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Where movie and its characters come to life and get you from reel life of theirs in real life! Warner brothers Movie world is one of Australia most popular theme park, in the city of Gold Coast, Queensland. Opened in June 1991, the movie related theme park is entertaining and serving its visitors with all the fun packed adventure, rides, parades, live shows and lots more of fascination.

movie world, stars paradeAccording to the Warner Bros. movie world is a place where excitement and magic of a world, where movies come to life. Movie world has all for the people of all age group. Along with the adventure rides, there are many other shows and things to do for people who don’t prefer rides for some of the reasons. Movie world is designed in a manner that one can lost their selves in the world of movies, specially their favorites. A holiday is not complete to gold coast without a visit to Movie world, where there are lots of thriller activities for youngsters, kids play zone and rides for smaller ones and with various live performances and parades going on complete family fun.

There are various interactive shows like star streets parade, in which characters come live and parade for you in their very own movie avatar. Starting from 3.30 pm, one can get to see all -star avatars like looney tunes characters and heroes, batman, superman and other DC heroes, villains, Scooby doo, bugs bunny, mystery gang etc. starting from the Big screen parade will go till main street and return, here ones get a chance to click photographs with those famous Warner Bros. movie characters and a chance to interact them. Visitors with age of any group won’t live a chance to interact with them.

There are various live shows and performances which goes on in the movie world. One needs to check the timings prior the day of visiting to make sure that they don’t miss any exciting shows. The general show which takes place are Hollywood stunt driver2, Journey to the center of the earth 2 in 4d, which fascinates the visitors with the 4d venture and experience. Batman- shadows of Gotham, Scooby-Doo, disco detectives and star parade are the few of the shows and live performance. The shows though change within the period of times. There are various cars inside the movie world, which are used in the used in movies, movie world

Arkhum asylum, the one in its kind is only found in Movie world. It’s a super thrill ride which will that speeds up at 85km and as the ride starts, with five different electrifying inversions one will spin and twist by pulling 4.2Gs apart from the technical part one will come across with all the criminal minds who is trying to pest Gotham city. With the villains like Joker, Harley, Quinn and killer crook it needs a brave and strong heart to experience the adventure ride thrill.arkhum asylum

Green Lantern Roller Coaster is a new roller coaster in Movie world which will let one experience the steepest inverted drop of the southern hemisphere. Wide west falls adventure rides offers one to explore the thrill through the ghost towns, geysers, indian villages etc. the thrill of falling down of a 20m height in the speed of 70km/hr directly into the water is an adventure one should not miss on. Batwing space shot is near the entrance of the Movie world which is one of the high adrenalin ride along with the green lantern coaster and superman escape which with the same amount of 4.5G will go straight up and down again in real speed.batwing space ride

Road Runner Roller coaster, is another ride though with not much thrill as others, but a good option for mid age kids. Superman escape is one of the thrilling roller coaster ride of Movie World. The super adventure ride is based on Superman rescuing a train in the middle of an earthquake, with the super-fast speed of 0 to 100km/h in freaking only 2seconds. The thrill along with the stretch of 760 metres of ups and downs along with all twist and turns is a reall adventurous thriller ride to try for. Scooby Doo Spooky coaster is another fun filled coaster based on the movie shoot, with lots of spooky ghosts and creatures coming across. These were few of the rides for elders with a brave hearts.superman roller coaster ride

For kids, features a magical cartoon world with all famous looney tunes characters like bugs bunny, daffy duck, tweety, porky pig etc. with rides like Yosemite sam railroad, looney tunes carousel, tweety and sylvester cages, Tijuana taxis, looney tune splash zone etc.kidzone, movie world

There are many restaurants available inside the Movie world offering all meals and there are many ice crème parlors and pasterie shops. Thus refreshment and food is not a tension one inside the Movie world. With lots of shops selling toys and items of the movie characters, movie world becomes a perfect destination for one day indulgence.

Movie world is accessed by roads, located in Pacific Motorway, Gold coast, Queensland.  It’s around 45-60mins route from Gold coast and around 90mins from Brisbane airport. There are local transports and other private vehicles available for Movie world. Movie world also provides transfers with the prior bookings. There are many accommodation options available near Movie world and in Gold Coast.

An experience to Movie world is thus worth with all the memories which will last life- long.

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