Jakarta – the Big Durian

Jakarta – the Big Durian

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It is the largest city in the state and is a very populous urban region in the world. It is not just the political capital of the country, but also the economic, cultural and social capital of the country as well. Geographically, it is located on the island of Java in the north-western direction. The city is not just important for Indonesia but for the entire Southeast Asia. The city has very amazingly vibrant places and awesome nightlife.

To reach Jakarta, you can take a plane to the Seokarno Hatta International Airport at Tangerang. This airport handles all the international flights and the domestic flights and you can easily find taxis outside the airport to enter the city of Jakarta. You can also take a train to this place which will stop at Stasium Gambir, the main station in Jakarta. Trains also stop at Stasiun Pasa Senen, Stasiun Jatinegara, Stasiun Kota, etc. which are some smaller stations of Jakarta. There are five major bus terminals for the passengers travelling in buses from different cities. Tourists can also enter from boats and ferries also at the ports to the north of the city.

National Monument:


The most famous and important landmark of the city is the ‘National Monument’ also popularly known as the ‘Monas’. It is situated at the Lapangan Merdekal – the Freedom Square. It is a 137 meter tall monument right in the centre of the square. The observation desk at the top of this monument offers a view of the city which is as awesome as the monument itself. The basement of this building has dioramas which, in themselves, they are narrating the stories and the dramatic history of Indonesia. It is, thus, a symbol of the freedom fight of Indonesia. It was constructed under the orders of respected President Sukarno. To the north of this National Monument is located the Presidential Palace. This is the official residential place of the president of Indonesia and also holds the office of the president. People can visit this building on weekends.

Theme Parks:


The best theme park in the city is the Ancol Dream Park, also known as the ‘Ancol Dreamland’ or ‘Taman Impian Jaya Ancol’ for the locals. The park is situated to the right of the coast. This place is most suitable for the people looking forward for a break from the rough and tough lifestyle. There are many attractions inside Ancol Dream Park like an amusement park by the name Fantasy World (popularly- Dunia Fantasi), Ocean Dream or Gelanggang Samundra hosting animal shows, Atlantis Water Adventure (also called Waterboom), Ocean Eco Park, SeaWorld (having the largest aquarium in South-eastern Asia), Fantastic Multimedia hosting the Laser show, Art market, art academy, beaches, bowling, golf range, Hailai club, paintball, gondola, wakeboarding, resorts, hotel, marina, restaurants and a lot more. The beach and sea of the park region are not as clean as you might expect them to be and are not of the quality you may want them to be. But overall, the place is very awesome and a completely adventurous place. Other major theme parks of the city are Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (also popular as Beautiful Indonesia in a Little Park) displaying the Indonesian culture, the Jungleland Sentul City, a science park, a dinosaur land, etc.

Museums in the city

national musium

The main museum of the city is the ‘Musium Nasional’ which is also known as the ‘National Museum of Indonesia. This place is the house of a lot of pieces of prehistoric period, some archaeological and ethnographical artifacts which as a whole is a vast collection making it one of the largest collections of Hindu Javanese art and South-east Asian art in the whole world. The museum was inaugurated in 1868 and is located in the centre of the city at Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat. There is an elephant statue at the site which is the reason why some people also call this museum as ‘Elephant Building’ or ‘Gedung Gajah’.


Another very famous attraction of the city is the “Gedung Kesenian Jakarta” which the tourists call “Jakarta Arts Theatre”. This is a building which was constructed during the period of Dutch colonization in Indonesia and thus, has a non-renaissance structure. It is a concert hall which stands proudly on the land of this cultural city showing the conserved pieces of history of Indonesia. This place holds the best performances of the city for local artists and visitors. There is an Istiqlal Mosque near this concert hall and also a Jakarta Cathedral.

Another famous museum in Jakarta is the National Gallery of Indonesia which was initially a cultural institution for visual arts and today is a museum that houses more than 1750 art-pieces of Indonesian as well as foreign artists. This is a very old art gallery combined with a museum. This place lets you enjoy the history, culture and art at the same time.

Other museums are Museum Art Mon Décor, Textile Museum, Gedung Proklamasi (or Proclamation Building), Lubang Buaya, etc. Other historical sites in the city include Kota Tua – the Old Town Batavia, the Sunda Kelapa Port – the Old Harbor, the Fish Market and Museum Bahari, etc. The city also has a lot of religious places and a lot of cultural places. All in all, the city is a must visit.

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