The Modern Metropolis of Calgary, Canada

The Modern Metropolis of Calgary, Canada

Located in the province of Alberta where the Rivers Bow and Elbow confluence, the city of Calgary is a part of the prairies and foothills. This city is located right in front of the Canadian Rockies and this city now has a population of about 10 Lakh people. Some of the other places in the world have a particular field of area to concentrate on, but this city has a lot of things to do such as tourism, aerospace, health, retail, logistics and transportation. As these many opportunities being provided to the people of the city, the economy of the country is also in a high and the GDP of the country is reflects back on its people. The city has a climatic condition wherein it snows heavily. This led to the city hosting the first ever winter Olympics in the year 1988.


One of the primary sources of money to people in Calgary is through employment in the Oil fields. It wasn’t a huge business then but since the inception of foreign power and the ever increasing need for oil and energy in the world, the oil markets soared thus giving an opportunity to the people in Calgary. It was in the year1947 that the first major excavation for oil started and then subsequently, the Arab Oil Embargo in the year 1973 led to the economic boom. During this time, the city was feeling the heat as the real estate rates skyrocketed and the city was starting to get a rich sense with the skyscrapers.

The flora and fauna In Calgary is one which has to be awed at. The city corporation has taken several initiative to keep the green cover alive even with the rapid expansion and development. The northern limit of the city has the Rocky Mountain Doughlas-fir and the conifer that is widespread with the White Spruce, both are a wonderful sight to watch, thanks again to the maintenance that is taken up by the government.


With the lowest rate of unemployment and the one of the highest GDP in the entire country, the city raises its head to show its power in the oil and gas industry that it boasts about. Because of the economic strength that it has got, this city is regarded as a global city in the economic map by the Globalisation and World Cities Research Network. The city has a rich lifestyle and it is voted as the best city in the economy category in the whole country. Some of the biggest players in the oil and gas market such as Shell, Nexen, BP Etc. are the major players in this city.


Not only the economy, but he city also scores in the cultural heritage part of it. The city has a wide range of cultures and the diverse nature of the city is a stand-tall point to not only the city, but to the entire nation as well. The restaurants and the stores that the city has is a classical example of the rich cultural heritage. The city is known for its richness in fine arts such as dance and music. The Alberta Ballet company is one of the largest in North America and it is well recognised for its artists all around the world.


The public squares, cultural venues, bars and restaurants are more or less than main centres of attraction in the city. The Calgary zoo is an important place of interest and people set out to the Convection centre where there are a lot of things to do in the weekends. Sporting in the city has always been on a high and sporting on ice is always a thing of interest to Canadians. Due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Winter Sports in the country is always on a high and the occurrence of the Winter Olympics in the year1988 is an example of its might in the sport. Infrastructure for this sports is great as there is the Canada Olympic Park and the Olympic Oval, both of which provide best in class facilities to the athletes. Some of the popular sports that are followed in and around the city are Ski Jumping, Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding and Luge to name a few. As a matter of fact, Calgary even hostel the World Water Ski Championship in the year 2009.

Transportation to this city is an easy task as most of the air services provide access to this city. Being one of the busiest Airports in Canada, this Airport also plays the role of an important Air Space. The Trans-Canada Highway is one of the best Highways in the world and provides connectivity of other major cities to this city. The Royal Canadian Pacific mainline provides connectivity via railway to the city. The Calgary Transit also provides travel facilities within the city and it is the best possible way for to commute within the city since the traffic in the city can go haywire during the peak hours. Therefore, if you wish to have a good time with your loved ones in the urban part of the country, then the one stop destination would definitely Calgary.

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