Sea copter Ride: Dubai

Sea copter Ride: Dubai

Talk about making money from sand. That is what Dubai is up to! From being an infinite expanse of sand to the being one of the most luxurious of cities on the planet, Dubai knew exactly what it was doing all along. In fact, the city is so wealthy that it can afford Lamborghini for its Police Force! Now, take a moment and compare that to the vehicles you might expect to see with the elite Indian force. Dubai has everything a man can ask for. Cars, Beaches, islands, the ‘high-life’ and what not! The city itself is a testament to the feats of extraordinary engineering and architecture that man can produce. Places like Burj-e-Dubai and the Palm Island are star attractions for the marvelous place.


One more extravagant entity that this place boasts about is the sea copter ride. The helicopter ride is a best way possible to explore the magnificent architecture and one of a kind skyline.  Discover Dubai from the sky and catch sight of the beautiful Burj Khalifa, The World Islands, Dubai Marina and many other landmarks from an eagle’s eye perspective. Witness the current and future developments of the world’s fastest growing region and the unfolding of a truly extraordinary city of the 21st century. There are many certified helicopter charters offering an incredible sightseeing experience which you have never experienced before. The time of each ride ranges from 15 to 60 minutes at a cost accordingly starting from 250$ to 3500$. Pick up is usually done at a common point with a helipad and drop back at same place after ride. These companies are striving to provide the clients’ best possible helicopter rides to make their helicopter tour worthwhile. When you choose a private Helicopter or Seaplane, you can expect a professional and tailor made charter brokerage service of the highest standard. Clients will be provided pre-flight briefing in order to make them well aware of the tour. Children of age 00-02 years are not allowed to take the ride. Not only it is a great way to get best sights of Dubai but also packs a little bit of adventure. Experience the immense height of the Burj Khalifa, dazzled by the Palm Jumeria, amazed by the World Islands, and breathless with the visual splendor of Dubai. The ground and buildings are specks beneath you, and you realize as you circle the tallest building in the world, you are only half way up the building! What and adventure and once in a lifetime perspective.


This few minutes of city tour is worth a shot as it offers you an opportunity to explore the city of glamor and man-made marvels. During this helicopter tour of Dubai you can view places that you might not be able to explore without these helicopter flights. Usually this city circuit package includes the city tour on the certified helicopter charters is one of prominent attractions of tourism department in Dubai. They offer a large armada of helicopters and an adept flying team which makes these minutes of ride worthwhile. This City Circuit is a 25 minutes flight from the Atlantis the Palm to the Old Dubai Creek via the Burj Al Arab, The World Islands Villa, BurjKhalifa, Union House, Port Rashid, Ski Dubai, Jebel Ali Horse Track, New Dubai, Media city, Internet City, Dubai Marina, Jumeriah Lakes Towers, and Emirates Livings back to Atlantis the Palm Helipad. This 25 minute long city tour lets you have glimpses of these business communities from up above in the skies. Not just this you can also have views of Dubai Marina the largest man-made marina which will leave you speechless for a while. We have amassed the best places in this tour which you can possibly visit in 25 minutes so that you can enjoy a wonderful experience of sightseeing gorgeous coasts, islands, palms and lake towers. Other places that you can sightsee via this sightseeing helicopter flight include one of the emirates which make up United Arab Emirates and are known as Umm Al Quwain. From up above the skies you can also take whimsical peeps of the first indoor ski resort in Middle East known as Ski Dubai. You can have an incredible and the most joyous experience sightseeing the most popular horse track and Jumeirah Lake Towers the largest development in Dubai. Helicopter tour in Dubai is one remarkable experience which should not by any chance be missed if you have landed in the splendid city of eye-catching coasts and iconic breakthroughs. Also, remember to fasten your seat belts when in the air. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to fall off onto the sands, however beautiful the city may appear from the skies!

Helicopter sightseeing via these helicopter flights is one of the most astonishing experiences one can have in their lifetime. Shouldn’t really miss this wonderful opportunity if we have the right budget and you have landed in the city of iconic landmarks i.e. Dubai. This city helicopter ride offers you one the most memorable helicopter tours which you will reminisce for an epoch. It won’t be wrong in stating that you haven’t had the dead-on fun if you haven’t explored Dubai through the sea copter.


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