Osaka: The Venice of Japan

Osaka: The Venice of Japan

The third most populous city of Japan (after Tokyo and Yokohama) is Osaka and is a very large metropolitan area located in the Kansai region in Honshu, which is the most important island of japan. It is geographically located at the mouth of river Yodo on Osaka Bay. The city can be accessed by water, by roads, rails and by air. Thus, Osaka is one the commercial centres of Japan and places an important role in Japan’s economy. For those visiting Japan, Osaka is must visit.

How to Reach Osaka?

The nearest international airport to Osaka is the Kansai International Airport. From there, you have domestic flights to Osaka International Airport or Itami Airport which will take you to Osaka monorail. But that will be expensive and the better option is to choose from the two railways that run till inside the city – JR West’s Kansai Airport Line and Nankai Electric Railway. If you enjoy the railway journey and want to take a train, then there are Takaido and Sanyo Shinkansen trains that will take you to the Shin-Osaka station which will connect to the main city through Midosuji subway.

Get around in Osaka:


When you are in Osaka and you want to travel from one destination to another, there are the best plans arranged by the city for you. There are Kansai Travel Passes which are used for those who want to explore Osaka and Kansai region. Some other tickets that will be useful for you are ICOCA smart card for rail and subways, Unlimited Kintetsu Rail Pass valid for five days providing unlimited travelling by rail, Wide Kintetsu Rail pass, Osaka unlimited pass, Osaka one day pass, etc. These passes and their privileges are restricted in certain regions and boundaries. Another choice is to use the subway system. After Tokyo, the subway system of Osaka is the most extensive network in Japan. The subway system is mostly built underground in the city to get around at any landmark in the city.

The monument speaking of History: Osaka Castle:


The Osaka castle is the best sight in whole city. It was built under of the Hideyoshi Toyotomi some years after 600 AD. Some rocks and foundations which dated 643 AD were recreated by using concrete. The castle that is seen today is not what it used to look like back then. It is not the same historic monument that you might expect to see. Instead, it is more modern with all the concrete rework done on the castle. It has been burnt and rebuilt many times. It was declared as the Special Historical Site in 1955 by the Japanese government. There is a park around the castle which is also equally popular among tourists. When you visit the castle in the cherry blossom season, the view from outside is pretty awesome and amazing beautiful.

Universal Studios Japan:


The second largest theme park in Japan is the Universal Studios Japan. In the Category of the Movie-themed Park, it is the biggest in the world. Here, a lot of movies and their heroes are recreated to form exciting rides, attractions and also there are many live Hollywood shows. You can find a lot of your favorite movies like the Terminator, Shrek, Jurassic Park, Spiderman, Back to the future, Snoopy, etc. in the park. You can have dubbing over your most loved character from some movie. This is very exciting even for locals and for the tourists.

The Tower reaching Heaven:


The Tsutenkaku tower of Japan symbolizes the modern architecture in Osaka. Originally, this tower was made and designed after the very famous Eiffel Tower in the year 1912. But during the World War II, it was torn down and rebuilt in 1956. The present tower has a height of 103 meters. The tower is one of its kinds. The clock of this tower is the biggest clock of this type in the entire country of Japan. Also, the Tsutenkaku Tower is the first building to implement round elevators in the world. There are bands of lights on the top of the tower which are in fact a weather forecast system; the residents will know the expected weather of coming day by the color of the band that falls over their residency. All these features of the tower make it one unique attraction and pride of Osaka as well as of Japan.

Like America:


Amerikamura or ‘Ame-mura’ (Meaning: American Village) is the area in Osaka which is dedicated to entertainment. This is located in the Minami District of Osaka and is a very famous spot for locals and visitors. There are many retailers in the area and it is, therefore, the fashion street and hangout centre for Japanese youth and they have nicknamed the area as the “Little America”. There are many night clubs and shops in the area that are visited by the tourists as well as the Japanese.

Apart from the above mentioned places, the Osaka city is full of attractions and tourist places. There is the Osaka Science Museum and Osaka Museum of History which are the great places to take your kids and also you yourself can learn about the history and science of Osaka. There are a lot of places for the visitors and the classic Japanese food is at its best here in Osaka.

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