Montreal- The City of Saints

Montreal- The City of Saints

Montreal, also known as ‘Ville de Montreal’, is the metropolis city in the province of Quebec, in Canada. Montreal is the largest city in the province region and second largest in the whole Canada. It was originally known “Ville-Marie” which means ‘city of Mary’. The city is very lively and active and is a very reputed one in North America. It has rich history and is wonderfully cultured and well-reputed city. After Paris, this is the largest city which speaks French as a mother-tongue.

How to reach here?

The best way to reach this fully cultured city is by air. The planes from almost everywhere in the world can land at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport. From this airport, you can easily take a taxi to the city centre which will take you not more than hour. To enter the city by car, you will have to take the Highway 401 route from Toronto. You can also enter by the Highway 417 from Ottawa. There are other national highways and routes that can be taken. Tourists can take trains to reach this place also. The trains will halt at the Montreal Central Station which is not at all away from the city. You can also come by bus which will reach the Station Centrale d’autobus. And once you reach the city, you can take the tour of the city by all the means including the inter-city trains and buses and the usual taxis, cars, metro or even bike.

Gothic Church:


The most significant sight in the entire Montreal-Vieux region is the Basilique Notre-Dame which is a Catholic Church. This church is a thriving sight and stunning Gothic architecture of the exteriors will blow your mind. The interior reflects the medieval style which is evident in the walnut-wooden carvings, stars on a blue ceiling made of 24 carat gold, the exquisite glass windows, etc. The fine art paintings, hanged in the nave, are all the work of masters of art and the Chapelle du Sacre-Coeur is also very impressive and is located behind the altar. It was designed in between 1824 and 1829, by James O’Donnell who was an Irish architect. The church is the most spectacular church in the city and is treated as gem of the city. Apart from this, Vieux Port of the Old Montreal is very famous. The Vieux Port or the Old Port is the waterfront space covered in green and occupying a large space. This place houses many beautiful attractions of the city like the Cirque du Soleil, the Labyrinth, the Montreal Science Centre, the Clock Tower, the outdoor stage which is a very large audio-visual site used by the Canada Day Fireworks.



The Old Montreal houses a lot of museums of art and history. The Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum and Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel is the most famous attraction out of all. This monument is the oldest church built in 1655 by stones. There are many artifacts in this chapel that reflects the history of the church. Another museum is the one which is built on the ruins of the times of the Montreal’s first settlement and is named as Pointe a Calliere. The remains and archeological ruins are used to narrate the historical story of the place from the first settlers till today. Centre d’Histoire de Montreal is the museum built in a place where there used to be a fire station during the 1900s. This building will explain each and every significant even of history from 1535 which is when it was founded.

Montreal Science Centre:


The ultra-modern architecture of Montreal is evident from this particular monument known by the name Montreal Science Centre. This place is a science museum which is situated on the King Edward Pier, on the Old Port. It was founded in 2000 and was named as iSci Centre initially. But in 2002, the name of this building was changed to the present name. There a lot of interactive exhibitions based on science and latest scientific technologies available in the centre. There is an IMAX theatre as well. The whole building and its parts are managed by the Montreal Corporation, Government of Canada.

Other Attractions:


One of the very famous attractions of Montreal is the Rialto Theatre which is known for the perfectly proportionate building and is designed to be the most elegant and iconic mark on the land of Montreal. This place is used as a centre for open and exclusive performances of arts, plays and presentations in multiple languages and multicultural themes and for demonstration of the past events on this presently grounded theatre. Many events, plays, movies and bands have used this centre as a means to reach the audience. All those visiting Montreal must also see the Downtown Skyscrapers which includes a lot of malls and underground arcades which are located under the connected blocks occupying more than 30 km of roads. There are a lot of parks pout of which the most famous and mostly visited one is Parc Jean-Drapeau which was originally the site where World’s Fair was conducted in 1967. There is a outdoor venue for concerts in this place amidst all the green spaces. An artificial beach can be found nearby and also the Montreal Casino is situated nearby this park.

All in all, the place is one of the best cities of Canada and is a must visit for all those who are traveling to Canada for a vacation.

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