The Beauty of Kathmandu, Nepal

The Beauty of Kathmandu, Nepal

We all know that Kathmandu also known as the “Tri-city” or “KTM” is the capital of Nepal. The agglomerate is the biggest urban agglomerate of Nepal. The core city of this agglomerate is the Kathmandu metropolitan city and some of its fellow cities are Thimi, Bhaktapur, Kirtipur and Patan. The population of the Kathmandu metropolis is around 975,453. The city area is 50.67 square kilometers large and has 19,250 per km2 inhabitants. The city lies on the bowl-shaped Kathmandu valley and is elevated at an elevation of 1,400 meters approx. the beauty of the place is expanded by the mountains surrounding the place. Shivapuri, Nagarjun, Chandragiri and Phulchoki are the four prime mountains. The Kathmandu valley is listed as the place in the country with the highest population density as twelfth of Nepal’s population is in the Kathmandu valley. The city of Kathmandu is rich in culture and has an amusing history. People of Kathmandu are very fond of religious and cultural festivals.  Most of the people residing in Kathmandu are Hindus and some follow Buddhism.

The economy of Kathmandu is basically from its tourism. It is ranked as the top travel destination place in Asia and is on the list of the top 10 destination places to travel in the world. There are three zones namely Janakpur, Narayani and Bagmati on the central region of Nepal. Kathmandu comes under the Bagmati region.  Many people visit Kathmandu for mountaineering and trekking on the famous Mount Everest. But there are many beautiful places in Kathmandu which people will want to see.


“Durbar Square” is one of the popular place in Kathmandu which lies in the older city area. UNESCO has declared the area as the World Heritage Site. Kathmandu’s old Royal Palace and some magnificent temples are a part of Durbar Square. The Hanuman Dhoka is a famous temple in the Durbar Square. The temple is named after Hanuman, the monkey God. The Jagannath temple and the huge statue of King Pratap Mall are the attractions of the place. “Jhocchen” is the place which is minutes away from the Durbar Square. This is the place which was the resident of hippies in the past. This ancient area of the city is very interesting to watch.


“Pashupathinath Temple” is a beautiful and famous temple placed on the banks of the river Bagmati and devoted to the Hindu Lord Shiva. The temple is situated five kilometer east of Kathmandu and has an immense structure. The roof is golden and two tired and the four main doors of the temple are of silver. . People from all over India come there to attend the famous Shivratri featival. Every year around spring this holy place of pilgrimage attracts thousands of Hindu devotees. Even some areas of worship are only limited for the Hindu people. People of other religions are not allowed to enter those regions of the temple. People can also have a sight of the incineration taking place at the bank of the river.

Another amazing image to see at Kathmandu is the “Boudhanath” stupa. This stupa is very old as it is said to be built in 5th century AD. It is one of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world which lies 6km east of Kathmandu. Thus, many Hindu as well as Buddhist devotees visit this temple frequently. Watching them worship is an amazing sight for the tourist also. There is one more temple named “Budhanikantha” which is situated 8km to the north of Kathmandu. The temple is at the grounds of Shivapuri hill. This statue of Lord Vishnu is made up of colossal stones and is very remarkable. The base of this massive statue is the bed of snakes.


The hills of west Kathmandu has a long mythological Buddhist temple which is locally known as the “Monkey Temple”. “Swayambhunath Stupa” is the name of this sacred temple for outsiders. People can have a sight of many monkeys living in the region around the temple. This is the reason behind the name “the Monkey temple”. The stupa is 2500 years old and is at a height of 77m above the ground. The statue is painted with eyes on all the four sides of the statue indicating the all-seeing eyes of Buddha. The eyes also represent that the Buddha is watching over the people and is also watching the wrong and the right doers. This shrine of Buddhist is very famous. There is a temple of “Haratima” also where both the Hindus and the Buddhist can be found worshipping.


The south of Kathmandu also has a temple “Dakshinakali” which is about 21 km from the country. “Dakshinakali” is the most beautiful temple in Nepal. From the temple there is an amazing and spectacular view of Himalayan ranges, beautiful landscapes and stepped farmlands. The sacrifice of many goats and roosters were taken to worship the most powerful Hindu Goddess “Dakshinakali”. This ritual is repeated twice in a week typically on Tuesdays and Saturdays. On the back journey from the temple you can find many Lama Monks chanting the prayers at the “Shesh Narayan temple”.

The whole place of Kathmandu is filled with many temples. The names of two other temples which are in Kathmandu itself are “Patan Durbar Square” and “Changu Narayan”. These two temples are also a delight to watch. Other than the temples Kathmandu is known for its breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls. Tourism in Kathmandu is promoted not by the king of Kathmandu only but also by the people of Kathmandu also.

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