Malawi: The Warm Heart of Africa

Malawi: The Warm Heart of Africa


This African country is quite popular because of the presence of the third largest lake of Africa. The country of Malawi is also regarded as the “Warm Heart of Africa” by the tourists because of the friendliness of the local people of this country. This famous lake is big enough and runs along the eastern borders of the country. The well known cities of this country are Liongwe, Limbe, Blantyre, Mzuzu, Mangochi, Karonga, Zomba, Nkhotakota, Monkey Bay and Nkhata Bay. Malawi is known for its vibrant and colourful cities and welcoming and friendly people. Tourists who visit this country get engaged with the local people of this country very soon. They find it really awesome to spend some quality time living in the villages also. For the people who want to visit the colourful cities of Malawi, some popular destinations in Malawi are Cape Maclear, Ntchisi Forest Reserve, Likoma and Chisumulu Islands, Mount Mulanje, Zomba Plateau, Liwonde National Park, Nyika National Park and Majete Wildlife Park. Apart from these places there are many other awesome places to visit also.


The first and foremost attraction of Malawi is the Lake Malawi National Park which is indeed adjoining the 3rd largest lake of Africa. It is actually a national park which is located on the southern shores of the Lake Malawi. The aquatic habitats and the fishes are protected in this Lake Malawi National Park. Some islands which surround the Lake Malawi are included in this Lake Malawi National Park; so we can say that the Lake Malawi National Park includes a large area of land under it. The famous and huge Baobab tree was also located in this Lake Malawi National Park which is reportedly 800 years old tree. The park is also known for the five graves of early missionaries of Africa. Because of its beauty and popularity in Africa, it was also named as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1984.


The next park is the lively one where people can find many animals walking freely unlike Lake Malawi National Park where one can only enjoy the old flora. The name of this park is Liwonde National Park which is situated in Limbe. The actual location of this place is 6km from the city of Liwonde. This famous park play hostage to many animal species; some of them are crocodiles, elephants, hippopotamus, kudu, impala, waterbuck, buffalo and some other mammals also. In total there are 400 bird species that can be found in this park. On the main lodge of this park accommodations and even game viewing such as drivers, canoe/boat trips and walking tours.


Another interesting place other than the national parks is Chongoni Rock Art Area which is situated in the main central region of Malawi.  This Chongoni Rock Art Area has a total of 127 sites under its wide area which is full of forested hills covering the Malawi Plateau.  The Chongoni Rock Art Area is decorated with lots of paintings and rock art that belongs to the farmer community of the earlier Iron Age period and Late Stone Age.  The rock arts are in innovative granite formations and are even depict the hunter gatherer community named Batwa who were the famous people of the Stone Age period.  The name of the farming community was Chewa which was from the Iron Age period. In the year 2006, the place was also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Chichiri Museum is the popular Malawi Museum which is situated in Chichiri just beside its civic centre of Blantyre. The displays of this museum are focused on ethnology collection and natural history collection.  The special facilities provided by the museum to its visitors are the guided tours of the museum, traditional dancers, lectures, contemporary music, film screenings, drama, and some music related excursions also. Additionally, a number of mobile museum programmes are being supported by the museum authorities and they are being featured separately as a part of Museum’s Education Department. They are doing this for a cause to support child education in rural areas. Thus, the museum also supports some charities also which is a unique thing.


After Lake Malawi, Lake Chilwa, located in the eastern Zomba District, is second on the list of the largest lakes in Malawi. The entire lake is approximately 40 km wide and 60 km long. This lake is accompanied with extensive wetlands that surround the lake. According to the sources over 335 neighboring villages with in total 60,000 people living are engaged in fishing the Chilwa Lake. David Livingstone visited this lake in the year 1859 and he pointed the fact that the lake has grown 20 miles longer than it was before.  The lake is very beautiful to look at.

Apart from sightseeing, Malawi is famous for boat activities and water sports also because of the presence lakes and oceans which serve as great diving sites.  People are also involved in many outdoor activities such as trekking, mountain biking etc especially in the terrain and highland areas. Looking at the varied landscape of Malawi is interesting and eye pleasing. The very much well known Star International Music Festival is also a thing among people to look forward to.  People even prefer to visit the country during this festival which happens between the months of September and October. With so many attractions and pleasing places this country is surely a must visit one.

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