Of Red Indians and Carnivals – Mexico

Of Red Indians and Carnivals – Mexico

mexico beach


mexico beach

mexico beach


One of the most beautiful peninsular regions the Earth has ever flaunted includes Mexico. The country with a population of about 112 million has a unique charm of its own. With the wondrous Aztec architectures and its notorious reputation this place can take your heart away at a glance. In spite of Mexico being infamous for the drug dealing that hurt its economy in the recent past; it has now evolved into one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. A place with the most sundry climate throughout the year, it is the ultimate destination to sooth your soul and party at the same time. Sounds like the perfect place after a long nagging routine session of the job that offers you limited holidays, doesn’t it? So let me take you on a journey through a few things that you don’t want to miss out when in Mexico.

Carnavales de confeti y serpentine (Carnival of confetti and streamers)


If you are an outgoing person and really love street parties and some hip shaking  music, then this carnival country is meant for you. The two major carnivals that  are organized in Mexico are in Mazatlan and Veracruz. ‘Carnavales de confeti y  serpentina’ (Carnivals of confetti and streamers) takes place during the spring in  Mazatlan and hosts mock battles using eggshells filled with confetti and foam  cans. A ‘perfecto’ chance to let go and freak out. The one held in Veracruz is a          prodigious one as compared to Mazatlan and has 6 major parades which last for 9    days. The humungous crowd of more than 50,000 people enjoys the banda, mariachi, sinaloense and other musical melodies along with the sumptuous food festivals. The carnivals begin with ‘quema del mal humor’ that is burning of bad mood and ends with what they call as ‘Fat Tuesday’ and the burning of the leftover rich foods on ‘Ash Wednesday’.

Of Red Indians

red indian

The American Indians, as they are now called, got their name of ‘Red Indians’ because of the reddish skin tone they exhibited. The Indians have had a great history and have till date carried their rich heritage. The Indians, before the invasion of the British colonies, lived a peaceful life in solitude. The astounding history of these Indians portrays their brave and principled lifestyles and also their spiritual connection with the land they lived on. They gave a valiant resistance to the Englishmen who tried taking over their lands. A few of them although sided with the Englishmen, the rest stayed resilient. Unfortunately, a treaty was signed between the US and the British men who handed over the colonies to the US without the knowledge of the Indians. It is recently that they have found their rightful place in the States. As a display of deference, there are devoted museums that have been built which unveil the dauntless historical struggles of these men.

Other Attractions

Chichen Itza

chichen itza

There are quite a few things you need to explore in the country besides its scenic  beauty and rich history. This country holds the privilege of having one of the most  famous heritage sites, Chichen Itza which now finds a place in the Seven Wonders of  the World. This Mayan period pyramid is august for its Puuca style architecture. It  was built in the 10th century as the regional capital for the Mayan rule and flaunts a  superlative form of architectural work and is worshiped as a pilgrim site even today.  Although it is reputed for the prime feature known as ‘El Castillo’, the other  monuments in its perimeter also hold immense importance and narrate the life and  beliefs of the people then.

Beach Resorts

beach resort

Another recommendation that you might want to see includes the beach resorts of Mexico. With the mesmerizing blue waters and the tranquility of the ocean, these resorts can really show you the path to eternal bliss. To name a few, the Melia Cabo, Las Hadas Manzillo, Fiesta Americana can definitely be listed in the top ten resorts of Mexico where you can bask in the heat of the sun. And for the party people reading this, there is a list of beaches that you can visit and relish your own kind of ‘eternal bliss’.

Famous Festivals

day of dead

The Mexicans although are very lively in nature believe in celebrating the ‘Day of the  Dead’. The festival has its origin since the Aztec times where the people worshiped  ‘Lady of Dead’ (present day Catrina). Celebrated on October 31st and November 1st  and 2nd, the festival consists of parades during the day time and family gatherings  during the nights; when they visit the cemeteries in the remembrance of the lamented  beloved members.

radish fest

Another unique festival celebrated in Mexico includes the Radish Festival. Mostly famous in the Oaxaca city, the festival lasts for a couple of hours and yet attracts a number of people from all over the country. It is mind boggling to see the exhibition cum competition where people display their craftsmanship with sculpted radishes. Various human figurines, scenarios, monuments and lot more can be observed on this occasion.

monarch butterlfy

If you are a nature lover, then you surely cannot fail to attend the magnificent Monarch Butterfly migration. At the beginning of the month of October, these stunning flocks of butterflies migrate due south to avoid the freezing winters in the north. Mexico, being warm all year round, proves the prime location for these butterflies to hibernate in the Oyamel fir trees.

Mexico is a country which will never let you down in any way. So be it a trip for relaxing, family outing, romantic endeavors or chilling out, Mexico manages to tick all the boxes. It always influences the tourists to come back for more!

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