The Sublime City of Sydney

The Sublime City of Sydney


Although an exuberant and insolent place, the city of Sydney welcomes all its visitors with utmost warmth and love. It flaunts the world famous Opera House and yet manages to be one of the timid cities of Australia. The city personifies the beauty and the character of the country aptly. Bounded by the Tasman Sea on its east, Sydney resides on a submergent coastline and is always warm. The capital of New south Whales, Sydney, has the world’s largest natural harbor known as Sydney Harbor. With pleasant scenarios everywhere and a picturesque view of the nature around you, this place nails it when you need some tranquility in your life. On the other hand, when you are wearing your party hat, the city provides you with the downright atmosphere to let loose and joins you in the fun. In spite of the urbanization on a rise, the city adorns the cloak of the majestic flora and fauna it has been blessed with. The city is in true sense sublime in all possible ways.

The Opera House

Opera House    Opera House interiors

With a host of awards in its name, the Opera House in Sydney is known to all. The heavenly abode of music and art can be a precise description of this place. With performers from all over the world, the Opera House is always a fascinating place to be at; especially if you admire music and arts. The elegant structure allures its visitors from its exteriors itself. With the glowing lights through its shells and surrounded by sparkling waters, this place is no less than a paradise where your eyes and ears get a pleasant treat. Being a one of a kind of structure, the mesmerizing design was the masterpiece of Jon Utzon, a Danish architect. This humongous building consists of a Concert Hall, The Joan Sutherland Theatre, the Drama Theatre, the Playhouse, the Studio, the Utzon Room and the Forecourt. The facility hosts about 1500 performances each year and is visited by about 1.2 million spectators. It also shelters a few cafes, restaurants, bars and retail outlets.

Harbor Bridge

Harbour Bridge

Also nicknamed as ‘the Coathanger’ because of its arched structure, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is an astounding site to look at during the evening. Carrying the rail, road, cycling and pedestrian traffic from over the Sydney harbor, the bridge connects north shore and the Sydney Central Business District (CBD).Constructed in steel, this arch bridge is the sixth longest spanning bridge in the world and the tallest steel arch bridge too.  The South-east pylon turns out to be the major tourist attractions where one can find telescopes with guide, an Aboriginal museum etc. which can be accessed by the walk through. Bridge climbing is also an interesting thing that can be done, so as to know the architecture of the structure. Adorned with yellow lights and with the waters beneath, the bridge has an enchanting effect on the people passing by. An amazing view of this magnificent architecture is a must watch if you are visiting the place for the first time.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

A one kilometer stretch of golden heaven, this beach is just a few miles away from the city center and is as busy as a bee throughout. Be it jogging, walking, exercise, evening strolls, or just basking in the heat of the sun, this beach finds a place in the favorites list of all. Even the film industry cannot keep its cameras off of this beach and hence it can be seen in a number of television shows and movies too. Being the most visited beaches in Sydney it always sees people from a range of all age groups and backgrounds. The walk on the beach from Bondi to Bronte is as blissful as the two beaches.

Manly Beach

Manly beach

A beach for the entire family, this beach is another hotspot in the city of Sydney. Just a ferry ride away, the Manly beach is a symbol and donator of peace. Quiet laid back in character in spite of being flanked by a popular surf beach in Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sydney Harbor Beach on the other, this beach carries you away from the chaos of your life into a peaceful and carefree world.  Because of the manly and confident behavior of the Aboriginal people residing there, this beach has been adorned with a whimsical name, ‘Manly’. It also shelters a museum displaying the trends of fashion in swimwear and beach accessories from the 1900s till date. The beach has a sheltered ocean pool at its northern end. Surfing is a major craze in these waters and is a popular sport here.


Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is also a mesmerizing place for a visit just two hours away from Sydney. With the gigantic mountains covered in greenery and blue haze, the spell binding view is one of its kinds. The bush walks, small strolls, and the climb to the summit are a few things that can be enjoyed here. The view of the surrounding cities from the top of the mountains is really mind boggling.

The perfect combination of a serenity, tranquility and comfort at all levels, Sydney checks all the boxes of a flawless trip.

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