The City of Chandigarh

The City of Chandigarh

Chandigarh   open hand symbol

When you reach India and are greeted with the tallest glass of a soothing thick creamed ‘lassi’ (a sweetened buttermilk), then you surely are somewhere in the northern parts of India crammed up between the sweetest people of Punjab and Haryana. Lying amidst these two states, the capital of both, and a union territory, Chandigarh follows the same trend. Although supremely designed and well established as the spic and span city of India, the city has its roots affirmed when it comes to culture. Also, it has the capability of taking its visitors aback due to the amusingly rectilinear and disciplined residential areas, maintained gardens and the wide smooth roads without the typical Indian bumps and depressions; it just manages to confuse you enough so that you start asking yourself if you really are in India. Aptly named as ‘The City Beautiful’, this union territory has a highly organized and managed infrastructure. With the cleanliness and orderly development being the prime importance, the city of Chandigarh has grown through these years very sophisticatedly. Designed by the French architect, Le Corbusier, the city has seen the most well organized expansion after the completion of the plans as well. The open hand monument being the signature of this French architect, he has placed these statues in many places as a symbol of peace. He believed that the open hand symbolizes the exchange of ideas, where you are open to give and take freely. Placed at the foothills of the Sivalik mountain ranges, the climate of this place is rhythmic in pattern. Abrupt rains can surprise you at any time of the year and the mild winters and hot summers are equally unbalanced. The best time to visit the city is the autumn. With the flawlessly compatible atmosphere, serene sunlight and nice blue skies, you can enjoy all the aspects of the city and plan your trip properly. The home of some of the famous people like Kapil Dev, Abhinav Bindra, Milkha Singh and so many more, the place gives you precisely the similar striking experience, the way all these people made you feel when they did what they did.

The Rock Gardens

Rock gardens    Rock garden

Renowned for the magnificent artwork done by the founder of this place, Nek Chand, the gardens are visited by thousands of tourists every year. Founded in the year 1957, the artistic and elegant sculptures are truly alluring. Lying in the Sukhna gorge, the garden has captivated the interests of many people due to its unique feature of being entirely made out of waste; ranging from household waste material to industrial scrap. The efforts of this man were applauded then and are still reaping benefits due to the immense crowd it sees in the form of tourist. The garden has been planned beautifully and resembles a maze. So you need to be careful as it is easy to lose your way. Also, if you do not want to miss out on any of the exhibits, make sure you have full controls on what directions you walk in.

Sukhna Lake

Sukhna lake

The Sukhna Lake is actually a reservoir like structure as it was created by building a dam against the river Sukhna Choe. Scenically located at the foothills of the Sivalik ranges, it has a serene atmosphere created in its vicinity. People come here for the weekend picnics, small walks, or for simply relaxing after the long tiring day’s duty. The lake also has water rides for the entertainment of its visitors which includes boating, yachting, water skiing etc. Soaked in the magnificent peaceful weather and lush greens around you are bound to feel the sigh of relief inside you when you sit here watching the blue waters and listening to the sweet chirps of the birds during the evenings.

The International Doll Museum

International dolls museum

An immensely adorable place and the most alluring for kids, the Doll Museum has a collection of dolls from all over the world. With dolls of all sizes, shapes, colors and costumes the place had been started for the entertainment of the tiny tots. With the increase in the flocks visiting it, the collection saw an increase in its variety and number as well. Dolls from other countries like Germany, Denmark, Russia, Korea, Spain, Netherlands and many more find a place in the museum. You can also see the fairy tale characters in the form of their dolls being displayed in the gallery. It also has a toy train!

Gardens of Chandigarh

Garden of fragrance   Cactus garden

The Garden of Fragrance has been compiled astoundingly with the array of colorful and fragrant flowers arranged in a systematic manner. It has a variety of the most aromatic flowers and plants and sees many visitors enjoying the intoxicating breath of these delicate little darlings while they are jogging. The other garden in Chandigarh is the Cactus Garden. With all types of cactus put on display, the plants are well maintained and retained in a healthy manner. The different shapes and sizes of the cacti are really an amusing site. The Hibiscus garden is also another famous feature of Chandigarh. The variety of colors and forms of the flower of the same species will leave you spell bounded. The fact that a single flower can have so many different colors and different petals is really mind boggling.

With a hell loads of thing to do in the city, one cannot miss the experience of staying here, in Chandigarh. The city has loads on its platter, served in an organized yet compelling way. Oh, and absolutely do not fail to have the typical delicacies of the place which include the sarson da saag and makki di roti, butter chicken and a glass of lassi; because they are the most lip smacking varieties of the north Indian food that you will be served, and what better if its served in its original form!

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