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Gorai is a typical Portugal village with the pleasant atmosphere, calmness along with beautiful beaches. Located a bit far away from the crowded city of Mumbai, Gorai is a small coastal village in Dharavi bhet located in the north western of Salsette island. Gorai has a beautiful village serene and greenery all over, a beautiful place just near the crowded city of Mumbai. The beautiful villages with ancient structure of homes, cottages and bungalows along with the narrow roads surrounded with the shades of the beautiful lush green trees and a cool breeze coming from the sea attracts anyone to enjoy the serenity and calmness of the place.

Gorai is known for its East Indian population who are Roman Catholics, baptized during Portugal’s rule over the place during 16th century. Gorai is surrounded by the villages like Manori, Uttan, Morva, Murdhe, Dongri, Pali Chowk etc. With beautiful palm trees and other trees, the typical Roman structured houses looks more pleasant to the eyesight. With the local boats and ferries around the beaches, Gorai was known as one of the famous and clean beaches of Mumbai. Though the beaches of Gorai are most clean than other beaches of Mumbai and thus is a weekend spot for holidaying.

gorai village

Manori, marve and aksa beach are three of the best beaches of Gorai with beautiful sunrise and sunset views. Manori beach is famous for it’s night beach parties. Beaches of Gorai is widely stretched, and looks more beautiful during the moonlight nights, when sky is clear along with the dazzling stars in the blanket of sky. During the moonlight nights the moonlight reflects in the water and thus shines with it’s reflection. Many tourists, visitors and locals prefer a night stroll at beaches during those times. There are various food stalls around the beaches set by locals. The places around the beaches offers a countryside feeling with the touch of Roman culture as the remains of the colonial times still remains.

Gorai also houses India’s most famous attraction Essel-world and water-kingdom. India’s first largest theme park was established in Gorai in 1986. Esselword and Water Kingdom is stretched over 64 acres of land in Gorai. Esselworld is known as India’s first largest amusement park attracting tourists and visitors all over and have managed with its international standard and Water Kingdom is known as Asia’s largest theme water park. The park consists of all famous and major rides which amuses visitors of every age. Rainbow, thunder, octopus, cup and saucer, dashing cars and many such other roller coasters and ride are the most famous and popular rides of the place. The experience of the rides and place will cherish forever in the memories of every Mumbaikars and most of the Indians. Water Kingdom too have such great rides and fascinating slides. Both are easily accessed by roadways or ferry from borivali. The experience of both the theme parks is just marvelous which includes every attraction.

essel world and water kingdomm

Global Vipassana Pagoda is a famous hall of meditation in gorai. The monument of pagoda is to serve harmony and peace and was built in the gratitude to Buddha. The traditional Burmese design is a copy of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. The complex consists of the dome containing relics of Buddha, vipassana meditation centre, museum, library and study rooms, two smaller pagodas, etc. people all over India and world come here for meditation purposes.

gorai pagoda

Since the Portugal has a great impact in Gorai and its culture, there are famous three churches in Gorai with roman architecture. Reis Magos or Three magi, newer Parish church, Jesus chapel are the three famous Church in Gorai with its historical significance.

pagoda gorai

Since the culture and beaches reminds of Goa beaches and its culture, Gorai is thus a famous spot of picnics and holidaying. There are various hotels and resorts in Gorai providing best accommodation and food and other facilities along the beachside to enjoy and explore the zeal of the place. Golden toff resort, The resort, The silverador resort club, hotel Maxwell cum holiday homes etc. are few of the best hotels in Gorai. The place away from all the pollution and chaos of city along with beautiful beaches and its serene becomes the great holiday and picnic spot. The place has something to offer to people of all ages. Like for kids and youngsters there are Indi’s famous theme parks and beaches with restaurants providing great night life and for elders there is meditation centre, which is a must watch if in Gorai. With great coastal and Indian food and resorts and hotels providing the best they can provide away from city life, Gorai is the best place to visit for short vacation or weekend trips.

Gorai is accessed by ferry or roadways. One can take a ferry from Marve beach, malad or Gorai creek, borivali to access to Gorai village and its beaches. Gorai is also accessed by roadways from Bhayender.

Thus one should not miss the chance of exploring mini goa to Mumbai and the best theme parks to enjoy the holidays to the core along with some meditation at Pagoda. Gorai is thus a beautiful colonial village with its roman culture and calmness with beautiful serene.



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