement was used in the making of the Palm Jumeirah Island as it was supposed to be as natural a construction as possible. The breakwater has surprisingly helped in increasing the marine biodiversity of the region by encouraging many different species of fish to migrate into these waters. Diving in these beautiful waters would be a true delight for the divers!

Palm night

The Palm Jebel Ali Island

Being twice the size of Palm Jumeirah, it has twice the fun to offer! With six spectacular Marinas, numerous water theme parks, and beautiful boardwalks encircling the fronds of the palm, the island is a marvellous retreat for all tourists. A lovely little sea village and some homes built on stilts over the water are proposed to be its very own speciality. The boardwalks that encircle the fronds of the palm spell out a beautiful Arabic poem by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Palm Jebel Island would make for an excellent day outing with its beautiful sandy shores, clear blue waters, entertaining resorts, lovely weather and theme parks. Adults and children alike would love to enjoy a stay here. It is quite an excellent place to relax and to spend some leisurely time with your loved ones. You can always go exploring the city or head to the boardwalks to enjoy the scenery or just have a lavish and luxurious stay at one of the many resorts here.

Palm Jebel Ali

The Jebel Ali Island is also home to about 250,000 people who consider themselves quite lucky to live in such a wonderful place. Also, with the island being so close to the mainland of Dubai, one can still enjoy the many benefits and comforts of having a large flourishing city close by while also retaining the leisurely pace of the island life.

Palm Jebel Ali also offers some beautiful infrastructure such as the many wonderful and iconic bridges in and around the island. Its marvellous infrastructural and architectural progress is a modern sight to behold. The islands were made by a very fascinating process called ‘rainbowing’ because of the rainbow like arcs which were caused because of spraying the sand. Many million tonnes of sand and rock was used in the building of this magnificent man made wonder.

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