Eiffel Tower Paris – The Symbol of Love

Eiffel Tower Paris – The Symbol of Love

The Eiffel Tower is an iron tower masterpiece located in Paris. It is located on the on the Champ de Mars in the city. It was named after its constructor, the engineer Gustave Eiffel, who built this extraordinary tower. It came into existence in 1889 as the entrance arch for the World Fair of 1889. Since then it has become both an image of the brain of France and one of the most recognized constructions in the world. It is the tallest structure of Paris and the hotspot of tourists as it is the most visited monument in the world for which a fee is charged making it a paid monument. About 6.98 million people (according to a survey) visited it in 2011. The two hundred fifty millionth visitor came in 2010 to visit it.


It is thee hundred twenty four metres (about one thousand sixty three feet) tall, which would take it to the same height of about an eighty one storey building. When it was being constructed, the Eiffel Tower surpassed the Washington Monument (the tallest building then) to be truly called as the tallest man made structure in the world. It remained the tallest building of the world until after 41 years the Chrysler Building was built in New York in 1930. It is the still the second tallest monument in France, after the Millau Viaduct.

It is truly a treat for the eyes to watch it when it is lit up at the night. For 5 minutes nightly, all the flashing lights on the tower are turned on, and it is a spectacular sight! It is wonderful, extremely wonderful. However, if you would like to examine the breath taking views that you simply would see if you queued for hours and went up the tower, take a visit up the Montparnasse Tower, an enormous edifice that appears like an office building, wherever on the highest floor there’s a public viewing space with a beautiful cafe! Same views that you’d get on top of the tower however hardly any queues!Both are worth a visit, however ultimately , try to see the tower in the dark (especially once it’s flashing!). It offers you goosebumps as a result of it’s a tremendous site.

The tower is close to give its guests with a step into dizzying suspension.  Not after very long guests to the primary level can look straight down the tower through a plate of glass rather than searching through the fence.  The thought of the creator, is to relinquish the impression of floating on top of Paris! Certainly a marvelous idea.


In its third major renovation since 1889, a little of the Alexandre Gustave Eiffel Tower’s solid flooring are going to be reworked into a one.  Associate degree inclined glass barrier is meant to exchange this grilled fencing. The present buildings from the Eighties with their reflected windows can settle to clear, windowed buildings to provide the traveler the sense of openness into the encompassing house. The lateral walls framing the glass façades are going to be painted within the original brown-red color of the Eiffel Tower.


This 1st level is that the most versatile level of the tower. It homes the fifty eight Tour technologist edifice, a straightforward edifice, exhibitions, typically the rink (the 1st one was put in in 1969). In 2010 the primary level’s open space was reworked into a park with simulated grass, wild flowers, wood lounge chairs and restaurant chairs and tables. It receives, however, solely  half  the tower’s guests.The owner of the Eiffel Tower, town of Paris, proclaimed that the renovations can embrace  stores, a café and depository area. The edifice fifty eight Tour technologist façade can receive a face raise changing into as clear because the different buildings.  The price of the work is calculable at twenty five million euros. The primary level can stay open throughout the work and price ticket costs can stay unchanged.

The Tower’s beauty program involves sixty a lot of paint, that should be applied a minimum of each seven years to guard her from rust. Every paint job takes fifteen to eighteen months.  It is said that the tower would stand as long as it is protected from rust and for that meticulous painters are the only option that is let to them.Through the years the colours have varied from red to a bright yellow, and from chocolate to her current a special grayish-brown hue. To emphasize her fabulous silhouette as seen from the bottom, there are literally 3 completely different reminder the hue that amendment from dark to lightweight, the upper up you go.Painters should follow ancient strategies, that haven’t modified since her since the primitive days. Paint should be applied with the hands manually, with the help of brushes and rollers. Leave the paint guns reception. Lastly, work might not begin till every morning’s condensate has vaporized.


It is also a lovers’ attraction. The evening view of the Eiffel tower  encompasses a very large amount of love birds which are making love underneath. The view it casts is just awesome and it is a must visit for every person. It can be truly called as the paradise on earth.

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