South Africa : A Classic Encounter

South Africa : A Classic Encounter

Well, searching an unusual place to visit, South Africa is your destination. South Africa hits the list when we talk about the beautiful places of the earth. Its sunny climate along with the diversified climate and people allows you to get an incomparable experience. All this makes South Africa to be called as Rainbow Nation and people from all over the places flew there to praise its wildlife, natural beauty, beaches and heart-throbbing drives through the country.  Here are some descriptions about the place that will help you to choose your destination and the season along with vivid descriptions of it.

Climatic Pleasures







The climate is sunny there most of the times that means it provides with a variety of outdoor activities which includes searching for endangered animals like lions, leopards or cheetahs or surfing or enjoying hang-gliding there. It is seen that that the areas in the southern hemisphere are reverse as compared to the climate in the northern areas i.e. the summer is encountered here from November to February. So you plan your trip accordingly.

Bizarre and Astonishing places of South Africa







If you are looking for something extra special then you are on the right page. Here are some of the most astonishing and bizarre places of the world which fortunately come under the tag “South Africa”. From revolving on the cable car and having a look of the whole city (Table Mountain) to going to the emotional phase of freedom fighters (Robben Island) to diving with sharks in Gansbaai to running with the horses in Kaapsche, all come in surprising package.

Visit to South Africa

south africa




Actually South Africa is a place where there is a year round places to visit. Your interest in the place decides your time and duration of the visit. If you are keenly interested in holiday making then the place is haven from mid-December to late January or if you are love watching games then early spring i.e. from August to October is your season. Since all the resorts and national parks heavily filled, so it’s a suggestion to book your accommodation in advance to enjoy the place to its fullest.

People and their diversity

South Africa is not only beautiful with the places it has but also with the people it has. South Africa is known as the rainbow nation of the world because of the cultural diversity it carries. The population of South Africa consists of 31 million black people, 5 million White, 3 million colored and 1 million India which makes it 45 million South Africans having the density of 32.9 people per km2. This is one of the most complex and diversified population of the world. Also 11 different kinds of languages are heard to be spoken in the nation with English having most popularity. All the official meetings from government banks, hospitals to hotel staff is expected to speak in English.

“To do list” in South Africa

Since South Africa is the place which supports a wide variety of animals, birds and plants. So the to do list starts from whale watching which is an overwhelming experience. The activity fills you with joy when you feel the trust, awe of such a huge mammal and this attracts almost 13 million people from all over the world to this beautiful nation.

Also, South Africa- the home to the big five i.e. Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo ensures you with the wonderful sight of their natural habitat. Also, for someone with the adventurous gut can also have the opportunity to enjoy the game viewing over the elephant or the horse back.

Also, disappointment is the not the word to be encountered in South Africa. One who loves birds found an endless variety of birds from fast falcon to double breasted roller to all those endangered varieties of the world.

Other things that complete this list are sight seeking like the Holocaust Museum, SA national Gallery, Bokaap Museum etc. Well, the things also have some adventurous activities like the hiking and sport excursions. One can also have some vivid experience of cultural diversities when it comes to shopping and eateries.

Spiritual Africa







When there is everything in South Africa then how this spiritual side remains hidden to the world. The spiritual Africa includes a mammoth Buddhist Temple en route to Pretoria. This Buddhist Temple allows the visitors to have the pious visit to the place and is open for all. Also, this seminary takes the monks from all over the continent to teach them various preaches of the Buddhism.

The spirituality is not limited to the temples. Africans are keen believers of God and hence this pious Limpopo’s Lake Fundudzi is famous for having been protected by Python God for years. The place has been worshiped by Venda people- a community who believe that the nearby forest namely Vendo Forest is a “holy forest” since it has been the resting place of the Venda forefathers and their custom includes a mesmerizing domba dance, kind of snake dance supported by Venda women.

To conclude with, South Africa is one of the most wonderful nations of the world having untarnished natural beauty, multi-ethnic deception and affordable luxury. Visitors can enjoy heart throbbing ecstasy of hiking, elephant back gaming, surfing and whale watching. Also, the hospitality, love, care and devotion expressed by the Africans attract you to visit the place again and again.

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