The State of Adventure: California

The State of Adventure: California

The heart of United States, the city of joy and the land of Hollywood, California must be visited once in a lifetime by everyone on this earth. Geographically, California is situated towards the western coast in North America. According to population California is the most populous state of Unites States and according to area it stands at third position in U.S. after Texas and Alaska. Sacramento is California’s capital city. Other cities of California include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Oakland, Fresno and Long Beach.

The state has diversified geographical location and is surrounded by Pacific Ocean to its west, the Redwood Douglas fir forests in the north western region, the Sierra Nevada to the east of the state and the Mojave Desert in the south eastern region. The heart of the state is the Central Valley in the centre of the state which is a very fertile agricultural land. The highest point of US is the Mount Whitney which is in California. The lowest point of US is Death Valley which is also in California. About half of the area of the state (precisely 45%) is covered by green forests growing mainly pines which cannot be matched to pines from another state. Many trees in the White Mountains of California are the really old and oldest trees on earth. The Bristicole Pine tree in the forest is 5000 years old. The main economy of the country is because of the agriculture and fresh fruit and vegetable production. Half of the fruit and vegetables consumed in US are grown in California. The only thing that is not great about California is that this state is prone to earthquakes. Everyone must definitely visit the places discussed below.



The first is Los Angeles. The city is the magical city of California and is one of the most populated cities of US. Los Angeles is a dream city and is perfect for holidays. There are many tourist destinations in the city. Even the locals are never tired of visiting the places ever. The world famous HOLLYWOOD sign on the mountains of Los Angeles is a delight to the eyes for all the fans of Hollywood. Other places to visit in the city are the Walk of Fame, the Beverly Hills, the Graumann’s Chinese Theater, the Rodeo Drive, etc. Don’t miss the beaches of Los Angeles. They are one of the best beaches, in not just US, but the world.



The second city of California that is worth the time and money you spend on your vacation is San Francisco. The best architecture of San Francisco that will take away your breath is the Golden Gate Bridge. A walk on this bridge will be an experience for life time. Lucky are all those all who live there. Other famous places of San Francisco are the Alcatraz, cable cars, hills, the Italian North Beach and a large Chinatown. Walking in the streets of San Francisco will give you hell of a joy and a splendid vacation.



After San Francisco, one must visit the city of San Diego. The world’s most popular zoo with a separate safari park, also known as the wild animal Park is located in San Diego. This zoo is very big and will take a complete day to watch everything and every corner of this park. Another very attractive place in San Diego is the Sea World which is a marine theme park is total fun. For the lovers of baseball, there is a completely renovated downtown with vibrant ambience, a Major League Baseball Stadium.



The must-go place in California is the Disney Land. The Disneyland is the world famous park and fun for every age group. It is a theme park with the themes of all cartoon characters given life by Walt Disney and is the most famous landmark in the state. The colorful décor and jolly atmosphere of the place will bring out the child in you. It is in the city of Anaheim in California. There are other ancestral and modern theme parks in Anaheim which are worth a visit. When in California, do not leave without visiting the Santa Barbara city. This city is rightfully called the American Riviera as the city is on a coast which faces south and has a different sort of style in itself.



California is a very adventurous place and full of joy. About the things you should do when you are in California, here are some suggestions. Your first choice must be Ski near the Big Bear or Lake Tahoe which have the greatest resorts. You must also try Surfing which is a completely different experience in itself. Even if you have done surfing before, it is nothing like you will feel in California. Also, you must not miss the fun of a scuba dive. The long coastline of California is the place which offers the best scuba diving and is a great thing and unforgettable experience. And how can one miss the mountain climbing and camping. The Sierra Nevada and the Shasta Cascades will provide you with a great climb to the mountain and perfect spots of camping in the mountains. Family and friends can together make this a wonderful trip if you do all these things in California, because it is just perfect place for all of it.

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