The ‘Crescent City’ of USA – New Orleans

The ‘Crescent City’ of USA – New Orleans


New Orleans is the most unique city of America. It is a metropolitan city in Louisiana and the metropolitan area includes New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city got this name because of the Duke of Orleans who ruled from 1715 to 1723 as Regent for Louis XV and was founded in 1718. Once you are in New Orleans, who will discover yourself that the city is a mixture of sophistication from France, African-American culture, Creole, Irish, German, Haitian, Vietnamese, Caribbean, etc. The energy in this city is far greater than sum of all these parts. This city is one of the best tourists in the United States. The roots of Jazz are laid in this city and have a culture that can nowhere be found.


The city has a lot to explore than you actually can. There are a lot of historical architectural places all around in the city and wherever you stay, you can always find a historical place in the nearest neighborhood. The most visited historical architectures include the French Quarters. There you can find ornate and rich Colonial French and Spanish architectures. The same can be seen at the Faubourg Marigny, Faubourg Treme, Esplanade Ridge, Algiers Point, Carrolton and Bywater. Travel around the place, look at the business and architecture, and watch people living there. Strolling here will be a very luxurious experience. You may take a Carriage ride like the old royal times and feel like you live in a complete different century. The carriage dragged by a mule will be able to take you to the French Quarters, Garden Districts, Bourbon Street, and the Jackson Square and to the Mississippi. There are also very famous Victorian mansions in the Uptown and you can find the rest of the citywide filled with evidences of rich history. In Uptown, Mid-City areas and Treme, you will find historic cemeteries. You can walk and have the fun of walk tours; or you can rent a bicycle and travel to these famous historical areas by riding one. Streetcars are also fun as these are very old but continuously are in the operating in U.S. You will also find a lot of antiques at these places. You must buy some as a memory of the place for your house or someone else’s as a gift.


You must also go to the Riverboat cruises in New Orleans which takes all the way along the river Mississippi. The specialty of these riverboats is that they have Jazz band on the board of the boat because of the fact that Jazz music was born in this city. There are various cruises that will take you to different places. You get the best food of New Orleans on these boats and also the best music in the world. You can go almost anywhere from these boats. You can go to the Aquarium of Americans and Audubon zoo on the Aquarium-Zoo cruise. Similarly, there are more. If cruise is much more for you, then travel in a river ferry. There are pedestrian ferries available which can be found at the foot of Canal Street crossways Mississippi which can be taken to the Algiers point and return. On the journey, you can have a great beautiful view of the downtown, the Quarter and of course the big river.


The next thing after sightseeing is the playing part. After you have visited all the historic places and taken a ride in the river, you must visit the Casinos of New Orleans. We have Harrah’s located right next to the Quarter in Central Business District. This place for gambling is voted as the “Best Casino”. This place offers a world-class experience and has more than 2000 of newest slots and more than a hundred action-packed games of tables. There is a buffet continuously running 24 hours. Other options in food are also available at Harrah’s such as Besh Steakhouse.


The Mardi Gras World in New Orleans is a very significant place. The city has a festival called Mardi Gras. This festival continues for two weeks and leads up to an Ash Wednesday. There are parades and parties all day and the festival is celebrated annually without fail. The Mardi Gras World is a place where floats for Mardi Gras festival are made. The Gras World is flooded with around thousands of sculptures, props, giant figures, etc. There is also a Mardi Gras Marathon which is a road race. Another festival that involves running is the ‘Red Dress Run’ where all the men and women wear red dress and shoes and run. It is a very distinct sort of thing but will give you immense pleasure visiting there. You should also go to the museums there which include National World War II Museum (also known as D-Day Museum), Museum of Art, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Cabildo and Presbytere, the Old Mint, etc.

In all, New Orleans is the city combining music, food, fun, history, festivals, runs, and culture. Music in New Orleans includes jazz, zydeco, Cajun, blues and funk. Art and culture are filled with Opera, classical music, ballet, Live Broadway shows, etc. Nightlife of New Orleans is very exciting and very active at the hot spots of the city. For recreation activities, New Orleans has space for basketball, golfing, tennis, fishing, football, horse racing, etc. For the food and cuisines, the city has got everything you can possibly name. It has very delicious sea food, most famous of which are ‘Crawfish’, Po-boys (variation of sandwich), Muffaletta, Gumbo, etc. These dishes are specialties of New Orleans are not to be found anywhere else. You can have it all in this city of U.S.

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