Crippling traffic and vibrant street life – Bangkok

Crippling traffic and vibrant street life – Bangkok


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a home to eleven million inhabitants. By far it is the largest city of Thailand. People of the world know this city by many names. The city of angels, magnificent city of the nine gems, erected by Visvakarman st Indra’s behest, city of royal places, great city of immortals, seat of the king and the home of royal gods incarnate are the nicknames of the city. The city is famous for its wicked nightlife, tall buildings, intense heat and heavy traffic congestion. The city is situated on the shores of the Chao Phraya River. The city was just a small trading post during the early years when people lived there on bamboo rafts and they earned their living by selling fruits and vegetables by roaming along the water. When Ayutthaya was burned to ground by the Burmese invaders, King Rama I decided not to take over the place. And later in the year 1782, King Rama I turned the city into the capital city of Siam. King Rama I was the first ruler of the Chakri dynasty.


The places and temples of Bangkok were the only stone structures there. By the 19th century, the Western area came into power as they incorporated many regions of Southeast Asia under their empire. The King Rama IV and V came with the idea of modernizing the country along European boundaries in order to keep the country independent. After World War II huge development was done in Bangkok. The centre of Bangkok was shifted to the city of Rattanakosin. Bangkok established itself as the driving force of Thailand and became its industrializing city. As a result of this rapid growth of Bangkok, people from Isaan started leaving the place and shifted to Bangkok to earn a better living there from 1980 onwards. Thus, Bangkok became the most happening city of Thailand.

But a huge impact of the increasing industrialization in Bangkok was on the greenery of Bangkok. Bangkok became the city to have the lowest green space. There is a huge difference between the incomes of the people who came here for a job and the people who are involved in the economic activities of the country. Common people prefer to walk across the roads as metro systems are too expensive for them. People have to visit any garden or park to grab fresh air. One peaceful sight which people of Bangkok like to visit is PAKNAM temple which is situated on PetchKasem road. This place is free of heavy crowd and has a huge canal behind its back where people go to feed the fishes. The entire walls of the temple depict the historical events of Buddhism as the walls are carved with amazing pictures. Teak woods are used to construct the temple.


Bangkok hosts hundreds of temples but the top three temples of Bangkok are Wat Pho, WatArun and the Grand Palace. People who are visiting the Grand Palace have to keep their full day off to see the whole temple as the temple is of immense size. Wat Pho is nearby this place. Within the boundaries of this Palace there is a scared Buddhist temple, namely WatPhraKaew. The sight of this temple is very eye-pleasing as the entire temple is decorated with holy monuments and stuff. There is no space for the living of monks there. The famous statue of the Emerald Buddha is also there in this temple. This image is addressed as the most sacred Buddha image and that’s why the temple is titled as the most sacred temple of Thailand.

wat arun

The unresolved WatArun is situated across the river. People have to take a ferry to cross the Chao Phraya River and reach Thonburi to visit the temple. The temple is about 60 to 88 m tall. Four small prangs surrounds the main structure. Being referred to as the most Picturesque temple of Thailand, the inner part of the temple is engraved with charming ten baht coins. These engraved ten baht coins are the logo of TAT- Tourist Authority of Thailand. The beautiful porcelain pieces which surround these coins are recognizable. In Rattanakosin, the old city, the WatSuthat, WatRatchanaddaram and the Golden Mount temples are famous. People should use their ticket of the Grand Place to visit Dusit Palace which is in Dusit. It was said that the King Rama V build the Dusit Palace to escape the heat of the Grand Palace. People who visit the Dusit Palace spend their whole evening in the golden teakwood house, the Vimanmek Mansion.


Now the city has grown much and is now the political, diplomatic, cultural, commercial, spiritual and educational centre of Thailand. Many museums dedicated to the history and archaeological Thai remains are also there. The National Museum, National Gallery or the Queen’s Gallery and the museum is opened recently- Bangkok Art and Culture Centre are the famous museums. For a nice experience people can even visit the less famous museums- M.R. Kukrit’s Heritage Home (Silom), Ban Kamthieng (Sukhumvit), the King Prajadhipok Museum and the Museum of Siam.  People can enjoy the beautiful view offered by the PhraSumen Fort. For nature lovers, Lumphini Park and the Santichaiprakarn Park in Silom and Khao San Road respectively have much to offer. This cosmopolitan city has many beautiful temples and places, busy markets and authentic canals that always have something in store for everyone.

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