Glamour, Gambling and Las Vegas

Glamour, Gambling and Las Vegas

Las Vegas

A place packed with extravagant events and renowned as the Entertainment capital of the World, Las Vegas is the place to be when you want to party hard. Let me warn you, if you are a peace loving animal, then this place is a definite disaster for you in many aspects. The city blooms up in the night and gives its tourists the amazing show with all the buildings brightly lighted up. Sleeping is almost a sin during the nights when you visit this place. A city in Nevada, this place tickles you in the right places if you are an outgoing and party person. Las Vegas has always been fabled for its entertainment attribute; but actually is quiet busy when it comes to business and meetings as well. The name Las Vegas was given to this place by the people from Mexico, who were the first non-native Americans to visit the city. The name ‘Vegas’ (meaning meadows) has Spanish origins and was named so as it was the water source for these southerners and had humungous lands covered in greens. Ironically, the city sticks to the name and is an evergreen location when it comes to entertainment.

The Gaming Zone



If it was not for the casinos and the luxurious life in these hotels, Las Vegas wouldn’t have been what it is now. The casinos, where one can make oneself lose all the sense and money or on the other hand can get lucky, are the prime attractions of the city. You gamble or you don’t. It doesn’t matter; because you haven’t visited Las Vegas if you haven’t been to a casino. With all that you have dreamt of and ever wanted in your life, the casinos provide you absolutely everything.  Concentrated in the Las Vegas strip (southern outskirts of Las Vegas), the casinos are mainly located on Freemont street which is an outdoor pedestrian zone. Famous as the ‘Downtown Casino Area’, the place is a cluster of casinos which makes you go bonkers. The Golden Nuggets is the largest casino that Las Vegas has seen till today. Most common gambling games played are slots, blackjack, crap, roulette, bingo, poker, keno and betting on races and sports.

hotel in Las Vegas1     hotel in Las Vegas


After the play, when you want to go back and relax for a while, these casinos cum hotels await with magnificent rooms and suites for you. The lavish and lush rooms are enough to make you fall in love with the place. Not to mention the scenic beauty that your eyes are greeted with when you take a peek through the windows. Adorned in a soothing light and providing you with king size comfort, the rooms are perfectly arranged according to your need. The management in these hotels is superb and really is a value for money package. And yes, for all the lazy kittens out there, you don’t need to go anywhere for anything; here everything comes to you!  Another place to further pamper yourself is the spa and the indoor pools. These two amenities serve as the peace providers in the entire chaos that you see outside. The quick and polite service and the lip smacking food just put a cherry on the cake. No wonder Las Vegas is one of the prestigious places when it comes to luxury and gaming.

Glitz and Glam

Fashion Show mall    Crystals Las Vegas


Not only is this place famous as the gaming zone, but is also a popular shopping arena. Be it budget shopping, one-of-a-kind shopping, or the selective one; you have it here in Las Vegas. The number of shopping complexes that Las Vegas holds is as high as the number of casinos. There is an entire strip of road that has both its sides packed with shopping centers. Good enough to make any girl a shopaholic, these shops bring out the kid inside you who wants everything that he sees. Even the casinos here house some really good stores to please their customers. An absolutely splendid variety of things from designer wears and shoes to mind boggling chocolates, to classy bags and leather items and the list goes on. The options that you will be offered here is really amazing. And if you are looking for something branded which is not available in your hometown, there are chances that you find the same thing on sale here! Isn’t that a reason more than enough to make you like this place from the bottom of your heart? People interested in antiques also find an array of shops specially intended only for the sale of these masterpieces. A list of shopping centers which cannot go without a mention include Crystals at City Center, Forum shops at Caesars Palace, Miracle Miles shops at Planet Hollywood and the Fashion Show Mall. For the antique lovers, Charleston Antique mall, Antiques at the Market and Northwest Curio Corner are a must visits; because even if you don’t land up buying things you definitely treat your eyes with the mesmerizing arts displayed there.

To sum it up, Las Vegas seems to be a place where guys get to enjoy their games and girls get to satiate their thirst of shopping; both at the same time and same place! And to top it all, at the end of the day, when you are back to the room you get to enjoy in a nice jacuzzi, relax and look forward to some more fun piled up for the next day! They say ‘Life is a gamble’. Undoubtedly true but I say ‘Life is a glamorous gamble’; especially when you visit Las Vegas.

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