Colors of Portugal: Rainbow color Umbrella’s in Agueda

Colors of Portugal: Rainbow color Umbrella’s in Agueda

Portugal, an European country officially named as the Portuguese Republic is a developed country with an advanced economy and high living standards. The name ‘Portugal’ arise from the second largest city in here which is Porto. As much as one gets amazed to see the sun kissed beaches, fairy tale castles and the dramatic cliffs in Portugal, they also fall in love with the calmness and the serenity found while travelling this exquisite place. Portugal is also one of the most globalized and peaceful nations of the world. The country can show you many modernized settings but meanwhile it also holds historical destinations like Sagres and the University of Coimbra which are a must visit for all the travellers. This place has a rich history in painting and is a home to many spectacular art installations.  Nuno Gonçalves was the first well known painter of Portugal who belonged to the gothic painting era. Portugal has 156 cities where places like Lisbon, Algarve, Sintra are a few top places to visit in Portugal, Agueda is another major city that shall be on your must visit list. This city is bounded by Agueda River on the north, Certima River on the south, Serra do Caramulo on the east and Pateira de Fermentelos on the west. Agueda has a lot to offer in the form of its alluring vineyards and the successful wine industry, traditional clay pottery and handmade articles, and diverse species of wildlife and marine life.

But around a special time of the year what gets this Portuguese city filled with an outburst of rainbow colours? Umbrellas! Red, yellow, orange, blue, pink, green, different hues of umbrellas suspended in mid-air is a unique thing to observe in Agueda which makes for a splendid site for the tourists visiting Portugal as well as the local people here.


From July to September the streets of Agueda display a sea of colourful umbrellas hanging through strings in air which make them look like they are magically floating in the sky. This street installation is a part of Agitagueda Art festival, which is the local art festival at Agueda. But besides being a beautiful art installation it also protects the passers-by from the scorching heat over the sun baked streets and also saves them from a downpour of water. This street installation is the creation of a firm Sextafeira Produgues and is named as the Umbrella Sky Project. This firm works towards creating many urban installations out of which the Umbrellas in sky is I think the most colourful and the most quirky one!

colors of portugal

Patricia Almeida is a photographer who captured a lot of beautiful photographers of this outlandish art installation on the streets of Portugal. In her words when she saw this amazing canopy of colourful umbrellas in sky “She felt like a kid, amazed by all those colours”. In a few pictures clicked by her, we can see the whole street having a purple or a green hue due to the umbrellas, making for a vivid sight and a peaceful walk in the umbrellas’ shade without the hot summer sun over people’s heads. Another photographer Diana Tavares also clicked some fascinating shots of the umbrella covered sky over the top of Agueda.


When this installation of hundreds of colourful umbrellas was first developed it left the onlookers astonished and amazed. And now it has become a wonderful tradition which one must observe. The coming back of umbrellas after an year with a new pallete of colours or designs also doesn’t risk the fear of people getting bored of this umbrella fashion because they absolutely love it. The umbrellas still amaze the people and make them fall in love with Portugal. In one picture we can see umbrellas in such a pretty lemon like design making astonishing shadows over the walls.

After the pictures of this umbrella sky went viral many people are now visiting Portugal especially to see this amazing scene. As said by a spokesperson from the Umbrella Sky Project, “It’s really worth seeing the amazing scenery up close. The exhibition transforms reality in magic, catapulting us into a unique adventure of sensations that completes a visit to the festivals that take place around this time of year.” According to designers showcasing such a myriad of colourful umbrellas in sky promotes trade and commerce in the Agueda region and beautifies people’s daily lives that are living in this place.

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In this one picture we can see a worker painstakingly putting these pretty umbrellas in place. Sure there goes in a lot of effort to make this visual delight for the people around. But nevertheless the outcome is simply amazing.

Though Europe has an abundance of natural beauty in all its countries and their cities but Portugal’s Umbrella sky has a unique charm working for it. In some selected areas of Agueda the streets can be seen covered by these lovely umbrellas. If one is travelling nearby than this is a must visit place to see the beautiful canopy of umbrellas and if you are not travelling anywhere near Portugal then why not plan it now!

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