Sea Kayaking – Pattaya

Sea Kayaking – Pattaya

If one were to answer what attracts a man other than forests and mountains, the answer has to be definitely the Sea. From Magellan to Vasco da Gama, man has always responded diligently to the call of the waters. If you are one of those who can feel the thrill of the seas, just by hearing the roar of the waters of the seas, sea kayaking is one such adventure sport you cannot risk missing. These small boats covered with a deck, commonly known as kayaks, and used for paddling on the open waters of lakes and bays can give you the experience of a lifetime. When it comes to kayaking, what other place can be better that of the beach city of Pattaya that boasts of one of the largest beach resorts in Asia.


Located on the Eastern gulf coast of Thailand, this seaside resort lies one-hundred and fifty kilometres from Bangkok. Given the plethora of hotels and resorts and the easy accessibility from the airport, Pattaya is one of the most popular weekend getaway for tourists. Besides the large number of beer bars and eateries, the place also offers a large number entertainment activities ranging from golf and horseback riding, bungee jumping, karting and shooting to a wide variety of water-sports. Pattaya encompasses most of the coastline of Bang Lamung District, spanning from Naklua Beach and Pattaya Beach to Jomtien Beach and the areas east of it, including Dongtan Beach, which are thronged by tourist all the year round. There is a variety of transport options to move around the city. Songthaews are local pick-up vehicles, which are a good option, though local buses, taxi and motor bikes are also available.

Pattaya Beach runs for three kilometres along the city centre and has a number of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls. Nightlife in the region becomes exciting due to the presence of the beer-bars, go-go bars, discotheques, and above all, Muay Thai, the Thai Boxing arena. In addition to water-sports activities like scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkelling, wake-surfing and yachting that Pattaya tourism offers, Kayaking through the various island coves and bays which is an excellent way to get intimate with the sea life of the area. If you are an avid swimmer, then a dip in the waters along the Wong Phra Chan Beach on the northern part of Pattaya beach is sure to thrill you. It is an attractive spot to those longing for a complete rest and privacy. The clear waters and the shimmering sunlight offer an exquisite view to experience and cherish for a lifetime. If you feel that the world famous seafood of Pattaya has added on a few extra pounds to your body, this activity is a must for you!


Kayaking is an important activity that will take care of your health and fitness even in the leisure of your tour to the beautiful city. Though exhilarating in nature, paddling through the calm waters on a kayak helps to relax your mind and increase the quotient of your enjoyment. As far as your body is concerned, it is an efficient way to increase your cardio-vascular fitness and muscle strength, especially in the arms and the legs. So, when you return from your holiday, you can actually woe your friends and colleagues with your increased aerobic fitness and flexibility!

The choice of your kayak and the season of your visit are important factors that play a huge role in determining the quotient of your enjoyment. Though kayaking in Pattaya goes on all the year round, it is best to hit the waters in the early spring season, given the ambient weather and climate conditions. Make sure to start early in the day so that you can have enough daylight hours to return safely from your destination. Never ever, miss out on the safety equipment or ignore the instructions and guidelines laid down by the kayak operators, because they are they ones who know the coastal waters the best.

 kayak sight seeing

Besides the thrill and the fun, Kayaking is a very efficient means of sight-seeing in the neighbouring islands. As you paddle through the clear waters of the sea, the amazingly spectacular coastal scenery and the misty breeze is sure to take away your breaths. On the course of your kayaking expedition, you might also get lucky enough to spot local fauna including the rare Great Hornbill, magnificent Eagle or even the flying fish. In some places where there are stalactite caves, kayaking is the best way to explore them. The locally available kayaks are specially designed to provide the tourists with the best of kayaking experience in accordance with the operating conditions. They can be easily rented from local shops or even booked online. The calm flat waters of the Sai Kaew Beach is one of the best locations for kayaking in the region. The overall ambience of the beach adds on to the experience in every possible way.


Fear not if you are a novice, with negligible experience of the seas before. Consider yourself lucky to carry with you the memories of the adventures of Pattaya beach. Various agencies like, Pattaya Yacht Charters Co. and Asia Backpackers run Kayaking and other services in the area, who will train you and get you ready for the experience of a lifetime in a matter of minutes. With their high quality kayaks and the trained professionals, there is little you need to worry about.

All you have to do is Paddle on and Enjoy!

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