Magnificent Minnesota

Magnificent Minnesota


With the state motto as ‘The star of the North’, this state of USA is located in the Midwest on the northern boundaries. Minnesota (meaning clear water) is covered with the elegance of nature throughout. With crystal clear waters and forest in abundance, this place has always been remarkable for recreational purposes. Known for the Scandinavian American culture, the state has a highly educated population. A land of 10,000 lakes as a few call it, Minnesota is one joy ride for the people who love outdoor fun and natural beauty.

water skiing

An explicit place blessed with the astounding flora and the wide range of the wildlife it has, the state also serves as a good place for nature tours, picnics and family outings. Especially known for its water sports like water skiing, boating, canoeing and fishing the state has many other things in store for you. Even the ice cannot stop the people of Minnesota from going out and having a fun time. And hence you can thoroughly enjoy the ice fishing, ice skating, hockey games etc. when its winters here.


If the aim of your vacation is to laze around in your bed and look at the scenic view of a lake outside then you can always get a nice resort in Minnesota. With most of them being smaller ones, there are a few luxurious resorts which provide you with the lavish services of spa, golf course, suites, gourmet restaurants etc. the others here go easy on your wallet and at the same time give all possible comforts to you. The small cabins are usually located around the water bodies and have an amazing view and atmosphere surrounding the cabin. So you can always stick to your bed and book, encompassed by the fresh breeze form nature.


Wining and dining is your forte? then you will find numerous places in Minnesota which offer you a vibrant variety of taste tickling wines from old to new and dining experiences which carry you to food paradise. Listed in the top 10 in the whole country for its beer, Minnesota offers you some of the best wines. Making it more fun, the breweries and wineries host fests and events where tasting and touring the entire process of how the celestial drink is made can be done. For an ecstatic dining experience, the state has an array of mind blowing restaurants which serve food that starts from the heart of Minnesota’s traditional food to international cuisines. You are surely become greedy here when you taste the food.


People interested in gaming are also won over by this place as it offers so much to do. An outdoor gaming session can involve fishing and hunting. The fishing goes on throughout the year while hunting can be done during the fall, following its tradition. With multi-species freshwater fish available as prey fishing always sounds an exciting catch for people crazy about fish. On the other hand small games that can be hunted include the pheasants, turkey and waterfowl. Golf courses are in abundance in the state and find special attention from the followers of this game. The state also shelters a few casinos and gaming zones for the indoor game people.

Ice fishing

Snow is equivalent to a gleeful and chirpy weather here because of the rides and games offered here. Snowshoeing through the forest or dog-sleigh ride or simply skiing; the entire family has a great chance to let go off and slide through the snows like a kid. Cross-country skiing provision is made here during the winters when you want to simply slide and sway gracefully and stylishly on the ice floor and flaunt your skills. Besides these, one finds the snowmobile trails throughout the place in a large number. Ice fishing is a strong tradition and is followed religiously every year in the state.


Summers see more of hiking and road trips, when in Minnesota. The hiking is mostly recommended with a guide to show you around safely as well as take you to your required destination from the safest path possible. An awesome expedition with your ways flanked by lush green trees, and the smell of the nature you feel energized and fresh even after a steep climb. There are a lot of theaters as well for the art and drama adoring heads.

Mall of America

A vacation is incomplete without a souvenir of that place; and for a souvenir you need to go shopping. For all those who indulge in the sin of shopping and love it from the core, Minnesota will prove to be a dreamland for you. The range starts from local small boutiques to humungous malls and the most famous Mall of America in Bloomington. With no sales tax on clothing and shoes, you are lured to enter into a shopping spree where you get buried in heaps of clothes without even disturbing your budget plans. Isn’t that a good enough reason to get more and more of this state?

An open and welcoming place Minnesota shows its grandeur through the generous and warm amicability entwined with the enthralling and spell binding experiences it has lined up for the guests. Undoubtedly the place leaves a smile on your face as you go exploring the placidness of this locale.

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