Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Located geographically near Kamphaeng Phet 2, is Chatuchak which houses the busiest market chain of Bangkok, the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The fact that this place was named after the famous Chatuchak Market and it’s park itself is evidentary of how popular this market is. Chatuchak Market is not a new market set somewhere very recently a decade ago or so. It has been carrying it’s legacy on since 1982.

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Spread wide across an area of approximately 35 acres is this market which has stalls related to anything and everything. The weekend market has at least about 8000 stalls. Being a weekend market it attracts an exhorbitant number of over 1,00,000 visitors. The best part about the market is that almost each and everything is on sale over here. Nevertheless, as everything has two sides to it, same is with the Chatuchak Market. Not every product being sold over here can be bought at the lowest possible price. It varies according to the bargaining capacity of the customer largely. The veteran and regular visitors enjoy an over- riding position when it comes to bargaining.

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Obviously one would just wonder being lost in this wanton journey of shopping but this is no truth. There is not just one but many ways which can prevent you from getting lost in this huge market area and both of them being systematically sound as well. The splendid market has a main, primary walkway which encircles the whole market. This walkway further divides into alleyways and the alleyways into several sections. Besides this mechanism, there is another method. One can just mark point of references as one goes further. There are many reference points like the MRt and the BTS stations or even the banks for that matter.

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Unlike many other popular markets, the Chatuchak Market has an organized system of stalls. All in all, there are 27 sections in which stalls are located. Different groups of sections have been dedicated specifically to a particular genre of products. For an instance sections 2- 6 have the stalls where one can buy all sorts of clothes, both for boys and girls of any age. Sections 1,26 and 27 are dedicated to the antique show- pieces and books. Sections 1, 3, 4, 7 and 8 are the hub of the products of home décor and furniture. Section 7 is the Art Gallery section. Besides these, there are huge stalls which sell mainly ceramics, pets accessories, plants and gardening tools, handicrafts and many more in an unending list.

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Antiques are the centre of attraction besides the vintage collection which is found here. As it is known antiques are rarely sold and something that you are getting once at some place might just not be seen by you again. So it is good to buy antiques but because they are generally expensive, one should be careful while buying them. It might just happen that the item which we have brought could turn out to be defective and as it is always said, prevention is always better than cure.

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Most known for the vintage collection, this place undoubtedly masters more than any other place when it comes to the vintage collection. All sorts of the popular stuff from the 70s and the 80s are found all around. The vintage collection is not only limited to the clothing section but almost everything else as well. Be it the jewelleries or the home décor things, books; everything has an essence of the vintage in it. For huge music lovers, die hard rock and roll fans, this place is like heaven because this is one of the spots where you would get merchandise with the prints of those rockstars or the album art from their most famous albums.


A shopping destination without food is incomplete. To make this resplendent weekend market even more beautiful and attractive, food of all sorts have been made available. The food items are native to the Thai culture and cuisine. We get all kinds of noodles and soups. Besides this one can enjoy the refreshing taste of food items like coconut ice cream and other innovative dishes. There is also this very delicious noodle soup. We get noodle soups tossed with with flat noodles, fish balls and Chinese greens. The place is a delight to the sea food lovers.


It is advised to all the visitors to carry water with them because continuous shopping might lead to dehydration. The market opens around ten in the morning. So it is better to visit it in the morning because if one sets out to shop in the daytime, sun might just beat you down. The Chatuchak Market is well connected to various modes of transportation. MTR and the BTS are the best possible mode of transportaion. Chatachuk Market might seem to be a drab for the likers of mall culture but then the kind of products which this place has to offer can even at times beat the expensive products sold in malls. A visit to this place is must for all the shopping freaks round the globe. The more outspoken and wise you be, the more benefit you can reap out of this plethora of shopping goodies. The Chatachuk Market is one amongst the biggest markets of the world. To witness it’s grandeur in itself is a delight to one’s eyes.

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