Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main


Situated on the river Main, the prestigious city is famous as a business and trading center to all. It gets its name of Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt on Main) from its location on the river side. It has been a trading center since the past decades and has continued to grow exponentially. Although this is one of the important faces of Frankfurt, it has many other sides to be revealed as well. With the skyline being the pride of Frankfurt, it has its unique character and charm. It is in fact because of this skyline, that most people call it the Mainhattan, a blend of Manhattan and the river Main. Developed as a trading center from the very start, Frankfurt has always welcomed people from all corners of the world. Nurturing a mixed culture from ages, this city is full of people from different places. So it is definite that on your visit here, you are bound to find someone from your origins. The city offers you a wide variety of food as well and hence you land up discovering your own little spot of perfection in just one visit. Renowned for its contrast atmosphere, the city is filled with people from a variety of backgrounds. Even the architecture is an evidence of its contrast character where one can see the 20th century skyline next to the old preserved structures. Besides this, the city resides in the heart of the country and has thus been of prime importance from all aspects. Thus you will never face a problem of transportation here.

Old is Gold


The Römer cannot go without a mention when you visit Frankfurt. Attracting millions of tourist from all over the world, Römer square consists of a complex of nine houses acquired from a wealthy merchant by the city council in the year 1405. Now it stands tall as the city hall and is always fleeted by the new visitors for basking in its beautiful architecture and the marvelous view surrounding it. The square is encompassed by the remains of old Roman architecture and hence the name to this place. With the 12th century church of Alte Nikolaikirche in the vicinity you get a cherry on the cake if you visit both the places.

EIserner Steg

The Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge) is another marvel standing from the 1869 which provides you with a flamboyant view of the city skyline and the river Main beneath. The second bridge to cross the river, it is now maintained as a pedestrian bridge. The bridge is minutes away from the Römer and connects it to Sachsenhausen, a place known for the museums and old pubs.

Alte Oper

The Alte Oper (old Opera House) is another historic place to visit. Opened in 1880, the opera house hosted grand performances during its operation. Unfortunately, the World War II destroyed a major portion of this structure which had to be rebuilt. Now used as a venue for small fancy events, the building was also once known as ‘Germany’s most beautiful ruins’ before its reconstruction took place due to the public pressure.

The Skyline

Main tower    view from Main Tower

The proud owner of some of the tallest structures of Europe, the spectacular scene of the skyline, especially during the night time, is truly mind blowing. Crumpled up in a relatively smaller area, the skyline portrays Frankfurt as a metropolis in all aspects. The Commerzbank Tower is the highest official building in the entire Europe, and the tallest building in Germany. The Main tower is the only high rise in Frankfurt that is open to all the people and hence stands out of the cluster of these tall facades. The viewing platform provided on the tower is open for the visitors at some fixed cost. The few hours before sunset on clear days are enchanting to evidence through these heights. You get to experience and see the elegance of the city while it changes its bright cloaks to the darker ones of night.


Stadel Museum   Museum fur Kommunikation

Another alluring place is the array of museums on the bank of river Main. A string of ten museums is surely not a common site to see. With dedicated museums for varied aspects of artwork and backgrounds, this place can keep you occupied for quite some time. The subways lead to this place, called Museumsufer.  The Architektur Museum (Museum of German Architecture) displays the different kinds of structure from the basic small huts to the humungous skyscrapers. Deutches Filmmuseum (German Film Museum) has an exhibition of the evolution of film-making in Germany. Städel Museum (named after Johann Freidrich Städel) is famous for the varied artworks it displays and the small art school behind it. Museum Giersch (Museum of Regional Historic Art and Culture) puts an array of exhibits which are rooted to the city and its history and includes paintings, architectures, sculptures, photographs etc. Liebieghaus is another museum which has numerous sculptures from all over the world displayed for its visitors. Museum für Angenwandte Kunst (Museum for Applied Arts) has a collection of rich and beautiful artwork. Museum der Weltkulturen (Museum of World Cultures) aims at displaying the ethnic cultures from the entire world but is unable to do so in a decent fashion owing to the lack of space assigned to it. Museum für Kommunikation (Museum for Communication) is a fun place with children as well because of its varied collection of telegraphs, telephones etc. from the olden times which you can actually try out. Ikonen Museum (Icon Museum) houses about 1000 icons from the 16th to 19th century. Judisches Museum (Jewish Museum) is actually situated on the opposite bank and portrays the 850 years old history of the second oldest community in Frankfurt.

Judisches Museum   Zeil

Apart from the scenic view and the old and the new monuments, shopping and dining are also something you cannot afford to lose out on. The Zeil is known for its shopping complexes, from big to small and old to new, everything is available. Besides this there are many shops which offer you the local foods and international products as well. The colorful city of Frankfurt has so much more to it than all of this. You need to visit it to know more!

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