Where The Sun Is Bright: Sun City, South Africa

Where The Sun Is Bright: Sun City, South Africa

This vast country which is bordered by Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana and Mozambique is situated at the south most tip of Africa. South Africa is very diverse and has eleven official languages. South Africa is indeed among the largest producers of gold in the world and is well known for its wines. South Africa has the greatest impact on the economy of Africa in comparison to others. The very first world cup help on the African continent was hosted by South Africa. People who want to explore the whole Africa; South Africa is the place to start. This place is not only rich in culture but in history, Flora and fauna also. It is a very famous jumping off point also for people. Whole Africa is decorated with the same stereotypes. South Africa is not just one but two countries within one.

Table Mountain - The Landmark of Cape Town 2

The major and popular cities of South Africa are Cape Town and Johannesburg. Other cities are Pretoria (administrative capital of the country), Durban (3rd largest city of South Africa), Bloemfontein (place of constitutional court), Newcastle, East London, Kimberley, Port Elizabeth, Upington and Polokwane. So with all these cities it is quite difficult to decide which places are good to visit. Well, the world famous is the Table Mountain of Cape Town. This is the main attraction of the tourists. The mountain is flat-topped and perfect to hike to the top. There is a magnificent view of the whole Cape Town from the top of the mountain. There is a perfect sea breeze which will freshen up your mind.


The next place which is very popular in Cape Town is the Cape Peninsula. It is the best adventurous place to go in Cape Town. The Cape of Good Hope and the Cape Point are also located within the boundaries of the Table Mountain. People often like to visit the place in spring as at that time they can also enjoy the beauty of the Southern Right Whales. Boulders Beach is the only place where you can see 3,000 African penguins together. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Robben Island, is also located in Cape Town. People visit this Heritage Site mainly for the famous jail where the political prisoners of South Africa are being held. A defense training region and a mental hospital for care is also located within the boundaries of this prison. Maximum security is provided to the tourists while visiting this prison. People can see the jails and the working area of the prisoners. It will be very exciting for the people to see the life of the prisoners.

kruger national park

Next must visit place of South Africa is The Kruger National Park, Phalaborwa which actually falls in the Limpopo Province. This is the largest reserve of South Africa and the sight of this reserve will definitely take your breath away. The place is rich in Flora and Fauna diversity. There are 336 kinds of trees, 114 different reptiles, 49 kinds of fish, 147 types of mammals, 34 kinds of amphibians and 507 species of birds. Thulamela and Masorini are the two famous archeological sites in this area only. A beautiful route to walk is the Garden Route which starts from the Mossel Bay (located in Western Cape) and ends at the Storms River (at Eastern Cape). People will have the opportunity to witness 300 unique bird species, seals, coral reefs, dolphins and other different species also.


Another interesting place is The Cradle of Humankind. The Cradle of Humankind is actually a series of caves of limestone which is very complex as well as beautiful to watch. A lot of research has been done in these caves and scientists have proved that very old (back to the time of birth of mankind) fossils fuels are present in these caves. The most popular among many fossil fuels are the “Little Foot” which a 3 million old skeleton and “Mr. Ples” which is a 2.1 million year old skull. It is being said that even our ancestors came through The Cradle of Humankind.  Oudtshoorn, the Ostrich Capital of S.A, is a place of eggs. All the hotels located in that area always offers eggs especially in breakfast. These eggs are different in taste as compared to normal eggs. This Ostrich town is also famous for Ostrich meat served with steaks and sausages.


Another shinning gem among the other gems of South Africa is Knysna. This town is situated in the center of the Garden Route and it always gets the special attention from the tourists. People usually enjoy the wave jumping activity on a lagoon. The place offers quite adorable food and the image of the sunset is a remarkable. It is a great place to have fun with your friends and family. Another friendly place on the list is Durban, which stands third among the largest cities of South Africa. The best thing in Durban is “Golden Mile” which is place full of shark free beaches. People usually do surfing or will relax on the beaches. Afterwards, The Marine World Aquarium is also a place worth remembering. South Africa has many other beautiful things in store that people will want to visit and explore. The whole journey of South Africa can be a long and also a tiring one. Once been there you will never want to return to your own home.

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