The Swarovski Factory in Wattens, Austria

The Swarovski Factory in Wattens, Austria

The Swarovski factory is the crystal factory located at Wattens in Austria. It is the second most visited place in the world. It is one of the major attraction for the tourist people who visit Austria and all over the globe. It is a museum compromising of many crystal structures and the designs made their of glass cutting. Till today no one knows the design explaination of how the design is made by cutting the glass. The museum also comprises of  Taj Mahal in its collection. Every person loves to see crystalline structure the way it shines or glitters and when the sun rays passes it glitters the natural light or vibrant colours attracts them right from a child to old people. Well there is a saying Beauty is in the eye of  beholder but I say Beauty of Swarovski beholds everybody’s eyes.


The history of Swarovski crystal factory goes likes this. It was founded by Daniel Swarovski. He was the son of a glass cutter and an artist himself deep inside his heart. He learnt the art to carve the things in glass and gave them the dimension which glittered in crystals like shining star. The Swarovski family has its business spread in many areas like crystal glass structures,jewellery,fragrances and chandeliers. Now coming to its history Swarovski crystal factory was opened in 1995 to mark the centenary celebrations of the company and since then it has attracted as many 11 million viewers all over the world and still it continues to attract tourist all over the world.

There is a centerpiece of theme park i.e. it is the grass covered head and its mouth has a mountain. It is one of the major attraction. The most interesting part of this museum has in its history that it remains family run descendant under Swarovski families fourth and fifth generation. The multimedia artist Andre Heller designed 14 chambers of world with his artistic vision. And it’s worth the result as all experience unique with every visit.

Taj mahal


There is a special edition called Virtual world tour. It consists of 16 different types of categories. First one is the Entrance Hall then next comes the Mechanical theatre which has shows specially played under direction of renowned British artist and inventor Jim Whiting. The most important one Crystal Dome which is built by using 595 mirrors, it gives the feeling for visitor that they have stepped in a dome region. It is one of the spectacular beauty to your soothing eyes and the colors of light expresses its beauty in myriad forms. Next one called as Winters dream designed by Alexader MacQueen and light artist Toord Bontje during the year 2005 still captures everyone’s eyes.

The largest kaleidoscope in world known as Crystaloscope is another added feather to Swarovski Crystal factory. It is a fountain created by Andre Hellerin in the year 1995.Various images of crystal appear continuously. Another one is the crystal theatre created by artist susanne schmogner and the theatre includes various objects created by using crystals. Next is the Crystal calligraphy, this idea was popped up in order to mould all the languages into one single part. The most exotic one is Ice passage, where there is change in colours on floors and also we can listen our foot tapping sound



The giants belongings is one more to watch out for. It is the creation of Andre Heller only. It consists of a picture which appears to be a mirror but later it becomes transparent. Then we have Giant in Tyrolean costume which has a stick, ring and gloves. The stick was designed by Austria woodcarver Rudi Hirt and the mysterious thing is that gloves are of 7year old, wooden stick of 12 year and ring of 35 year old. Then comes the turn of Le Primadonna Assoluta which means The wonder of Harmony and it  is a room embedded with the giant crystal and it opens up and we can see the art of Primadonna Assoluta and also we can listen the song sung by Jessye Norman. Next is 55 million crystals which is the wonder of Infinity where you can sit, listen music and take pictures. The brain behind this is Brian Eno who is a multifaceted personality musician, composer and artist. The master piece their barely lies in motion and it changes its motion like chameleon.

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The next surprise is Reflections which is nothing but the Wonder of the world where you can see 48 Polygons. Each polygons changes its colour and if you carefully observe you can see it portrays the relationships of crystals, its nature, history, religion and all information related to it. The wonder of elements i.e. Crystal Forest where there is a fusion of nature and technology. It is the idea of  Fabrizio Plessi who created it. There also lies a tree trunk which has a video installation that can crackle and glow. Next One is The Timeless Swarovski which depicts the family lineage of Swarovski, how it came to existence and all the history attached to it. Last but not least Shopping store where we can find entire things just I can say name it you will get it. The products ranging from fragrance, Beauty ,watches, fashion accessories etc.Total worth the penny you spend on it.

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