Kingdom of Mysore

Kingdom of Mysore


Carrying a history of more than 600 glorious years of legacy, the kingdom of Mysore has always allured the tourists with its flamboyance. The third largest city in the state, it is a popular tourist destination of Karnataka. The name of this city originates from the name of a demon actually. According to Hindu mythology, a demon named Mahishasura, who could assume forms as a human and buffalo, ruled the area until he was killed by Goddess Chamundi. The Goddess is now believed to reside on the Chamundi hills and the name got converted from Mahishasuru to Mysore. Ruled by the Wodeyar king for many years together, the place saw prosperity in all aspects. The king built a humungous palace for himself which now has thousands of eyes observing it with their mouths wide open. The famous Mysore Palace is the star of the city and is absolutely impossible to miss out on when you are in the state. The city is aptly known as the City of Palaces and has a number of palaces that you can visit during your trip. Also famous for the silk produce, you can go crazy at the range and colors of the silk saris and clothing that are displayed in the markets here. You will also find the famous Mysore paintings exhibited in these markets for sale. They surely are creative and have a good color combination. The markets have good eateries as well which serve the local cuisines which are no less rich in taste. The city offers you to see, buy and taste richness in all shapes and sizes.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace    Mysore palace during the night

The most visited site in Mysore, the palace is renowned for its grand architecture and royalty that it portrays in front of the visitors. Also known as Amba Vilas Palace, it was the official residence of the then rulers named Wodeyar. An awe-inspiring structure, with the beautifully decorated arches and pillars, it combines four different types of styles, namely, Hindu, Gothic, Muslim and Rajput. The ornately designed pillars and arches take your heart away at the first sight. The gray and pink granite central structure is equally compelling. The rooms inside and the various famous marks of the then prevailing times have been nicely maintained and displayed for the visitors. With a huge history behind, the palace lays down every aspect of those old moments as if it has just happened a while ago. It flaunts the rich and classy lifestyle that the royal blood of Wodeyar family lived in. The palace also houses three different temples devoted to three different deities and are carved beautifully as well.

Chamundi Hills

Chamundi temple   Mahishasur

Named after the legend noted in the Hindu mythology, these hills are primarily important for the temple devotees. The temple is a quadrangle and has a tall tower that can be seen from a distance. Built by the royal family to worship their supreme goddess, the temple was renovated and now has herds of people visiting it for the daasara festival. The statue of the demon, Mahishasura, holding a cobra in one hand and a sword in the other, is placed in the premises of the temple. The idol of the deity resides in the heart of the temple and is a majestic view. The entire idol has the power to captivate your attention in the first glance itself. The demeanor of the goddess is perfectly reflected with the expressions on her face and her magnificent eyes. Once you get out of the temple, you can take a small stroll in the wind and cool peaks, admiring the weather and the green around. Apart from the temple, the hills also provide you with an amusing scenario of the entire city. Located at the foothills, the city of Mysore looks marvelous in the top view.

Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan gardens  Brindavan fountains

When you enter this amazingly built and maintained garden, you precisely see what symmetry is and how it can beautify even the most normal things like a garden. The garden has been innovatively and intelligently laid and is one of the best gardens in India. Known for its symmetry and beauty, these gardens put up a nice show of dancing fountains in the nights. An array of these fountains in different places throughout the garden, make it look like an enchanted place, especially when you see the fountains and the lighting accompanied by music during the sunset hours.

Mysore dosa   Mysore pak

Mysore is full of places worth a visit. The Karanji Lake and the Kukkarahali Lake are scenically located and can be visited during the evenings when the atmosphere becomes calm and relaxing around these water bodies. The Mysore zoo, located just behind the Karanji Lake is an interesting place as well when you are accompanied by kids particularly. Besides a treat to your eyes, the city treats your tongue ravishingly. The Mysore dosa and idli served in the original form finds no beat. The typical yet perfectly soft idlis and the crisp light dosa covered in masala is something that you cannot find anywhere else. To end your meal, you get some of the best desserts in the city. The Mysore pak being famous, it is the taste of sweet heaven in your mouth that melts at the touch of your tongue. The other patent varieties of sweets found here are obuttu (thin roti filled with jaggery and coconut shavings) and the chiroti (flaky pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar). An altogether amazing journey through the historic and picturesque places full of interesting facts and stories, the place has a rich heritage and a rich taste as well.

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