The Land less traveled, Zimbabwe

The Land less traveled, Zimbabwe

ZimbabweZimbabwe is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa surrounded by the countries namely Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. It is a land of diversity full of natural wonders and unrivalled natural beauty. This country is made up of plateaus and many beautiful sceneries. It also has a diverse range of landscapes ranging from mountainous terrains to grasslands. This country also boasts of numerous attractions ranging from national parks, historical sites, waterfalls, heritage monuments to the beautiful rivers. This is a land where nature can be experienced first-hand. This place also has an intriguing history that provides depth and meaning. The mixture of botanical gardens, sanctuaries and wild safaris make it a paradise for the tourists. Also the people in this country are very warm and friendly and always ready to welcome the tourists with a smile and an excellent service. Thus, this country comprises gorgeous sceneries, remarkable African culture and adventurous safaris which make this place worth a visit for every traveler.


The transportation in this country is excellent and thus one wouldn’t have a problem in travelling around or even getting in the country. The national airline of this country is Air Zimbabwe that operates direct and indirect flights to the capital city, Harare. All the international flights land and take off from the Harare International Airport. Another option to travel is by train that arrives and departs thrice a week between Bulawayo in Zimbabwe and Francistown in Botswana which takes about six hours. You can also travel by car and busses as the roads are well connected to all its neighboring countries.


Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is one of the largest parks in Zimbabwe located between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. It is the biggest park amongst the eight parks in Zimbabwe and is famous for its diversity in flora and fauna. There are more than 100 species of animals and about 400 species of birds. It is also the biggest game reserve in Zimbabwe. It is one of the elephant sanctuaries in Africa having thousands of Elephants. Overnight Camping is also allowed in the park at some of the picnic spots.

Hwange National Park

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

This is a complex of ruins and is the remains of one of the greatest African civilizations built by Shona speakers between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. It was once the centre of vast empire known as the Munhumutapa Empire. This is the largest ruins in the Sub-Saharan Africa which covers almost 1800 acres of land. There are three architectural groupings namely the Hill complex, Valley complex and the great enclosure built with dry stone techniques. It has also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 1986.

Great_Zimbabwe ruins

Victoria Falls

This is a famous tourist destination for both the adventure lovers as well as the sight seekers. Victoria Falls is the most amazing sight in the world which is twice as all as the Niagara Falls and many times longer too. Although this is not the highest, widest not does it have the greatest volume of water but it is definitely a sight not to be missed by anyone. There are many adventure activities conducted here like canoeing and white water rafting on the river above the falls. There are also many sunset cruises on the Zambezi River above the falls which provide a mesmerizing view of the sunset.


Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park is located in the North of Zimbabwe on the south of the Zambezi River. This park is spread over a land of 2500 square kilometers. It welcomes the safari lovers with an abundance of elephants, hippopotamuses, giraffes and many other animals and over 300 bird species. It has countries biggest population of Hippopotamuses and crocodiles as well as of Elephants and buffaloes. This place has many beautiful landscapes. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mana Pools national Park

Lake Kariba

This lake is located in the town of Kariba on the northern border of Zimbabwe. This is a very famous tourist destination and attracts many travelers. This is also the biggest source of hydro electric power for Zimbabwe. It is a great place for fishing and to enjoy the wild life that visits the shores of this lake. The most famous way of traveling on this lake is by hiring a houseboat. These houseboat tours can take about five days with an evening to be spent camping on the shore of this lake.

lake kariba

In addition to the above places there are many more places that can be visited here like the city of Harare which is the largest and also the capital city of Zimbabwe. Harare has many things to offer and is worth a visit. The Eastern Highlands offer some of the most beautiful sceneries. These lush cloudy mountains form the border with Mozambique. There is a village nearby called Chimanimani which is very popular with the tourists and the walkers. Matobo is another place located in the south west of Bulawayo which boasts of some amazing rock formations. Many rocks are found balancing in ways that would defy logic. This area also has two dams which is a picnic spot amongst tourists. Thus, Zimbabwe is a beautiful place with some of the most stunning landscapes, waterfalls, forests, historical monuments which is a must visit.

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