The Bottlenose BlueZ, Bahamas

The Bottlenose BlueZ, Bahamas

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The Blue lagoon as the name suggests is a store house of the immense water body in the Bahamas. One of the finest pieces of natural being that was developed by the almighty lies three miles from a city Nassau in Bahamas. It serves as one of the finest destination for tourist owned privately.

The blue lagoon holds an immense history of the owners beginning from the pirates who used it as a source house for preserving their food from the salt of the island. Later Charles King-Harmon, in 1875, bought the island and preserved its rich heritage for about 11 years. After king Harmon, Van Winkle took over the island, incubated a zoo which had animals like parrots, peacocks and monkeys. Van also planted approximately 5000 palm trees in the island.

For a period of 63 years the island viewed its ownership in the hands of a Pulitzer Prize winner, John T McCutcheon, who named the blue lagoon as the Treasure Island. This was the first name change of the former name of blue lagoon salt Cay. The allies used the island for a secret training camp during the World War II after which the ownership was handed to L. A Meister in October 1979.

A massive storm in 1991 was responsible for the division of the island in two. From 1993, Dolphin encounters began at the Bahama’s Blue lagoon, which is one of the most attractive tourist views at the destination. After the addition of the dolphins sea lions were also added to the habitat of the lagoons which were rescued from their former place of being. These lions have also been a great source of natural and cultural variety at the lagoon for the visitors and the media.

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The dolphin encounters started from two Atlantic bottlenose dolphins after which six others were added after which the commercial dolphin encounters started. They are spread over three acres and to a dept of about 25 feet, with modern technologies for the natural habitat of the dolphins. Many Hollywood movies have been shot to capture the habitat of these dolphins and a regular feature of these has been on many famous TV channels. The Universal studios work the” flipper” and “Holiday in the sun” have witnessed these bottlenose creatures show their features on big screens. The dolphins have also been a part of the educational exercise of the local schools and some underprivileged kids wherein programs like Make-A-Wish and others are implemented.

Not only the dolphins have been telecasted worldwide but also the sea lions have shown their talent on the screen in the movies like “Andre and “Slappy and the stinkers”. Both these animals have been featured uncountable times on the television by different countries teams and production units.

A planned vacation to the lagoon shall be a mesmerizing event for the tourist as it not only provides scenic beauty on the island but also to the neighboring Nassau’s historic harbor. This beach is unspoiled and provides calm and composite temperament to the visitors. The project B.E.A.C.H and the dolphin encounters have been awarded by the Bahamas’ Tourism Ministry .They have been continuously voted as one of the top Bahamas attractions over the past years since 1989.

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Adding to the list of the attractions at the lagoon next comes the Entrance tower by which every tourists is struck and which provides them with a view of the island from the top along with other scenic beauties surrounding the island. One of the former versions of the tower was deviated by a strong wind after which Howard Shaw got it reconstructed with immense modification in materials, components and architecture. A Cannon that point to a three miles away rose garden is placed next to the entrance gate. A remarkable ceremony of the reopening of the gate was planned for which dignitaries from all over the world showed up which was also witnessed by a pirate and his mimic.

The island has witnessed an amalgamation of esteemed guests on its soil covering people from all backgrounds of life. Like Author Anne morrow Lindbergh, who wrote the book’s part “Gifts from the Sea” on the island, Numerous European Earls, American luminaries like James Thurber, Arthur crock and many more to add to the list. To spend some quality time amongst the marine animals some famous TV and radio stars, screen and stage queens and heroes have also visited the island. The author H.Shar McCutcheon named the island “A Family Island “ in his book with the same name.

The major drawback of the lagoon during the late 1970’s was the communication medium through which boats and ships were to be scheduled and called for any visitor, but gradually as the lagoons sixth and current owner, L. A Meister, took in charge he helped the lagoon maintain its dignity in this domain also.

Places like Blue lagoon have been a great source to keep the scenic beauty intact and maintain the love for nature for all the citizens of the world. Approximately two million tourists have visited the Bahamas to participate with these wonderful bottlenose creatures and the dolphin encounters have been a great source of education and entertainment with a safe environment.

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