Savannah- The Oldest City of US

Savannah- The Oldest City of US

Savannah is the historic riverside hometown of Georgia. Two leaders, namely Colonel William Bull and General James Oglethorpe, who were the British Colonists, settled this place in 1733. In 1864, the mayor of Savannah made a deal with the General William Tecumseh Sherman. The deal was to give up Savannah in exchange for leaving Savannah unforced and untouched. Thus, Savannah is among those few cities whose architecture and antebellum appeal is still intact. The city is among the largest historic districts of Georgia. The party image of the city keeps the city alive and full of tourists. Many people living in south joke about the city as the very first thing that people will ask you in Atlanta is your Business; people will ask your mother’s maiden name in Charleston but people will ask you about the drink you want to have in Savannah.


Savannah offers horse and carriage ride to people across the streets. The City Market is the one place which is always full of people. The City Market is located in the northwest corner of Savannah. It has become the frequent destination of people who search for dining, retailing and entertainment in downtown Savannah. The market was established in 1985. To gain more tourists attraction the market has been grown over the years. And now the place offers much more viable food and in retail business. The total space used by the market is 11,000 square feet and it has three apartments. In March 2010, a new store named Ellis Square was opened in the west area of the City Market. The store has underground parking facilities and an attractive fountain to grab the attention. The whole market has some other good shops in store also.


A one way street, known by the name River Street, across the banks of the Savannah River is a famous paved street. Many shops and restaurants are located along the River Street. On the east end of the River Street there is a beautiful statue of a Waving Girl. The remaining district is joined with the River Street by stairs or ramps and is above the riverfront.  Another beautiful place in Savannah is the Forsyth Park. The park is huge and is situated on the southern rim of the district. The garden has an attractive fountain and is ringed with Breakfast and couch. A movie named “The Movie” was filmed in this garden. This movie was very popular as it was an adaptation of “The Book”. People can even imagine themselves sitting next to the very smart John Cusack. A very famous major league baseball stadium “Grayson Stadium” is located in this district only and is the home of many baseball aspirants.


For art lovers, there are some places in store. Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) is a non-profit, independent and recognized school in Savannah. The school offers major in performing and visual arts, building arts, design and the history of arts and architecture. The school is a collaboration of students from 100 countries and almost 50 states. The famous Savannah Film Festival of SCAD is organized in Lucas Theatre every year. More than 1000 people visit this theatre every week as the theatre is very popular because of its top-line entertainment. Some of these are the opera from Italy and London, film series, country stars, European orchestras and the traveling repertory companies. Another Museum which offers history Art ashes is the Telfair Museum. The museum is named after its founder, the “Telfair family”. It is a public art museum which has three buildings: the “Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences”; “Jepson Center for the Arts”; and the “Owens Thomas House”.


The Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Owens Thomas House both are the History Landmarks whereas the Jepson Center for the Arts is a recently finished project designed by the famous architect, Moshe Safdie. This single building covers 64,000 square feet and includes sculpture gardens, café, expanded educational resources, museum store and expanded gallery spaces. “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” and “Little Sacrifices” are the great books set that can be found anywhere in Savannah. Some must see events of Savannah are the Savannah Film Festival (October or early November), Savannah Music Festival, Sidewalk Arts Festival (held in spring), St. Patrick’s Day (17th of March) and Savannah Tour of Homes (spring event). Visiting the city on these days will be like icing on a cake.


Originally Wright, Ellis, Telfair and Johnson were the only public squares in Savannah. But now there are almost 24 public squares in Savannah. Because of modern construction there squares, namely Ellis, Elbert and Liberty, were lost and only Ellis was restored later. Calhoun Square which was named after the famous Politician “John C. Calhoun” and Chatham Square which was named after the Earl of Chatham “William Pitt” are the well known public squares in Savannah. The first one was built across the Abercorn Street in 1851 and the later was laid across the Barnard Street in 1847. Columbia Square, Chippewa Square, Elbert square, Crawford Square, Ellis square, Greene Square, Franklin Square and Johnson Square which is the first square of the city are the other famous squares of Savannah. Savannah is full of historic sites and is definitely a must visit place for every sort of peoples. This place is irreplaceable!

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