Paint The Town Red: Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Paint The Town Red: Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World

Ferrari World

What is it that you like the most while travelling? Is it the luxury? Or the adventure and thrill? Or the splendid beauty. Obviously you want all the above in your tour but you know you cannot get it. Really? Can you not get a complete package of all the excitement, thrill, adventure, beauty and luxury? You Can! The Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi has made it possible for us. Ferrari World is located in the Yas Islands of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and is the largest indoor theme park of the world. The theme, as the name suggests is, the boss of all the brands, Ferrari. Everyone of us wish to own a Ferrari. Where some can, many cannot but the Ferrari World has made it possible for all of us to know what and how it feels to own a Ferrari. This has been made possible by various activities which take place in this park.

ferrrai world logo

The theme park is spread gigantically over a vast expanse of land with a tantalizing logo of Ferrari embellishing the roof of the building. As the fact states, this is the biggest Ferrari logo ever to be created in the world. The Ferrari World has a huge list of rides, incuding roller coasters as well. These rides are meant for the whole family and anyone can enjoy them. Besides, they also have special rides for the little ones so that they do not miss out any fun on their part. There is not just one center of attraction but many. Some of them are the Tyre Twist, the G Force, Paddock, V12, RED, Racing legends.


There is this Bell’Italia which means beautiful Italy section which is a kind of replica of the famous murals of Italy, myriad structures and racing locale. Not just this, as mentioned earlier this theme park also fullfills the desire of the tourists to own a Ferrari because they let the tourists drive the Ferrari 250 California Spyder model on a carved out path. Then there is a theatre called ‘Cinema Maravello’ which screens the yesteryear movies. It also has a special gallery which is obviously all about Ferrari. The point worth being noted here is that this gallery is the largest Ferrari Gallery in the world, offering anything and everything a person would want pertaining to this magnificent brand.

Junior GT

The special section for the little ones include Junior GT, Junior Grand Prix and Junior Training Camp. The Junior Grand Prix provides race schooling and it has specially designed child sized Ferraris for the children to drive. On the other hand Junior GT is the driving school for children. Junior Training Camp outwins the other two because it has the miniature form of Ferrari which the children can drive for fun in a vast playground area. It also has little foam models of the Ferrari cars which the children play with.


If we consider the thrill and the adventure element then there is no second thought in assigning this place the first position on account of the kind of roller coaster rides it has. It has the famous Scuderia challenge, the Fiorano GT Challenge and the Formula Rossa. Formulla Rossa is a hydraulically launched roller coaster and not to forget it is the largest roller coaster this world has ever had. These rides are no less than a treat to the eyes of the Ferrari lovers because they exhibit every single detail of what Ferrari stands on today.

speed of magic

Another special feature of attraction over here is the ‘Speed of Magic’. It is a 4D fantastical dreamland which portrays a chase of the rider behind a mischevious brat, Nello. The story goes on with Nello stealing the keys of his father’s newly bought Ferrari. The riders have to chase him to get the keys back. This chase is not an ordinary chase because Ferrari in this ride goes to everywhere a normal Ferrari will not go. Be it the dry deserts, the gamboling waterfalls, craggy snow- capped mountains and hilly roads. You completely get involved and a point of time comes when you completely forget you are playing ‘just a video game’ because even the temperature keeps on fluctuating with the places that Nello goes. Even your leaps and falls seem to be real.

cinema maravello

Although Ferrari World is a theme park but the things which people get to see on coming here force them to ponder a little over the advancement of technology and then quiet for a long time over the hard labour, out of the box ideas, and dedication of the workers under this big brand Ferrari because it is the coming together of these elements which has made Ferrari what it is today. On the other hand, this theme park also gives people to get the ‘Ferrari experience’ because not everyone can afford to have one. At the same time the Ferrari World gives a close idea to the Ferrari fans about the working of this brand. It also gives an essence of the aesthetics of Italy.

ferrari gallery

To combine it in a nutshell, the Ferrari World has everything that a tourist looks for and wants. Our day to day lives force us on the gunpoint of perjury but the universal truth is that all of us do need a break because we are, but human beings. Ferrari World is that one place which can give you immense pleasure and at the same time fullfill our insatiable desires of owning a Ferrari.

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