The Exotic Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

The Exotic Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Located in the mountainous regions of Finland, Saariselka is a village and a famous tourist spot. This place comes under the Inari municipality and is situated 300 meters above the sea level in the Northern Lapland. Hiking, spa and skiing are the activities for which the place is popular. In this Saariselka village, there is a beautiful and famous hotel named Hotel Kakslauttanen. This beautiful Hotel Kakslauttanen is surrounded with the gorgeous Lapland scenery in the vicinity of Urho Kekkonen National Park. Ivalo airport and Highway 4 is also nearby the hotel. Thus, there are many direct tour buses from the hotel to the airport and that’s why this hotel is the main tourist accommodation place.


This big hotel has almost 40 large size first class cabins. Out of these 40 cabins, there is one honeymoon suite, five are queen suites and one is Lappish farmer log house. Each cabin has its own private location and is separated from the other cabins. Thus, privacy of people is maintained. These log cabins are made up of kelo pines (dead trees) and can provide accommodations to 1 to 10 people. A personal dishwasher, a fireplace and a wide TV is provided for entertainment purpose. In 2014, few new four person cabins are added at Kakslauttanen.


The queen suites are very classy and are specially designed for lovebirds and honeymooners. A single queen suite covers an area of 60 m2 and is made up of kelo woods again. People can relax in the outdoor Jacuzzi which is available on the terrace in every season. A personal beautiful bathtub and sauna is provide in each suite. The smoke sauna of this hotel is the largest in the world. This smoke sauna has its own log house restaurant which is in the main building, a ravishing snow restaurant and even two Lapis tent restaurants. This smoke sauna allows 150 people to be seated inside the same igloo. Ice chapel, ice gallery and ice bar are the other things to explore there. Even the Saariselka ski trail networking passes through this hotel and is of about 180 km in whole.

wedding chamber

In addition to these queen suites, there are the wedding cambers for the wedded ones. These wedding chambers are the perfect love nest especially for the newlyweds. The full chamber is wooden with turf roofs giving it a unique and charming look. Additionally, this wedding chamber also has a huge bathroom with a gorgeous bathtub and sauna. Now everyone can say it is a perfect place for wedded ones. Moreover, there is a traditional house which is designed according to the old Lapland lifestyle. The chairs are old wooden chairs and the whole room can accommodate 2 adult and 2 children. This house is provided with a sauna also. Modern families will surely feel like visiting their traditional ancient house after so long.

The charming snow Igloo is very famous in the winters. People staying in this hotel are allowed to enjoy the over-night experience of staying in a snow igloo. This snow igloo is not a normal igloo; it very unique and is a futuristic glass igloo. Normal room temperature is maintained inside this igloo with a beautiful glass ceiling and northern lights. This temperature will be maintained constantly even if there will be a minus 40 degree centigrade dip in mercury. Every winter, an ice bar and a snow chapel was built in this igloo village. People can visit this igloo village from December or January and the village is open till April end.


There are three kinds of accommodations available in this igloo village. People can choose from real arctic experience with 20 snow igloos, watch the northern lights from bed in the warm glass igloos (20) and the 32 long rustic log cables. To survive in the snow, the hotel provides its customers a head-cover, socks and even sleeping bags. The igloos are designed in the way that only one to five guests can reside in one igloo. There are separate sauna and shower facilities for men and women. During night the only sound that you will hear is the sound of the cold wind. The inside walls of the igloo are beautifully colored. Every igloo is provided its own toilet, double bed and an extra single bed too. Thus people can simply enjoy the warmth of the igloo and the twinkling of the lively starry sky with a cool and comfortable night.

Other eye-grabbing facilities available in this hotel are the reindeer safaris, ski treks, husky safaris, ice-fishing and snowmobile safaris. People are mad about guided ski treks. They used to rent the country ski from this hotel. Bus transportation is provided by the hotel to take people to the Saariselka ski slopes (which are at a distance of 10 km from this hotel). Another winter attraction in the Hotel Kakslauttanen is the Sampo ice-breaker. This is the only ice-breaker in the whole world.

santa's home

When it comes to the summer attractions, Hotel Kakslauttanen has many things to offer. These are going for fishing in Inari Lake, a trip to Midnight Sun and Utsjoki and boat trips at river Lemmenjoki. Tankavaara Gold Village is also among the well-known sights. Santa’s Home is the new attraction in Hotel Kakslauttanen which has its own bedrooms for its guests. Overall the Hotel Kakslauttanen is the only hotel in Saariselka which offers many delightful facilities to its guests.

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