The Steeltown of Hamilton

The Steeltown of Hamilton

The port city of Hamilton lies in the Canadian province, Ontario. The city is very much industrialized and is quite densely populated. The city is actually situated on the shore of Lake Ontario, also known by the name the Golden Horseshoe. The city was resurrected on January 1st in the year 2001. The inhabitants of this old city call themselves as Hamiltonians. Now, the city is the third largest city in Ontario and stands 9th among the largest cities in Canada. The main source of economy of Ontario is manufacturing and the most industrialised regions of Ontario are Hamilton and Toronto. 60% of Canada’s steel comes from Hamilton and thus the city is known as the Steel Capital of Canada. As the city is a working city crimes are very less likely to happen there.


The city of Hamilton is very beautiful. The city shines by the presence of Royal Botanical Gardens, McMaster University, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Mohawk College and the Bruce Trail. The famous Hamilton City Hall is accompanied by the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in the eastern part. The Tim Hortons Field is also being resurrected for the 2015 Pan American Games. Many film and TV productions are being filmed in Hamilton. Even work is being done on promoting the art scene in Hamilton.


The main tourist attraction in Hamilton is the Royal Botanical Gardens. It is located in Burlington but also includes some land in Hamilton. The place is also a significant regional as well as local horticultural, conservation, scientific and educational resource for people. This plane owns a land of 980 hectares and includes large varieties of Canadian wild plants, a bird area and a plant biodiversity hotspot. Royal Botanical Gardens has a collection of almost 1,000 different species of plants within its boundaries. The Bashful Bulrush plant is a very rare plant that is available there and can be found in Canada only. The most endangered tree of Canada- Red Mulberry can be found in this garden. The Royal Botanical Garden is a spectacular treat to the eyes of the visitors.


The next most visited place in Hamilton is the Dundurn Castle which is a neoclassical historic mansion. The Dundurn Castle covers an area of 18,000 square foot. It took three years to construct the whole castle which was started in 1832. In the year 1900, the city of Hamilton purchased this Dundurn Castle for $50,000. About 3 million dollars are spent on the renovation of this castle and from the original 72 rooms 42 rooms are open to public access. Inside this Dundurn Castle there is a museum named Hamilton Military Museum which include displays from the Rebellions of 1837, the War of 1812, World War I, the Boer War and World War II. Numerous photographs, military uniforms, weapons, medals and other stuff are also on display. There is a separate section of library with Canadian military history and thus is not open to all and can be visited on appointment only.


The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is also one of the main attractions of Hamilton. This Canadian Aviation Museum is actually situated in the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. This museum has many different kinds of aircrafts used for military purposes on display. In total there are 36 military jets, helicopters and propeller-driven aircraft which are on display. Among these many aircrafts many are still in the working condition. Even some aircrafts are restored during the times of Cold War and the Second World War. Some main attractions of this museum are the S-2 Tracker, a Bristol Boilingbroke and the TBM Avenger. The one among the only two existing airworthy Lancasters in the entire world is also on display in this museum. The name of this Lancaster is “Avro Lancaster”.


A very famous family owned safari park is the African Lion Safari which is located in Flamborough in Hamilton. More than 1000 animal species and about 100 different species of mammals and birds around the entire world also are available in this park. There are tour buses available for the visitors to travel across the 740 acres land of this park. Visitors who want to travel from their own vehicle are allowed to travel in their own vehicle but in some not so restricted areas only. People can see some animals roaming freely in some large but contained areas only. The African Lion Safari is indeed also an accredited member of the following organisations: World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), CAZA, the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE) and also the International Elephant Foundation (IEF).

Another happening place in Hamilton is the FirstOntario Centre which was originally named as Copps Coliseum. The FirstOntario Centre has a large ice hockey arena having a capacity of almost 19,000. Victor K. Copps, the former Hamilton mayor, was the original founder of this FirstOntario Centre and that’s why the centre was originally named after him. Today, the FirstOntario Centre is the home of many junior and senior ice hockey championships. Apart from these famous places there are many other interesting places to visit in Hamilton. The names of some of them are the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton Harbour, Spencer Gorge/Webster’s Falls Conservation Area, Bruce Trial and the Westfield Heritage Centre. All these places are also great places to visit when on a tour of Hamilton.

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