The Best Places in Davao City

The Best Places in Davao City

Davao City is the regional center of the Philippines’ southern regions and serves a hub for businesses, investment, trade, finance and tourism. It is one of the largest cities and Asia and one of the most progressive in the region and in the country. The city has been cited in numerous international newspapers and magazines as one of Asia’s top ten best cities to work, live, invest and visit and the Asian region’s city of the future, which serves as prestigious compliments to this historically significant and culturally diverse city in the larger Davao Region.

Davao City is characterized by a beautiful landscape with rolling hills and green mountains, tropical rainforests, the beautiful Mt. Apo which is a camper and mountain hiker’s paradise, the durian fruit which tastes like heaven but smells like hell, its multi-cultural communities, the city’s diverse gastronomic offerings, the city’s proud people who are called Dabawenyo’s and a host of world class hospitality related businesses supporting Davao’s tourism industry.

This premier city is best described as the best Philippine tourist spot with lots of tourism offerings and 5 star accommodations available at any season all year long. The city’s tropical climate and long sun shiny days are best for recreational activities which happen daily in Davao’s myriad of fascinating sights, sounds and tastes offerings.

To help you and get you started with that anticipated Davao experience we have listed down some of the best places and tourist spots to visit when in Davao City.


Mount Apo – The Mountain is described as the Grand Daddy of all mountains found in the archipelago as it lays claim to being the Philippines highest mountain, rising at almost 3,000 meters above sea level. Mount Apo is said to have its own unique weather system due to its enormity and grandeur. A favorite among countless mountain climbers and adventurers this world renowned mountain is visited by thousands of local and international tourists year round. Mount Apo is considered as one of Davao’s gems in the city’s tourism industry.

The Bone Collector Museum – This is probably the most popular museum among Davao City’s good number of museums lined up across the city. A first in the region and touted as one of Asia’s best bone preservation museums, the Bone collector museum showcases an array of well preserved bones of different species numbering to about 200 plus sets. Visitors are awed by the massive display of bone collection from a diverse animal kingdom species which were found in different environments imaginable, from arid plains, to lowlands and mountains, shallow waters, rainforests and tropical jungles the bones best represent the world’s natural diversity and a must see for tourists who are inclined to learn more about our planet and the beautiful species that has come and gone.

The Philippine Eagle Center – The home of the country’s majestic eagle is also one of Davao City’s major attractions. The Philippine Eagle Center is a breeding facility for captive eagles created by the government in a bid to save the critically endangered and world famous monkey eating eagle from extinction. The facility is best known for successfully hatching the first eagle born in captivity which was named Pag-asa or hope. Only a few of these eagles remain in the wild and while most Filipinos are fascinated by their very own eagle specie, unabated hunting for monetary gains continues until this day as the Philippine eagle is said to command a very high black market price dead or alive.

Partoza Durian Farms – Visitors adventurous enough to try the so called fruit that smell likes dung (for lack of a better word, pun intended) but taste like heaven will be surprised at this addition to Davao’s tourism attraction. Unique in its own right, Partoza Durian Farms showcases the fruit which is best associated with the city. Wherever you might see the durian fruit being sold, from supermarkets to your friendly neighborhood fruit stall, you will definitely see a tag that says Durian fruit from Davao. Partoza Durian Farms is one of the pioneers of the Agro-Tourism industry of this city and offers tours around the farm with free taste of the fruit anytime it is in season.


The Davao Region Beaches – Davao has a lot of the country’s world renowned beaches extending from one end of the region to the other. It is blessed with some of the most beautiful Philippine beaches acclaimed for having pristine environments and crystal clear warm waters. We have listed down some of the best beaches and facilities in the whole Davao region so you can have an idea where to go sunning and tanning when you visit this world class city.

  • The Pearl Farm Beach Resort. The Pearl Farm Samal is a very popular tourist attraction and hosts thousands of people who visit every year. It is located in a beautiful island an hour away from Davao City and accessible by boat or ferry ride.
  •  Isla Reta Beach Resort. This resort is also in Samal Island and is a favorite among local and foreign tourists. The Isla Reta has clear white sandy beaches and clean and crisp blue waters perfect for any kind of water sports.
  • Olaniban Island. Olaniban Island is located in Saranggani, davao Occidental. Though far from the mainland this island is worth mentioning as it offers the perfect setting for a private island getaway. The hours spent to travel to destination are well worth it as the island is practically uninhabited save for some facilities catering to tourists.

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