Mozambique : Africa’s hidden paradise

Mozambique : Africa’s hidden paradise

Mozambique is the country located on Indian Ocean coast which is near Southern Africa. This place has South Africa to its south, Tanzania to its north and other borders of Malawi, Zambia Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Officially, the country is called Republic of Mozambique. The Mozambique Channel separates the country with Madagascar. The capital of Mozambique is Maputo which is also the largest city in the country. The area of this country was first explored by Vasco da Gama in the year 1498 and this country was later under the colonial rule of Portuguese. But later in history, it turned into a republic by holding the multiparty elections in the year 1994 and since then, it has been the presidential republic till today. The country is economically efficient because of the rich and excessive natural resources. Also, agriculture, food and beverage industries, chemical manufacturing, aluminum production and petroleum production play equally important role in the country’s economy.

National Parks and Reserves:


The country has a lot of national parks and reserves as the land is rich with forests, flora and fauna. The most famous park is the Gorongosa National Park. This has a lot of species of vegetation and animals. The attractions here are the elephants and lions. There are more than 400 bird species. They offer safari camps for the tourists and visitors. Other very famous forest reserve is the Niassa Reserve which is across an area of 42 thousand square meters. There are Miombo forests, savannah forests and wetlands. The Melulas Mountain is also located in this reserve which is 1,411 meters tall. Another is the Maputo Special Reserve, which was earlier known as Maputo Elephant Reserve. And in the South Mozambique, you can also visit Limpopo National Park. Both, the Maputo Special Reserve and Limpopo National Park are very popular among the visitors because they offer safaris. The raw African Safari experience that you get here is very unique and is unavailable anywhere else on earth but here.



Pemba is a combination of many things. It is one of the most popular tourist places in Mozambique. The best part of this place is the local market there. You can buy many things here which include handicrafts, souvenirs, etc. The specialty here is the colorful art which is for sale in the market of Pemba. Apart from shopping, Pemba is also known for the water sports. The nearby coast allows a lot of fun activities in water. Also, there are coral reefs just near the coast which makes a very good place for diving. All of these make Pemba a popular tourist attraction and anyone going to Mozambique must visit Pemba once for all the unique shopping, water actives and sports which also include rare spots of diving.



The beaches are the heartbeats of Mozambique. Mozambique is world famous for the lovely and beautiful beaches which gives you relaxation and adventure at the same time ironically. The beaches are all different from the beaches in the corners of the world because they offer diving as well. The most popular beach in the country is Ponto do Ouro which is located in the south Mozambique. You can witness a lot of dolphins here and the beach is very much suitable for swimming. Other beaches include Bilene located in the north of Maputo and some on Chidenguele and Vilanculos. Quissico is the one place where you will find one of the country’s best beach views. Tofo Beach is also popular for scuba diving.

Bazaruto Archipelago:


This Archipelago is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in, not just the country, not just in African continent, but in the whole world. The whole are comprises of five idyllic beautiful islands. The whole area is protected by national park and conservation area. The conserved and protected area also covers the coral reefs and marine life that surrounds the island. This is one of the biggest national parks in the region of Indian Ocean. It is commonly known as the ‘Pearl of Indian Ocean’. You can see sand dunes spread throughout the Archipelago and lakes of saline water inhabiting a lot of seabird species. There are deserted sandy beaches shadowed with cashew nut and orange trees, hiding in the villages, spread mile after mile along the island’s coastline. The coral reefs in this area are the home to a variety of coral species and fishes and marine mammals. Another thing to visit in Bazaruto Archipelago is the Vilankulo Ruins. They are located outside on the main highway to Inchope. In Bazaruto Archipelago, you can do multiple activities like scuba diving, Dhow safari, game fishing (area in Eastern Indian Ocean known as best Black Marlin site), Horse safari, yacht rides, etc. It is a very beautiful place and adds to the beauty of the country.

Almost everything mentioned above focuses on how beautiful and amazing the country of Mozambique is and how extremely natural combination of land and water on earth can look so marvelous. The visit to Mozambique will be one of the most unforgettable and most amazing experiences of life. Holidays are well spent if spent in this part of the world.

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