Rome : The Eternal City

Rome : The Eternal City

Rome is not only the capital but also the homonymous province of Italy. This special city covers 1,285.3 km2 areas with 2.7 million people living there. Thus, the city stands fourth in terms of the most populated city in the European Union. The central western region of the Italian peninsula comprises this city. The ravishing Vatican City lies in Rome thus making the capital the only city in the entire world which contains a state in its interior. 753 BC marks the origin of Rome. By then the city is referred to as “The Eternal City” by the ancient poets and writers. The capital is regarded as the birthplace of the so called Western Civilization. Until 1870, Rome was the capital of the Papal States. And in 1871 Rome became the capital of Italy and the capital of Italian Republic in 1946. Roman is known as the global city.


After the end of the middle ages, rulers from Alexander VI to Leo X ruled and transformed the whole city into one of the supreme centers of the Italian revitalization. The historical centre of the c Rome is listed as the 3rd most visited city in Europe and the 11th most visited city in the entire world in the year 2007. In terms of reputation as well as assets Rome is the most victorious city brands of Europe. The city has earned the “World Heritage Site” title by UNESCO. Colosseum monument and the Vatican Museum are the most visited sites of Rome. The city also hosted the Summer Olympics in the year 1960. The historic centre of Rome is not very large as it comprises of only 4% of the total city area but this is the place which attracts most of the tourists of Rome. There are several districts in Rome.


The names of the central districts are Old Rome, Modern Center, Colosseo, Vatican, Trastevere, North Centre, Aventino Testaccio, Nomentano and Esquilino San Giovanni. The Old Rome is the main city area which has the Pantheon, cathedrals and stunning squares; Modern Center is the home to many shopping centres and hotels; Colosseo is the place where the famous monument, the Colosseum, is situated. The presence of the Markets of Trajan, the Imperial Fora and the Capitoline hill makes it the heart of Rome; Vatican is filled with museums as well as neighboring Italian districts; Trastevere is the place for artists and is known as the centre of Rome’s artistic life; North Centre is the domicile of Villa Borghese, Parioli, Salario and the Spanish Steps; Aventino Testaccio is famous for its delicious food; Nomentano is the place for night life; And Esquilino San Giovanni is the place where the ancient Cathedral of Saint John is situated.


The lovely piazza della Republica is worth your time. You can have a great time while wandering around the old city of Rome. The old city looks like a medieval village not like a capital city. While roaming around you can have the view of all sorts of paintings, sculptures, religious icons on the walls and astonishing roof gardens; have a view from the second and third floor of an old building. You will find many artists playing their trade in small shops near the Piazza Navona and the Tiber River. Veneto in the Modern Center is the place for film lovers. Now coming back to the city, one of the well-liked sites in the city is the Trevi Fountain. Piazza della Minerva is a unique place with an elephant statue. At Campo de Fiori there are two beautiful fountains. It is place for flower sellers. The entrance of the city is Piazza del Popolo in the North Center. Another fascinating fountain is on the way to Piazza di Spagna which is in the city area. This beautiful background was used in the 1953 movie “Roman Holiday” which features Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.


The Fascist structural design of the Palazzo della Civilta Italiana is the much talked thing. It is also well known by the name “the Square Colosseum”. The Palazzo della Civilta Italiana was designed in 1942 by the famous architects: Ernesto Lapadula and Giovanni Guerrini. This structure was designed initially for the Universal Explosition as a element of its building programme. But later the programme was cancelled due to the entry of the country into WW2. The square in Trastevere, named the “piazza di Santa Maria”, is a fancy place to watch and it attracts many street people. Another place piazza Barberini has a beautiful Bernini fountain. There are many overlooked places in Rome which offers one of the best views is the Vittoriano. You have to climb on the top of the Vittoriano to have the best sight of your life.


There are many hills including the famous ‘Seven Hills’ of Rome to climb. From the edge of the Borghese Gardens, a spectacular view can be seen by looking from the Janiculum hill towards the Trastevere and the Pincio. The Seven Hills of Rome is indeed very difficult to identify for new visitors as there are many neighboring hills in Rome. Buildings were built as a stack on each other and even their construction made the hills look less prominent than they were in the beginning. Originally from the Roman days there were more than seven hills and most of them were outside the boundaries of the city. The Seven Hills were not recognized as a city for some time but now it is a part of the city of Rome. This ancient Rome must be in the list of one’s must visit place. The spectacular view and the superb environment that Rome provides its tourists can’t be seen in any other city.

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