Knysna- Garden Route’s Jewel

Knysna- Garden Route’s Jewel

Knysna is a beautiful town which is located in South Africa. The total population of the town is said to be 51,078. The place is considered to be a part of Garden Route. The town is 72 kilometres (in east direction) far from a well known town named George Plettenberg Bay is just 25 Kilometres away from this town. The languages used in this area are Afrikaans, Xhosa, and English. These are the widely used languages of this area. The climatic conditions of Knysna are somewhat similar to the climatic conditions of Mediterranean regions. In summers the area is remarkably hot while in winters the area remains chill. In summer the average temperature is 25 degree Celsius whereas in winters the average temperature is not more than 16 degree Celsius.  The place is said to be quite green and the percentage of rainfall at this place is quite high. In any month you can visit this place and so it is one among the most popular tourist’s destinations. Knysna Oyster festival is the biggest event of this town. The festival is scheduled in the month of June. Ten days is the time period for this festival. Apart from this festival Knysna schedules many other events like the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras (beginning May and end April), Gastronomica Lifestyle Festival (September), and Rastafarian Earth Festival. The Gastronomica Lifestyle Festival is celebrated for the promotion of healthy living. And Rastafarian Earth Festival is celebrated to enjoy the lifestyle, culture, and religion of Rastafarian.

Animal Encounters


If you are animal lover then you will definitely love this place. There are many animal encounter places which are present in this town. Knysna Elephant Park is the best place to see elephants. The place is said to have a large number of elephants. In this park elephant roam around freely. You can watch them doing their stuff. Guides are also available at this place. Tours are arranged in this park to interact with elephants. You can interact with all the elephant in that park. You can meet all the elephant and you can also feed them. Accommodations are also available to tourists in this park. Apart from this there is one more place where you can find animals. The name of the place is Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness centre. This is a wonderful place which is located in Plettenberg Bay. The place is specifically made of all the wild cats like leopards, Cheetahs, servals, captive bred cheetahs, black footed cat, and African wild cat. There is a semi natural environment which is created for all these species. Tours are arranged for tourists to see these animals. The duration of the tour is about one hour. You can find many other animals here like blue cranes, marabou storks, and Meerkats.




This place is also famous for its beautiful and incredible beaches. There are a large number of beaches in knysna. The beaches are popular for fishing, swimming, surfing, and walking. The others side of this beach is equipped with many facilities like toilets and BBQ. You can enjoy both the sides of the beach. The Bollard beach is considered to be very safe for swimming. The Bollard beach is quite popular for the sand castles.


Golf Courses

golf courses

Knysna can be a choice destination for golfers also. It has three famous and huge golf courses. The most famous golf course is Pezula Championship Golf Course. The place is popular because of its exotic location. From this particular point in Knysna, you can enjoy the views of the Indian Ocean as well as the Knysna Lagoon. The place is also famous because when it was started in 2001, Golf Digest awarded this place as the “best new golf course” of the world. The Knysna golf course is designed in Parkland Fashion where you find indigenous trees along with pools having heavy tides and blowing winds at Knysna lagoon shores.

Natural reserves

nature reserve

This place is also rich in natural reserves. There are two main nature reserves in this town which invites tourists for an amazing experience of unspoiled environment rich in flora and fauna. The first and foremost nature reserve that one should visit is the Featherbed Nature Reserve. From the Knsyna lagoon, there is a ferry trip available which can take you to the featherbed nature reserve. Here you can find the ancient Khoi Khoi caves after a walk of 1.3 miles along the coastal forest. The second popular nature reserve in Knysna is Steenbok Nature Reserve. This natire reserve surrounds the Leisure Island of Knysna. This nature reserve is also equipped with many other facilities like nature walk, indigenous garden and also interpretive boardwalk.


Knysna is a beautiful tourist’s destination. The place has many tourist attractions which people should visit if they are going to Knysna.apart from those mentioned above, other attractions of Knysna include Knysna Heads,  Garden route(Tsitsikamma, knysna, Wilderness) National Park, Outeniqua Transport Museum, Buffalo Bay,  Breton On sea, Margaret’s Viewpoint, Elephant Walk, Garden Of Eden, Drupkelders Hiking Trail, Circles in the Forest, Goukamma Nature Reserve, Bollard Bay, Spitzkop Viewpoint, Gerickes Point, Pledge Natural Reserve, Prince Alfred Pass, & Passes Scenic Drive, Sedgefield Classic cars, The Lost Plot, Groenvlei Lake, Homtini Mountain Bike Trail, Petrus-se-brand Mountain Bike Trail, Millwood Goldmine Tours, Peace of Eden.

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