The Garden of the Gods: A Beautiful Oasis in Colorado, US

The Garden of the Gods: A Beautiful Oasis in Colorado, US

Who doesn’t wants to go for a tour having the scenic beauty to an extent that it mesmerizes the viewer with its artistic effect? Yes, this place is the most visited place in Shwanee National Forest with its vivid formation of rocks and trails that makes it hits the lists of the tourists. This place is situated in the City of Colorado Springs and most beautifully defines the traditional city park. The place is responsible for adding tourism to the city with the visitors from all 50 states including more than 60 countries and has been said as the National Natural Landmark of the Colorado Springs.

Defining its name

The place was founded by two surveyors accidentally who wish to explore the town and started from Denver to explore city Colorado. This place which was first discovered in August 1859 was called “Beer Garden” because one of the surveyor said that it would be a capital place for a beer garden while his other companion says that it is the place where all gods will assemble and hence combining the names of both it was called “The Garden of the Gods” which is the best name describing the beauty of the place.

A National Significance become City Park

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This was done on December 22, 1909, when the Perkin’s wish to donate this ravishing place to the world as a forever gift was fulfilled.  Going to some flashback, the whole story is based on the overwhelmed and socially responsible man Charles Elliott Perkin.  His friend, General William Jackson Palmer who founded Colorado Springs asked him to buy this land of 240 acres which was called “The Garden of the Gods”.  Afterwards, he himself purchased some more 240 acres and this whole area of 480 acres together known as the “The Garden of the Gods” was donated to the Colorado Springs by his children after his sudden death in 1907.

This donated 480 acres have now extended to 1,367 acres and forms the major lucrative source of tourism at the center of the Colorado Springs and is still free to the world. This precious gift is and will remain free to the entire world and hence is turned this national significance was turned into a city park.


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The place is well known for its contrasting features in terms of climate, mountains, biology, geology and scenery. Some new-fanged were found only in this area like a honey ant was discovered and was named after this place.  Some others like mule, deer, fox and some bighorn sheep were only found in this area.  Likewise, this place is home for more than 130 new species including Theiophytalia (a dinosaur specie), white-throat-ed swifts and canyon wrens.


The lure of the park is its sedimentary beds of various colors like deep-red, pink and white with the variety of stones such as sand-stones, limestone or conglomerates. These were initially horizontally rested forming the beds of the sediments which after the immense forces of various glaciers, uplift movement of the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak Massif or the terrific  sand dunes that changed the shape of these massive stones. The result of such erosion and eruptions led to the vertical titled, beauty personified ranges in “the Garden of the Gods” and is now counted in one of the richest geological formations of the world.

Attractive Features of the park

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The park pulls almost two million visitors a year and is the most visited site of the city. The park has almost 1.5 miles of paved path for the pedestrians. Also, there are two yearly events namely Pro Cycling Challenge Prologue and the Recreational bike rides which are also the crowd pulling factors of this area.

The place is also famous among the rock climbers because of its steep and strange mountain ranges allowing the climbers an adventurous climb. Although this sounds audacious, but there are some guidelines which need to be followed before climbing these bizarre set of ranges which are mentioned in the “Technical Climbing Regulations and Guidelines” having some of the constraints like proper required equipment s, a climbing buddy or following some pre-established routes. Also, climbing is only allowed to some registered climbed having proper climbing equipment s in order to avoid the fatalities that have happened in the past.

Visitor’s View

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To locate this most photographed area of the city, you need to go 1805 N. The formation of the garden with the amazing red rocks is presented in the form of short movie named “How did those Red Rocks get there”?  Also, it has an award winning gifts shops and balcony-side cafeterias which has increased the number of people visiting this place. The profit earned from these gifts shops and cafeterias of the park are used in the maintenance and management purposes of the park.

Taking all the above points into consideration, “The Garden of the Gods” is a perfect place from the tourism point of view. You can hike trails, see the magnifying beauty of the red stones, can go for rock climbing. So, this place is the perfect place to start your journey and make it the most memorable one.

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