Off-Roading: Turkey

Off-Roading: Turkey

Not all travel experiences are similar; neither do all travelers look for the same kind of experience from the expeditions they undertake. Some might be nature lovers, or wildlife enthusiasts, others can be interested in history or culture of the varied places worldwide. For the more adventurous sorts of travelers, or those looking for a slightly different and more thrilling experience, off-roading provides the perfect opportunity.

Adventure Traveling

Off-Roading includes leaving the main roads and taking the lesser explored and more treacherous paths, going through tracks that are made of mud, snow, rocks, or river beds depending on your chosen terrain.  This is an activity guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush. There are many places worldwide that are suitable for off-roading expeditions. Turkey, the country extending from western Asia to southeastern Europe, is also a popular destination among those who are interested in adventure traveling.

Muddy Tracks

Off-Roading in Turkey is a memorable and exciting activity. Turkey is a country known for the harmonious blend of the eastern and western cultures that is evident in all its aspects. The various ruins, archaeological sites rich in historical significance, the natural terrain, the mountains, hidden waterfalls, gurgling streams and canyons all make Turkey a country rich in tracks apt for off-roading. One can explore at a much closer range Turkey’s abundant natural beauty, which is interspersed with ruins of castles, or mosques, and while on their off-roading trip one can also visit the traditional Turkish villages that are not easily accessible otherwise.

Ancient villages of Turkey

Exploring Turkey and its countryside and unbeaten paths through 4×4 safaris, or Jeeps, or Quad bikes is a very popular adventure activity that is organized for tourists by various different tour and travel agencies. There are many popular routes on which these off-roading trips are undertaken. The trails winding through Taurus Mountains, passing through remote villages, naturally beautiful sites, are some of the most popular and best places for off-roading enthusiasts. Antalya and Cappadocia are places within Turkey which are more suitable as starting points for these trips, or contains the best muddy trails or sand dunes which provide splendid experiences of driving the off-roading vehicle (usually called ATV, or all terrain vehicles).

Driving through the natural terrain of Turkey, weaving the way through tough conditions provides all travelers with a chance to experience nature’s marvels from near and also to observe a very different aspect of nature, of struggling against natural obstacles.

taurus Mountains

Off-Road drives organized around Taurus Mountains is extremely rewarding, as the paths that you drive through are replete with untouched natural beauty. The waterfalls and pools hidden among the dense greenery on Taurus, the lush carpet of greens, the pines paralleling your track, towering trees making canopies, narrow roads, tough driving conditions, flocks of sheep, traditional villages tucked among these wild as well as charming environs, all make this thrilling ride even more interesting. For anyone looking to explore the Turkey still unmarred by the extensive tourism activities, to feel the ambience and experience authentic lifestyles of Turkish villages that are a result of centuries of amalgamation of diverse cultural influences, all of these are possible if you embark on an off-road journey around Turkey’s Taurus Mountains.

ATV, Cappadocia

The off road trips organized includes specialists who have proper knowledge of the terrain, and who walk the riders through the safety procedures. Depending on the weather people should be suitably attired, should have appropriate shoes, swimwear, as these paths wind through various water resources within the forests. You can take a break and dip in these pristine waters in nature’s lap. Discovering these hidden pools amidst the dense wilderness after the muddy and dusty paths makes for a welcome change.

Ruins around Cappadocia

Off-road trips are a brilliant way of discovering the cultures of the native people and places. The villages located off the main roads of Turkey can be accessed through the jeeps and quad bikes made available for tourists.

Quad Biking

After an exhilarating drive you can take a break to indulge in some photography sessions along the scenic pathways. There are many indigenous species of flora and fauna along these tracks that are usually used for off-road traveling by the tourists. Other than the natural aspects- the valleys, and summits, the wilderness, and waters- there are also many archaeological attractions along the way which can be explored. Turkey has an extremely rich history, with Hellenistic, Byzantine, Ottoman, Seljuk influences to name a few. The remains of the glorious Turkish past, like various ancient mosques and ruins of castles are scattered over the Turkish landscape. These can be explored in the middle of one’s thrilling journey.

Jeep Safari, over waterbeds

Many popular places that provide facilities for off-roading include Cappadocia, Antalya, Marmaris, Icmeler to name a few. Cappadocia and western Turkey is particularly interesting for those who want to explore the rich Turkish history. An off road journey beginning from Antalya usually involves traversing across the old caravan trail, which is a medieval caravan route. This historical passage is also lined by many ancient monuments as the likes of Kargihan. In Cappadocia there are many sites that your journey will take you too. In addition to the adrenaline inducing drive, you can also see majestic volcanic peaks and picturesque canyons on your way. One can also visit local houses and indulge in some native activities like honey making, or pottery making.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a specific type of off-roading, where the vehicles (specially designed for that purpose) are guided over high sand dunes. The thrill and excitement it produces is a treat for all adventure travelers. Soganli valley an hour or so from Cappadocia is also home to Soganli sand dunes. This area is very popular among adventurous tourists, as it offers electrifying game areas.

All in all, off-roading in Turkey is bound to provide one with an adventurous and stimulating journey. The off-road drives in Turkey don’t just provide thrill, but also combine cultural, natural and historical elements in an otherwise exhilarating and adrenaline inducing activity.

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