The Real World Animal Planet – Ocean Park, Honk Kong

The Real World Animal Planet – Ocean Park, Honk Kong

Ocean Park

WOW! It’s my Park. This theme park is really one of its kinds and will definitely make you say their tag line at the end of the day. Ocean Park is an elephantine amusement park. Situated in Wong Chuk Hang, a southern district in the Honk Kong city, the park comprises of an animal theme park, marine mammals exhibit, an adventure zone with roller coasters and so much more. Opened in the year 1977, by Sir Murray MacLehose (the then Governor), this park has made it to the list of the top 50 tourist attractions in the World. The entire park is divided into two parts on a broader scale, namely, the Summit and the Waterfront. The Summit is the dry rides and adventure zone area, while the Waterfront is the area where all the marine animals are displayed. The two parts of the park are connected by a cable car for the convenience of its visitors. It not only has aimed at enchanting their audience, but also, at intertwining fun and education. This has made them bag one of the most esteemed awards of the industry, the biannual Applause Award.

The Summit

Sea jelly spectacular       Pacific Pier OP

The highlands or the peak of the mountain encompasses the perilous rides of the park. With an astounding view and immense height the summit perfectly makes your eyes pop out of joy, excitement and thrill.  This section is further split up into five subsections; The Marine World, Thrill Mountain, Adventure Land, Polar Adventure and the Rainforest. Full of mind boggling things and escapades, this place makes you laugh and yell out simultaneously. The Sea Jelly Spectacular leaves the public awestruck with its large collection of jelly fish from all over the world and the atmosphere created with the soft music, lighting and special multimedia effects. The Pacific Pier takes you to the rocky mountain like habitat where in you can take a peek at the life style of the sea lions and seals. Interested in aquariums? Well then you found the right place; because this section has one of the largest fresh water aquariums (3500 sq. m.) which houses the rare Chinese sturgeons.

Thrill mountain    Garden of joy

As against these sections which sooth your soul, these other sections are made to freak you out to the core. The Dragon roller coaster; well the name says it all! It is a huge roller coaster which makes your soothed soul go bonkers. Then there is this Crazy Galleon, a ship that sweeps you to heights that you feel as if you are really floating in the air. There are many more rides like the Abyss, the Flying Swing etc. which help you feel light in your head. And all this while when you are crying out loud, your parents and folks who are not interested in doing the same can have a gala time at the Garden of Joy wherein, a landscaped sitting area is provided with lush green gardens, streams with multicolored Koi fish, and bridges.

polar adventure       rainforest OP

The Polar Adventure brings you to the Earth caps so as to witness the surreal and solitary world of the pacific walruses, spotted seals, snow owls and sea lions of the North Pole; and the penguins and arctic fox from the South Pole. The Rainforest section invites you to visit the phenomenal species of green anaconda, aracari, capybara etc. from the sub-tropical regions of the world. All in all, the Summit really takes you to the peaks of exhilaration and mirth.

The Waterfront

Grand aquarium OP   old honk kong

Suiting its name to a T, this zone ensures splashes of water all around you. The Waterfront splits up into three sections, Aqua City, Amazing Asian Animals and Whiskers Harbor. The superlative form of aquarium has the largest viewing dome of the world. Grand Aquarium shelters more than 4000 varieties of fish where one can take a walk through the Reef tunnel and Panaromic Ocean and admire its grandeur. Apart from the aquarium, the section also has a place called the Old Honk Kong. It features the culture, lifestyle and cuisines of Honk Kong from the 1950s to 1970s. it exhibits the replicas of the then famous tong-lau style architecture of the houses, tram cars, local street food and beverages and also the Edinburgh Place Ferry  Pier’s clock tower. The Sea Carousel and Waterfront Plaza are also one of its kinds and surely deserve a visit.

arctic fox    panda

The Amazing Asian Animals is very popular for the pandas that it houses. When you come here, do not forget to greet the park’s oldest two pandas An An and Jia Jia along with two monkeys Hu Hu and Le Le from Sichuan. Amazing Asian Animals also present you the striking species of gold fish, alligators, birds and small clawed otter.

Whiskers harbour op

Whiskers Harbor, I bet, is the most adored place of all the parents as they can let their kids enjoy and have some time for themselves. The tailor-made fairyland place for kids, the Whiskers Harbor has fun games for your little ones. Merry go round, Story corner, Clown a Round and so many more that the kids forget to cry that day! Don’t miss out on the Symbio, the world’s one and only 360 degree water screen.

Symbio Ocean Park

So, for spending your leisure time in a completely energy packed and invigorating way, I would advise you to visit this splendid park. A place for all age groups to get intoxicated, Ocean Park really makes you meet your extreme emotions of joy, fear and anxiety. Truly a superb experience of a lifetime!

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